Martial Peak

Chapter 1607 - Insufficient

Chapter 1607, Insufficient

In the collapsed and chaotic space, a cold light suddenly appeared. It seemed that this light had originally tried to attack Yang Kai’s back; however, the twisted space affected its accuracy, causing it to miss and become swallowed by The Void.

With a soft thud, a third figure appeared like a ghost, frowning as it leapt back. Wearing a solemn expression, this newcomer shook his head and sighed, “He is truly difficult to deal with!”

Yang Kai stood tall, like a mountain, glanced back coldly, and said with some surprise, “Lie Feng! You’re also here!”

He had not expected that the third person who attacked him would be Lie Feng from Wild Lion Territory.

Three rising stars of the Monster Race from three territories had gathered!

Mi Tian and Xue Lian’s ambush Yang Kai could understand; after all, there was some friction between him and these two so how could they possibly give up such an opportunity? But Lie Feng being involved in this matter was really a surprise. When Yang Kai first entered the Blood Prison, Lie Feng had invited him to act together, but now, only a few days later, he turned into an enemy who launched a sneak attack on him.

On Monster Mountain, the Monster Qi was quite thick, so it was not difficult for these three Monster Race rising stars to hide themselves perfectly. If Yang Kai’s senses had not been unusually sharp, Lie Feng’s sneak attack may really have succeeded.

“Lie Feng, I have no grievances with you, right?” Yang Kai looked at him coldly and asked calmly.

Lie Feng gave a dry laugh and quickly said, “Naturally not.”

“Then why are you doing this?” Yang Kai narrowed his eyes.

“Brother Yang, please forgive me,” Lie Feng said slightly apologetically, cupping his fists and saying calmly. “To be honest, I don’t want to be enemies with Brother Yang if possible, but since this matter involves that Origin Essence Crystal, I cannot stay out of it.”

Yang Kai nodded, “Understood.”

“Now that Brother Yang understands, this Lie can relax. Every Tribal Lord is aware of the Origin Essence Crystal here and wants to obtain it; however, there was no way to do so. Now that Brother Yang has achieved this, I cannot simply let you leave with it. If Brother Yang can hand over the Origin Essence Crystal, I think Xue Lian and Mi Tian should let you go safely though.”

“Do you think I’ll hand it over?” Yang Kai sneered softly.

Lie Feng thought about it for a while, then said seriously, “No. If I was in your place, I wouldn’t hand it over either.”

“Why are you bothering with all this nonsense? Let’s just kill him quickly! No matter how strong he is, he is all alone, so why should we fear him when there are three of us joining forces?” Xue Lian was the most hot-tempered here, and seeing Yang Kai and Lie Feng chat idly, he felt extremely worked up. After shouting out loud, Xue Lian put strength into his legs and rushed towards Yang Kai.

Releasing all his strength, Xue Lian condensed a huge Blood Flood Dragon phantom behind his back.

Xue Lian clearly knew Yang Kai’s strength so he went all out right from the start!

Mi Tian did not bother with any nonsense. The moment Xue Lian acted, he also roared and sent the strange flower atop his head into a whirl, its petals flying out, disappearing into thin air as they shot forward.

Lie Feng’s figure also faded away again and disappeared without a trace, his figure completely hidden from view.

The three Monster Race rising stars launched an all-out assault all at once.

“Good! Since all of you are courting death, I’ll satisfy you!” Yang Kai, in a one versus three, not only remained fearless but rather his expression became fierce. Five-coloured rays of light suddenly covered his whole body and scrapings sounds seemed to ring out from his body as tiny, nearly invisible Five Elements Sword Qi emerged from every pore on his skin. This extremely sharp Sword Qi provided an extremely strong barrier, but also greatly enhanced his offensive strength.

Five Elements Indestructible Sword Qi was originally for both offence and defence!

With his muscles pulling taut, filled with explosive power, Yang Kai threw out three punches to meet Xue Lian’s wild attack.

A violent explosion broke out between the two parties, causing space itself to tremble.

Yang Kai remained unmoved while Xue Lian’s sturdy body recoiled sharply three times before his arms fell weakly to his sides.

In a head-on collision, he was obviously not Yang Kai’s opponent!

Without giving Xue Lian a chance to react, Yang Kai clenched his fist and gathered a dozen Golden Blood Threads together, condensed them into a golden spear, then thrust it towards Xue Lian at phenomenal speed.

Xue Lian’s complexion changed drastically as his eyes filled with shock.

The instant they clashed, he realized that Yang Kai was now much stronger than when they had fought back at Chi Yue’s palace!

At that time, Yang Kai was only a bit stronger than him, but now, Xue Lian was feeling completely suppressed, unable to think of any way to resist. Yang Kai’s imposing offensive smashed his confidence as if it were rotten wood.

This situation could only be explained two ways. One was that Yang Kai had not used his full strength previously, and the other was that Yang Kai had experienced significant growth in the Blood Prison!

Xue Lian’s courage completely shattered!

Perceiving the terrifying power contained in the golden spear, Xue Lian didn’t dare neglect it and hurriedly summoned a defensive artifact in front of him while at the same time crossing his arms across his chest, gritting his teeth, and roaring fiercely, preparing to meet this attack.


A sound like metal pounding metal echoed throughout Monster Mountain.

The protective artifact that Xue Lian hurriedly summoned failed to play any role and was directly pierced by the golden spear, allowing it to stab towards him without any reduction in momentum.

On Xue Lian’s arms, the blood-coloured scales were easily punctured, leaving behind a bone deep wound that sprayed out blood as his body was sent flying into the dark cave.

A clattering rang out from the depths of the cave that did not stop for some time. No one knew where Xue Lian finally landed or how badly he was wounded.

Yang Kai turned around without stopping and waved his hand, creating a massive crescent-shaped Void Crack behind him that immediately began swallowing everything around it.

Lie Feng’s panicked cry rang out as his embarrassed figure re-appeared and hurriedly retreated. Staring at the crescent-shaped Void Crack with a solemn expression, he did not dare approach and could only avoid it.

He had been forced out by Yang Kai without even being able to launch an attack.

Strange flower petals suddenly appeared around Yang Kai, spinning like sharp blades as they scythed toward him from all directions. While these petals spun, however, they also scattered an intoxicating fragrance that seemed to affect one’s consciousness.

This attack by Mi Tian was timed perfectly to catch Yang Kai off balance after he forced Lie Feng back.

In an instant, the countless petals engulfed Yang Kai and re-formed the strange flower from before.

Yang Kai’s figure disappeared at that moment! It was as if he had been swallowed by this strange flower.

Mi Tian did not celebrate, though, and instead frowned tightly as he looked around nervously.

He could perceive that his attack had no effect and that Yang Kai somehow escaped at the critical moment.

“You want to kill me? The three of you are not enough!” A sarcastic voice came from nearby, causing Mi Tian’s eyes to shrink as he quickly looked up to see Yang Kai mid-air completely unscathed.

His face suddenly became gloomy.

Lie Feng quietly appeared beside Mi Tian and also stared coldly, without saying a word.

Three Monster Race rising stars teaming up may not have been enough to face a genuine Origin King, but at the very least they should have been invincible in the Origin Returning Realm.

None of them were ordinary Origin Returning Realm cultivators, all of them being the top elite from Monster Emperor Star!

But the result of this brief battle caused their blood to turn cold!

Without any significant effort, Yang Kai had managed to resolve all their attacks and even send Xue Lian flying. Even now, there was no sign of Xue Lian moving, or even if he was still alive. Meanwhile, the remaining two rising stars had been completely suppressed.

“Is this bastard really human?” Lie Feng brow twitched, deeply regretting wading into these muddy waters.

He knew that Yang Kai was very powerful, otherwise he would not have been able to teach Xue Lian a lesson at Chi Yue’s palace, so when he first entered the Blood Prison, he had invited Yang Kai to act together.

But after he learned about the Origin Essence Crystal from Mi Tian and Xue Lian, he could not just sit idly by.

The Origin Essence Crystal was simply too valuable, enough so that he had to take some risks if it meant he could obtain it.

He had thought that by working with Xue Lian and Mi Tian, ​​Yang Kai would be outnumbered and overwhelmed, but judging from their brief confrontation now, Lei Feng realized it was their side that was in danger!

This human was simply too Heaven-defying! With only a Second-Order Origin Returning Realm cultivation, he must be a unique existence across all of history for being able to achieve this degree of strength.

“Lie Feng, stay focused. There’s no medicine in this world for regret, now it is either he dies or we die!” Mi Tian glanced at him with a gloomy expression, his determination to kill Yang Kai not wavering.

Lie Feng slowly shook his head, “There is no turning back an arrow already released from a bow, I naturally understand this. Alright, once Brother Xue Lian returns, we’ll attack all at once, only then will we have a chance!”

Mi Tian did not refute. When facing Yang Kai, he had no choice but to throw away his pride.

The two stood side by side, their eyes wandering between Yang Kai and the cave nearby anxiously.

Xue Lian remained silent, however, as if he had really been killed by Yang Kai with a single move.

But that should have been impossible. No matter how powerful Yang Kai was, Xue Lian had displayed his Flood Dragon Transformation and had extremely solid defence, so how could he have died so easily?

Mi Tian and Lie Feng did not understand what Xue Lian was doing and were silently cursing him for screwing up at such a crucial moment.

Suddenly though, a terrible roar rang out from inside the cave, one that was both thunderous and deafening.

“It’s Xue Lian!” Mi Tian frowned, his expression becoming uncertain. He did not know why Xue Lian was crying out so madly. Even if he were enraged and unwilling, his normal response would have been to rush out and challenge Yang Kai again, so what was he doing?

“Something’s not right!” Lie Feng suddenly felt an inexplicable sense of crisis grip his heart, an instinctual warning telling him to retreat immediately if he wanted to preserve his life.

This feeling made him extremely uncomfortable!

Like Mi Tian and Lie Feng, Yang Kai also looked towards the cave with dignified eyes, faintly aware that something was wrong.

However, he was more curious than concerned. He did not know what Xue Lian was doing, or whether he was about to use some earth-shattering Secret Technique, but he wasn’t afraid either.

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