Martial Peak

Chapter 1606 - You Finally Came Out

Chapter 1606, You Finally Came Out

As such wild thoughts crossed his mind, Yang Kai cast his gaze towards the chest of the Monster Beast skeleton.

In an instant, his eyes grew hotter.

He clearly saw that there was a dark red round crystal about the size of a melon there.

The Origin Essence Crystal! It could also be called the core of this Monster King!

Two different names, both referring to the same thing.

Only a master at the Third-Order Origin King Realm could condense an Origin Essence Crystal, not even Second-Order Origin Kings had the qualifications.

An Origin Essence Crystal contained its master’s perceptions of the Heavenly Way and Martial Dao, as well as their understanding of Domain. Its value was simply inestimable!

The biggest reason Chi Yue wanted to acquire this Origin Essence Crystal was to use it to break through to the Third-Order Origin King Realm and become a true Monster King.

Looking at the entire Star Field, how many Third-Order Origin Kings were there? Their number could likely be counted on a single hand, and most were hidden dragons who never showed their faces. Hardly anyone knew where these peak level masters resided and meeting one was as difficult as ascending to the Heavens.

Yet now, the remains of such a master were lying in front of Yang Kai, and not only was its skeleton intact, but its Origin Essence Crystal was also present.

Yang Kai’s breathing inevitably became a bit rapid as he stared at the Origin Essence Crystal hotly.

Carefully releasing his Divine Sense, Yang Kai extended it forward slowly, but before he could touch the Origin Essence Crystal, the dark red circular crystal suddenly flashed brilliantly.

Yang Kai frowned, and quickly retracted his Divine Sense, not daring to spy on it at will.

Chi Yue was right. This Origin Essence Crystal still retained a strand of the Monster King’s Remnant Soul. Any attempt to meddle with it would provoke resistance. If this were not the case, how could this Origin Essence Crystal and skeleton still linger here? It would have been taken away long ago.

The only way to safely obtain the Origin Essence Crystal was to suppress that strand of Remnant Soul.

But the cultivators who entered the Blood Prison had at best reached the Third-Order Origin Returning Realm, so who among them would have the ability to suppress the Remnant Soul of a Monster King?

Only Yang Kai’s Golden Divine Dragon’s Source had such power!

Exhaling lightly, Yang Kai calmed his mind and focused his attention on the Origin Essence Crystal, remaining motionless for a time.

In the darkness, however, an almost imperceptible black shadow cautiously approached Yang Kai. This black shadow clung to the ground, as if it had no substance, not even emitting any aura. Even Yang Kai, with his unusually sharp senses, did not notice it.

The black shadow approached little by little and soon came to a position less than five metres behind him. Slowly, this black shadow condensed into a tiny snake-like object and aimed itself at Yang Kai’s back.

At that moment though, Yang Kai’s body shook slightly and a thunderous dragon roar rang out, filling the cave with an irresistible coercion.

On Yang Kai’s right arm, golden scales suddenly strangely appeared, wrapping his entire right arm. Not only the right arm but even the back of his hand was covered in scales while his five fingers began bursting with golden light, his nails growing longer and releasing a cold glow as they slowly took the form of a claw.

Dragon Transformation!

After cultivating the first half of the Monster Transformation Secret Art, Yang Kai could just barely manipulate the power of the Golden Divine Dragon Source inside his body to transform his right arm into that of a dragon’s.

Swiftly, Yang Kai’s entire right arm transformed beyond recognition, taking on a terrifying aura.

The black shadow that was five metres behind Yang Kai was obviously taken aback by this development and quickly flattened itself to the ground again and retreated.

In a flash, Yang Kai moved, pushing his right arm forward in a thrust that seemed to break through the barrier of space to close in on the Origin Essence Crystal.

Light flashed wildly around the Origin Essence Crystal and a vague restless aura surged from it as if it was about to burst.

Yang Kai snorted coldly and grabbed the Origin Essence Crystal in his hand before squeezing it hard. At the same time, he madly poured his Saint Qi and Spiritual Energy towards the crystal.

A soft noise seemed to echo from the Origin Essence Crystal and the restless aura gradually subsided.

The golden scale armour on Yang Kai’s right arm gradually faded and the terrifying right arm returned to its normal state.

Opening his fist, Yang Kai observed the Origin Essence Crystal in his hand and grinned.

The Remnant Soul wisp which remained in the Origin Essence Crystal had now been wiped away by him. Now, anyone could hold this Origin Essence Crystal in their hand without worrying about it self-destructing.

The entire process was far simpler and easier than Yang Kai had expected.

Chi Yue had warned him repeatedly of the dangers he would encounter so Yang Kai had thought he would encounter at least some hardships, but it actually turned about to be no trouble at all.

“Hm?” Yang Kai looked at this Origin Essence Crystal up close with a strange look on his face.

He vaguely felt that this Origin Essence Crystal seemed a bit familiar, as if he had seen it before.

After thinking about it carefully, Yang Kai suddenly realized that he indeed had encountered an Origin Essence Crystal before.

It was when he first entered the Flowing Flame Sand Field!

Inside the Flowing Flame Sand Field, in the pool filled with Soul Cleansing Divine Water, he managed to obtain a strange crystal-like object. At that time, Yang Kai did not know what it was, only that when he used his Divine Sense to investigate it, the crystal had strangely disappeared and entered his Knowledge Sea.

In the end, the mysterious crystal was completely absorbed by the Six Coloured Soul Warming Lotus, resulting in it successfully evolving into its Seven-Coloured form. Yang Kai also comprehended his Blossoming Lotus Secret Technique at that time.

[So that thing was an Origin Essence Crystal!] Yang Kai finally understood.

No wonder the effect it had on his Soul Warming Lotus was so great it allowed for an evolution. The only pity was he was unable to comprehend anything about Domain from that Origin Essence Crystal. It seems that the master who fell where the Soul Cleansing Divine Water pond was at least a Third-Order Origin King.

Such events happened many years ago though, so Yang Kai didn’t have any plans to investigate it carefully. After understanding all this, he lightly stored the Origin Essence Crystal away.

Although this thing was precious, Yang Kai was more interested in obtaining that Monster Transformation Secret Art!

In the end, he still had to hand it over to Chi Yue.

What’s more, Chi Yue was still Shan Qing Luo’s adoptive mother. If she became stronger, the shelter she could give Shan Qing Luo would be stronger.

Yang Kai understood this well so he never thought about keeping the Origin Essence Crystal for himself. He also believed that, with his own ability, he would one day break through to the Third-Order Origin King realm and reach the peak of the Martial Dao even without relying on this Origin Essence Crystal.

Turning around, Yang Kai stored the Monster King skeleton next. Of course, the Monster King’s Space Ring was not left by Yang Kai either. Although he did not know what was inside of it, the wealth of a Third-Order Origin King would obviously not be small.

This was his biggest gain from this trip.

After checking the cave carefully one last time to confirm he had left nothing behind, Yang Kai left.

The cave wasn’t too deep, so it didn’t take long for Yang Kai to emerge once more.

“You finally came out!”

Just as he stepped out of the cave, however, a somewhat familiar voice sounded from a nearby spot under the ground nearby and a blood-red figure suddenly shot up into the sky, landed in front of Yang Kai, and unleashed a violent storm of attacks.

Yang Kai’s face became cold and Golden Blood Threads shot out from his fingers, dancing through the air as they formed an airtight barrier in front of him.

*Hong Hong Hong…*

There was a violent burst of energy, and all the attacks performed by the blood-red figure were stopped by the Golden Blood Thread barrier.

“Xue Lian!” Yang Kai finally saw who it was that launched this sneak attack and could not help letting out a shout filled with murderous intent.

“That’s right, it’s your grandpa Xue Lian!” Xue Lian roared furiously. He had already used his Flood Dragon Transformation and his entire body was covered in strong looking blood-red scales. Not even pausing for an instant, he desperately bombarded Yang Kai with attacks.

“Seems you’ve come to court death!” Yang Kai sneered, his thoughts flashing as he sent two Golden Blood Threads out that suddenly transformed into Thunder Flame Flying Lizards then proceeded to bare their fangs and pounce towards Xue Lian.

“How could mere lizards compete with my Blood Flood Dragon’s power?” Xue Lian seemed to have completely forgotten the harsh lessons he had received at Chi Yue’s palace and attacked Yang Kai without any fear. His fists, covered in thick scales, threw out two punches, condensing two blood-coloured dragons from his Monster Qi. Shaking their heads and wagging their tails, these two blood-coloured dragons met the two Thunder Flame Flying Lizards head-on and entangled them without losing any momentum.

At the same time, Xue Lian raised his hand and summoned a giant axe to it, which he slashed towards Yang Kai viciously.

An astonishing axe light that seemed capable of smashing anything in its path flew towards Yang Kai.

Yang Kai’s figure flickered as he dodged this blow.

At that moment though, another figure flew out from the ground and pushed both his palms forward, condensing a strange, giant flower that resembled an enormous beast’s mouth that bit towards Yang Kai.

Yang Kai’s face became gloomy as he pushed his Space Force and mysteriously disappeared from his position only to reappear a few dozen metres away.

The strange flower failed to play any role and immediately flew back to the hands of the second attacker, its petals opening and closing just like it was breathing, releasing a sweet fragrance into the air.

“Mi Tian!” Yang Kai grinned as he revealed a playful look, “Great! You’re both here! It seems you knew I would come here; were you lying in ambush?”

“Indeed,” Mi Tian smiled lightly, his expression calm and temperate. “You possess a Divine Dragon Source, and the Origin Essence Crystal’s existence here is not a secret amongst my Monster Race. After you suddenly joined the group our Monster Emperor Star sent to the Blood Prison, how could we not know what you were planning? Was it Senior Chi Yue who asked you to come?”

“Not bad, it seems like your intellect isn’t lacking!” Yang Kai nodded lightly.

“And the Origin Essence Crystal?” Mi Tian’s breathing became a little quick.

“Since I came out, what do you think happened to that Origin Essence Crystal?” Yang Kai smiled lightly.

“You really succeeded!” Mi Tian took a breath, the greed on his face obvious to any who looked.

“You want it?” Yang Kai looked at him sarcastically, “With only you two, I’m afraid you don’t have such ability. You’d best be careful not to overestimate yourselves!”

Seeing the naked contempt Yang Kai had for them, neither Xue Lian nor Mi Tian felt comfortable.

Although they did not want to admit it, both of them knew that when it came to a one on one fight, neither of them was Yang Kai’s opponent. Back at Chi Yue’s palace, Yang Kai had already proven his strength.

“Whether we have enough ability, we’ll see after we fight,” Mi Tian coldly snorted.

Yang Kai was about to laugh when he suddenly frowned and fully released his Shi, creating a hundred-metre zone around himself where space began to warp and innumerable tiny Void Cracks swam about like snakes.

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