Martial Peak

Chapter 28 – Too petty

Chapter 28 - Too petty

Facing Li Yun Tian’s inquiry, Kai Yang had no response.

Thinking that he had guessed correctly, Li Yun TIan smiled widely: “Don’t worry senior. Our strengths should be about the same, so it’s not certain as to who will and who will lose. And if by chance, this junior wins and senior loses, then your losses will be covered by me.”

“Are you serious?” enquired Kai Yang, this was a rather unexpected.

“A nobleman’s word is his bond!” Li Yun Tian bellowed loudly.

Originally he thought that he had successfully tricked Kai Yang, and had assumed his battle stance. He knew that Su Mu was hidden somewhere in the surrounding area, so if he was able to teach Kai Yang a good lesson, then he would be able to greatly increase his face.

But Kai Yang just wrinkled his brows, nearly causing Li Yun Tian to stamp foot and curse his mother. This senior, is too ** annoying and like a bitch. How could Zhou Hu lose to this type of person?

“Senior, do you have any other questions?” Li Yun Tian was on the verge of exploding in frustration.

“Oh, although I would like to trade notes with you, regrettably I am unable to as I was already challenged by someone yesterday. If you really wanted to exchange pointers, then you must wait a few more days.”

Bull! Li Yun Tian almost couldn’t breathe, hastily he said: “Senior, you can challenge me since I haven’t been challenged these past few days. Don’t all Sky Tower disciples have the chance to challenge someone every few days?”

“It was like this!” Just realising this now, Kai Yang laughed out loud: “Junior brother, these past few years, it has always been me who was challenged thus I had completely forgotten this rule.”

Slowly breathing out, Li Yun Tian really wanted to spit out all the rage and anger inside of him. After a while he inquired: “Senior, now can we compare some notes?”

Kai Yang still had another question: “Junior, if I really lost, would you really pay me contribution points?”

“I will! I will definitely pay you and not only that, I will pay you ten times the amount!” He said, grinding his teeth together.

Shaking his head, Kai Yang replied: “I don’t believe you. Unless you first pay me the contribution points I won’t believe you.”

“How can I give them to you?” Li Yun Tian replied gloomily, for contribution points were recorded down by a third party in an account book. It wasn’t something you could just carry around to give to others. How was he, a senior, so narrow minded. Did he believe that he wouldn’t stick to his word?

“I do have an alternative.” Smiling cryptically at Li Yun Tian, Kai Yang beckoned him closer and whispered into his ear.

Li Yun Tian’s face changed into several shades of different colours and he couldn’t help but admit that this Kai Yang’s mind was really shrewd. He could actually think of this type of solution.

“Junior, if you feel that this is impossible then it’s okay. It’s not because this senior cannot trust you, it’s just…...” Playing hard to get, Kai Yang hesitated to voice his next words.

LI Yun Tian didn’t know what he wanted, but in order for his own plan to succeed he must give in. So he asked: “It won’t hurt, so senior please wait. Wait until I have retrieved the item. My speed is very fast.”

As he was saying this, he was already speeding away.

Looking at his receding back, Kai Yang sighed out in pity; to think there were still people in this world that were willing to offer themselves up to get beaten. With his request refused, he then went to retrieve something, he was really strange. Thankfully it temporarily achieved his needs. It was just that this method could only be used once, next time he would no longer be able to use it.

After thinking for a while, Kai Yang mentally bashed himself. When he remembered the junior’s desperateness, no matter what he requested he would have agreed.

Su Mu, along with a bunch of other people were hidden too far from Kai Yang. Originally when he saw that Li Yun Tian and Kai Yang had started to talk, his heart was jumping circles. Just as he was settling down to enjoy a good show, Li Yun Tian hastily ran away, causing Su Mu to be confused.

Yesterday when they were discussing the plan, this wasn’t included! What was this Li Yun Tian up to?

His heart full of doubt, Su Mu immediately ordered someone to intercept Li Yun Tian and inquire about the situation.

After fifteen minutes, that person had returned and whispered to him: “Young master Su, Li Yun Tian said that Kai Yang is narrowed minded and had told him to first go to the Contribution Hall to retrieve some herbs to compensate him. Only then would he agree to compare notes.”

“Aren’t you a bit too petty?” Su Mu said flabbergastedly: “Kai Yang is only a trial disciple, so if he lost, he would only lose one contribution point. So, why would he need to compensate him ten herbs?”

That person answer: “Li Yun Tian caused this, he said that he would compensate him ten times the amount, so……...”

“Eh, no wonder.” Su Mu’s face became slightly ugly, “But forget about it. As long as that Kai Yang can receive this lesson, ten herbs aren’t that much.”

Ten herbs cost about ten contribution points. Such a small amount of points weren’t put into the eyes of Su Mu.

Since everyone now knew the entire situation, they could only patiently await the battle.

Half an hour passed and Kai Yang was nearly finished with his sweeping. Shortly thereafter, Kai Yang saw a red and tired face, it was Li Yun Tian running closer. Li Yun Tian didn’t blame the fact that the distance of the Contribution was too large, but rather that Treasurer Meng who was still still asleep for causing him to take so long. After a long time of shouting and banging on the door, had he woken up.

Since old man Meng was disturbed from his sweet dream, his temper was short. Without even allowing old man Meng the time to teach him a lesson, Li Yun Tian quickly purchased ten ordinary grade lower level herbs. This cost him about twenty contribution points.

The anger Li Yun Tian held! He was determined to earn the interest back from Kai Yang’s body.

Returning, he saw that Kai Yang hadn't left. He stood there, with his broom in his hand waiting for him.

Three steps, two steps, as Li Yun Tian gasped for breath, he rushed over to Kai Yang. Taking out the herbs, he breathlessly said: “Here, check it senior.”

“Hehe, no need.” Acting as if he was very big hearted, Kai Yang took the herbs without counting and placed them, along with his broom onto the ground.

“Senior, now can we compare notes?” Li Yun Tian asked.

“We can, we can. Actually, junior didn’t have to go to such lengths. IF you had asked, this senior would have readily agreed.” Kai Yang smiled cheerfully.

Li Yun Tian was nearly angered to the point of meeting buddha, two buddhas in heaven, three in nirvana and four living together. It was you who wanted the herbs, it was you who didn’t trust me, and it was you who made me travel such a distance. Could it be that this whole journey was unnecessary?

But he will forget about it he decided, and chose to take some deep breaths to calm down his mind. For today, once this battle started, he would thoroughly teach Kai Yang a good lesson.

“Junior, shall we start?” Kai Yang queried Li Yun Tian’s opinion.

“Okay.” His spirited roused, Li Yun Tian replied and cupped his hands. “Please give me some teachings senior!”

“Don’t dare, don’t dare!” Kai Yang humbly smiled.

Neither dared or wanted to reveal their current cultivation levels. Li Yun Tian was afraid that it would scare Kai Yang away, while Kai Yang wanted to keep it a secret. With each thinking of their own reasons in their respective minds, the battle started.

Seeing Zhou Hu’s mistake yesterday and his heart full of hatred, how could Li Yu Tian possibly be merciful? He thought as he prepared to use thunder to knock down this senior.

With the lightning fast exchanges, the air around became charged with tension. Dodging each other’s attacks, Kai Yang and Li Yun Tian had already exchanged fists. Since Li Yun Tian’s heart was full of hatred, his fists didn’t contain any real power. But within his flurry of fists, each was faster than the last and more profound.

Kai Yang didn’t panic but remained calm. The practise that he had been doing these past few days started to show their results. With only the Sky Tower’s basic skills and the kicks, he fought.

After a few exchanges, Li Yun Tian became fearful. His opponent exuded a vigourous energy, which left him unstable and pushed him back a few steps. Not only that, each punch that he threw out made him feel like he hit a boulder and left his whole hand numb.

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