Martial Peak

Chapter 29 – A big loss

Chapter 29 - A big loss

After suffering a loss, Li Yun Tian didn’t dare to be carelessly anymore. Intensely looking at Kai Yang, he flitted about before executing a couple of swift punches towards Kai Yang.

That’s for being narrow-minded, that’s for making me run to the Contribution Hall so early in the morning, he grumbled inside while attacking. ‘Peng, peng’ resounded every time Li Yun Tian struck out. Nearby, Su Mu was stunned as each fist landed on Kai Yang, while Li Yun Tian felt pain with each fist.

Both people were tempered body cultivators, but since their levels weren’t very high, the amount of blows they exchanged were small. Furthermore, Kai Yang wanted to tests out his body's condition, so he allowed Li Yun Tian to land his attacks on his body.

Within the time it took to make some tea, Kai Yang came to understand his current body condition; it was stronger, far stronger than a few days ago. With his goal achieved, Kai Yang no longer wanted to be subjected to his junior’s nagging.

Just as victory was at hand for Li Yun Tian, something changed. The Senior Kai, who could only retreat and defend a few moment ago, face lit up in excitement. It was like when an evil spirit met a naked young lady. This sudden change in attitude caused Li Yun Tian to feel uneasy.

more closely, he noticed that Kai Yang’s excitement was different to what he had previously thought. It was a colder and bloodthirsty type of excitement.

With a bad feeling in his stomach, Li Yun Tian retreated, but one step from Kai Yang blocked his path, he was like a towering mountain.

Jumping up, Li Yun Tian wanted to escape from Kai Yang’s pursuit. Raising his leg, Kai Yang swept it towards Li Yun Tian’s waist.

A miserable cry leaked out of his mouth, while he flew a couple of feet. Without pausing, Kai Yang ruthlessly stepped down, stomped on him and a rain of fists followed.

A bloodcurdling scream echoed.

This round of ‘note comparing’ ended up with Li Yun Tian losing, begging for mercy.

When Li Yun Tian was sent flying earlier, he still had the intention to continue. But under the merciless barrage of Kai Yang’s punches, his injuries quickly increased.

After a while, Li Yun Tian could no longer endure it. Afterwards he noticed Kai Yang and his own reactions were completely different.

The more he hit Kai Yang , the more excited Kai Yang became. When he hit him, the more painful and sorrowful it became for Li Yun Tian.

Why would there be anyone who would be happy to get beaten? The more red, blood and flesh that Kai Yang saw, the happier he looked. It made him look slightly mad.

Li Yun Tian thought this person was mad. Yet after the end of the battle, Kai Yang returned to normal, back to his kind and amiable self. In fact, he even helped to pull him back up and smiled saying that he allowed him to win. Then he picked up his broom and left.

When he was in battle compared to when he was not in battle, he was two completely different people!

His body was sore all over, how could he not sustain some injuries from Kai Yang’s multiple fists.

This time, it really was a case of trying to steal the chicken but losing the rice to lure it, Li Yun Tian thought in tears.

He had already constantly refused to compare notes with Li Yun Tian, yet he had been adamant. He even spent twenty contribution points in exchange for ten herbs to secure the exchange. And the result…….he had lost. Not only were the herbs taken away from him, he will also be deducted contribution points.

This time, it really was a big loss! Was this not offending because of something petty? Li Yun Tian felt endless regret.

Su Mu and the others, watching from not too far away were also shocked stupid. When they saw Li Yun Tian and Kai Yang start, they were sorely tempted to jump out and started cheering; for he had finally succeed in getting Kai Yang to exchange pointers. Soon, Kai Yang was going to be beaten black and blue.

Su Mu even had it all planned out. When Kai Yang was beaten, he would go over and give a few extra words of ridicule. That way, he will be able to release some of his heart’s anger. But contrary to what they expected, when the battle started, Kai Yang had fought Li Yun Tian to a stand still.

For a while Su Mu thought the things that he saw were a little blurry. Suspiciously, he leaned over and asked: “What stage is Li Yun Tian again?”

“Tempered body seventh stage and has already started to cultivate train his own vitality. It’s just that the time he has trained it is too little, so it cannot be used well yet.”

“And Kai Yang?” Su Mu asked again.

“I think he is about the tempered body fourth stage?” His voice a bit uncertain.

Everyone was overwhelmed with shock, for despite a difference of three stages, he had managed to fight evenly with Li Yun Tian and that was too monstrous. No wonder yesterday Zhou Hu was defeated with only three moves. Even with such a large difference, Kai Yang had won. So even if Zhou Hu had used all his strength, he wouldn’t win.

But, how could that person, of all these speculations, be that powerful? If he really possessed this type of strength, why would he lose all his previous battles? Kai Yang had been a trial disciple for three years already, and year after he was admitted, he was constantly challenged. Every time, until yesterday, he hadn’t won a single one of his battles in these past two years.

The greatest shock that Su Mu and co. were to experience had yet to come. They had thought that Kai Yang being able to endure even one of Li Yun Tian’s strikes was nothing short of a miracle; there was no possible way for him to win. Yet, when Kai Yang really defeated Li Yun Tian, everybody was like a crow and peacock, making no sound. They couldn’t believe their own eyes.

A tempered body fourth stage practitioner beat a tempered body seventh stage practitioner. In the couple of hundred years of Sky Tower’s history, this type of situation had never happened before. Could it be that even a stinky salty fish will have a chance to turn over?

As he was standing there in a trance, Su Mu felt someone tap his shoulder gently. Turning around, he was greeted by Kai Yang smiling at him while carrying his broom. His face full of affection he said: “Junior Su, if there will be another good opportunity like this, please remember to notify me as well.”

“You already knew?” The corners of Su Mu’s mouth twitched.

Gently, Kai Yang chuckled: “Yesterday, although junior Li was hidden within the crowd, he was with you. The only good point of this senior is his memory.”

“How sly!” Su Mu hated him so much that he gnashed his teeth together vigorously. Only now, did he realise everybody had been thoroughly tricked by Kai Yang.

“We’re both in the same boat.” He laughed: “Oh right, I can still challenge someone tomorrow. Aren’t we all allowed to request anyone for a battle once everyday? Enjoy your day everybody and I will come find you tomorrow.”

Everyone’s face immediately became ice cold. Witnessing Kai Yang’s current actions, hadn’t he experienced the sweetness from this little action? Then when they looked at Li Yun Tian and thought how their own strengths were about the same level as Li Yun Tian, a shiver ran down their spines. Frightened they said: “Young master Su, what should we do now?”Su Mu was also at his wits end. After all, duels were a long time tradition of Sky Tower. Which disciple hasn’t been challenged before? Although he had someone backing him, he still didn’t dare to recklessly break the Main Gate rules.

“Relax, he probably said it to scare you. If he really came to challenge you, I will make sure that he won’t be able to walk.”

Hearing Su Mu say this, everyone felt more secure and relaxed.

Kai Yang had thought of this on the spot. All Sky Tower disciples had the opportunity to issue a challenge each day and since he had never used this privilege before, he naturally had forgotten about it. With today’s reminder from Li Yun Tian, he had remembered it.

One battle a day, however defeating an ordinary disciple could only earn him two contribution points, but mosquito meat is still meat. After accumulating them for a month, it would not be a small amount.

Besides, on the road of martial cultivation, you cannot close yourself off completely from the outside world. Battling these fellow disciples and exchanging some pointers, will not do any harm and it doesn’t take very long. Just treat it like a relaxation activity, you can even earn some contribution points while you relax. What harm is there?

Though, the harvest from today’s challenge was quite a good one. Not only did he earn two contribution points, he also gained ten strands of much needed Dead Jedi Tree Grass. This was such a profitable day.

If there was someone to give him ten herbs everyday, how good would that be! Kai Yang daydreamed a bit.

Returning to his wooden hut, Kai Yang immediately took out the incense burner and lit it. Breathing in the perfume, he started his arduous training.

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