Martial Peak

Chapter 1608 - , Aren’t You Going To Run?

Chapter 1608, Aren’t You Going To Run?

After a while, Xue Lian’s roars suddenly subsided, as if someone had pinched his throat and forcibly silenced him.

But while his roars had ceased, the rich Monster Qi surrounding Monster Mountain suddenly became turbulent, as if it had received some kind of summoning and rushed towards the cave.

The cave was like the open maw of a giant beast, sucking in the massive amount of Monster Qi around it. Less than ten breaths later, the rich Monster Qi that had pervaded Monster Mountain for over ten thousand years disappeared.

Yang Kai frowned.

Mi Tian and Lie Feng looked at each other and seemed to be confused about the situation.

Inside the cave, a fierce aura slowly swelled, its strength causing Yang Kai to feel a little uncomfortable.

*Sha sha sha…*

The sound of footsteps came from the cave, and soon after, Xue Lian’s figure emerged from the entrance. At this moment, he no longer looked disheveled or even angry, instead displaying a thoughtful look on his face as he stretched his hands out in front of himself and seemed to be examining them carefully.

In the depths of his eyes, a joyful light flashed.

“Xue Lian, what are you doing?” Mi Tian yelled with an angry look. Right now, while they were facing off against Yang Kai, Xue Lian had suddenly begun acting so unnaturally, upsetting Mi Tian greatly.

Yang Kai was too strong, and even with three of them there was no guarantee they could kill him, so they could not afford to make any mistakes now.

“He seems different from just now,” Lie Feng squinted as he stared at the entrance to the cave.

“We need to kill Yang Kai first! We can talk about other things later!” Mi Tian coldly snorted and once again sent his strange monster flower to attack Yang Kai.

Although Lie Feng felt there was something off about Xue Lian, he also knew that this was not the time to worry about such things, his figure fading away as he quietly approached Yang Kai.

Yang Kai, however, had most of his attention focused on Xue Lian.

The current Xue Lian was completely different from just now, and Yang Kai felt a strong pressure coming from him!

Xue Lian also seemed to come back to his senses at that moment, his two blood-red eyes glancing light towards a certain spot before a strange lustre flashed across them and he called out, “Shadow Eagle lineage? Interesting, I didn’t expect to meet a descendant of my old friend right after I saw the sun again!”

After saying this inexplicable sentence, Xue Lian took a step forward.

Ignoring the barriers of space, he appeared a hundred metres away in an instant. No one saw how he moved, and even Yang Kai, who had been paying close attention to him, only noticed some clues.

It was not that Xue Lian had leapt over space, his speed had simply been too fast, so much so that his Divine Sense was unable to keep up.

Xue Lian stretched out his hand and grabbed towards empty space seemingly at will.

With a grasp, space suddenly solidified.

A flurried figure appeared at that moment: Lie Feng, who had just disappeared.

Lie Feng’s expression was both startled and angry. He never thought that Xue Lian would ruin his good deed and hurriedly tried to withdraw and ask what was going on.

However, Xue Lian did not give him such an opportunity. Inexplicably, his blood-red, scale-clad hand clenched Lie Feng’s neck!

Yang Kai’s face changed, while Mi Tian was equally surprised.

Unable to care about attacking Yang Kai anymore, Mi Tian glared at Xue Lian and shouted sharply, “What are you doing?”

The three of them had joined forces to ambush Yang Kai, but now, while their enemy was unharmed, Xue Lian had targeted one of their own side. This was simply intolerable!

But Xue Lian didn’t pay any attention to Mi Tian’s interrogation and instead lifted Lie Feng up high, as if he was holding a child. Staring at him with indifferent scarlet eyes, he asked, “Who is that old bastard Tian Jiu to you?”

Lie Feng finally noticed that something was terribly wrong and desperately pushed his Monster Qi to free himself from Xue Lian’s control, but no matter how hard he tried, his Monster Qi seemed to be imprisoned inside his body, unable to circulate.

“You’re not Xue Lian!” Lie Feng exclaimed in shock.

It was absolutely impossible for Xue Lian to have the ability to subdue him like this. Combined with the changes in Monster Mountain’s Monster Qi, Lie Feng immediately understood what was going on.

“Soul possession!” Yang Kai and Mi Tian also reacted at the same time, calling out in shock.

“You brats have decent eyesight!” Xue Lian gave a weird laugh, not trying to deny it. Instead, he stared deeply at Yang Kai as a look of greed flashed across his eyes.

Yang Kai felt a shiver up his spine when he saw this, unsure what this gaze meant.

Xue Lian did not pay much attention to him after that though, retracted his gaze, and continued to ask, “Who is Tian Jiu to you?”

“My ancestor!” Lie Feng flushed and answered through clenched teeth.

“Is he still alive?” Xue Lian tilted his head.

“Ancestor fell many years ago, doesn’t Senior know?” Lie Feng asked in a deep voice.

When Tian Jiu was alive, he was a peak-level master on Monster Emperor Star, an extremely powerful Monster King with a Third-Order Origin King cultivation. Unfortunately, he fell thousands of years ago. Lie Feng was currently the strongest of Tian Jiu’s descendants.

“He actually died, such a pity, this King still had some old accounts to settle with him,” Xue Lian seemed a little disappointed, but soon grinned widely. “But that doesn’t matter, it’s all in the past. Since this King has bumped into one of that old dog’s descendants, he can just take his anger out on you.”

“May I ask who Senior is?” Lie Feng asked in a trembling voice. He could feel Xue Lian’s big hand squeezing harder and harder, to the point where he could barely breathe.

“This King and Tian Jiu were born in the same era, and have a lot of grievances between us; who do you think this King is?” Xue Lian laughed lowly.

Lie Feng’s face turned pale as he said, tremblingly, “You are Mad Crocodile King, the one who fell here!”

Lie Feng was naturally familiar with his family’s history. Over ten thousand years ago, when Heavenly Eagle King was still alive, the Shadow Eagle clan was amongst the strongest forces and almost dominated all of Monster Emperor Star. Unfortunately, there was another powerful Monster King who could fight against Heavenly Eagle King.

That was Mad Crocodile Monster King!

Hearing Xue Lian’s words, Lie Feng immediately realized his identity.

The one who had seized Xue Lian’s body was the bloody and brutal Mad Crocodile Monster King!

Rumour had it that his cultivation was earth-shaking, and due to his incredibly brutal nature, the number of Monster and Human Race masters who had died at his hands was uncountable. All of Monster Emperor Star despised him, so they called him Mad Crocodile Monster King.

Tian Jiu had tried to kill him many times, but never succeeded, instead just creating a deeper and deeper enmity between them.

One day, however, Mad Crocodile Monster King suddenly disappeared from Monster Emperor Star, with most not knowing where he had gone.

Chi Yue and the other Tribal Lord level characters knew that Mad Crocodile King had fallen in the Blood Prison, but the younger generation was not privy to such knowledge.

Now that he knew the truth, Lie Feng lost all hope!

Having been caught by such a Monster Race master, how could his end be good?

“Good, this King fell here, but this King can make a comeback starting today! Heh heh, since you are the descendant of Tian Jiu, you can only blame your bad luck for meeting this King,” Xue Lian sneered as he tightened his grip around Lie Feng’s neck viciously. With a crack, Lie Feng’s body went limp and his head fell to the side, the light in his eyes quickly dimming!

Lie Feng died!

Xue Lian was now far stronger than before!

Mi Tian gulped hard as his face paled.

Even facing Yang Kai, he had never felt so powerless, but Mad Crocodile Monster King’s terrifying reputation rendered him incapable of summoning the will to resist.

The moment Lie Feng died, Mi Tian did not hesitate to flee, wanting to escape from this place above all else.

“Without this King’s permission, you think you can leave?” Xue Lian suddenly turned to look at the location of Mi Tian and ​​casually reached out his hand, sending out a burst of strange, ethereal power.

The space in front of Mi Tian seemed to solidify into an iron wall, one Mi Tian slammed into and was stopped by.

Yang Kai’s eyes widened as he watched this scene, a vague sense of understanding suddenly coming to him.

The power Xue Lian used was naturally Domain! Although Xue Lian’s current aura was still just at the peak of the Third-Order Origin Returning Realm, Mad Crocodile Monster King was a genuine Third-Order Origin King! It was understandable that he could still use Domain to a certain extent.

[So you can use this power in such a manner!] Yang Kai’s eyes shone brilliantly, seeming extremely interested in Xue Lian’s methods.

Mi Tian could not escape this way, so he immediately changed direction, but Xue Lian simply snorted coldly and sent out a phantom Blood Flood Dragon with a wave of his hand, which swiftly transformed into a kind of rope and flew towards Mi Tian.

Mi Tian roared furiously, spun around, and shot his strange flower artifact’s thousands of petals towards Xue Lian.

At the same time, his eyes suddenly flashed a strange brilliance as he stared directly towards Xue Lian.

Xue Lian showed no fear and instead just sneered contemptuously, “Soul Swallowing Evil Eye! You dare use such pathetic means to deal with this King? Boy, your overconfidence is shocking!”

Saying so, his scarlet eyes became deep and dark, like bottomless pits, and pulled in all of Mi Tian’s eye power.

A terrifying wave of Spiritual Energy also burst forth.

Mi Tian screamed, as if he was subjected to intolerable pain, and his entire aura rapidly deflated.

Not only had Mi Tian’s Evil Eye failed to play any role, Xue Lian had counterattacked and greatly damaged his Soul.

The blood-red rope tied around Mi Tian tightly in that instant, preventing him from escaping.

Xue Lian grinned, raised his hand up high, and slowly clenched his fist.

The blood-red rope that bound Mi Tian, following the movement of this fist, slowly tightened around Mi Tian’s body.

“No!” Mi Tian yelled, but to no avail. The blood-red rope quickly began crushing his physique and breaking his bones.

With a resounding crack, Mi Tian’s body was crushed, his flesh and blood spattering out!

With just a few light gestures, he had killed two of the Monster Race’s rising stars. Xue Lian looked down at his hands and a look of satisfaction appeared on his face, “Not bad, the ancient Blood Flood Dragon lineage really has its own uniqueness.”

He seemed to be quite satisfied with his new body.

But soon, he slowly shook his head, raised his eyes, and stared at Yang Kai with a fiercer gaze. His eyes were filled with greed. To him, Yang Kai’s existence seemed even more attractive!

“Aren’t you going to run?” Xue Lian asked in a somewhat stunned voice. He had been paying attention to Yang Kai’s movements when he killed Mi Tian and Lie Feng to ensure Yang Kai did not have a chance to escape.

However, from start to finish, this human boy simply stood there, observing everything indifferently, not showing any intentions to flee, a fact that surprised Xue Lian greatly.

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