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Chapter 29 - Overturn the Cavalry

Chapter 29 Overturn the Cavalry.

Zhu Yan pondered as he traced the ring on his finger. He said, “Brother Wang, Sky Fortune City is your domain, what kind of connections do you not have? Naturally you associate with superior individuals that are at the Fourth Stage or even the peak of the Fourth Stage.” Zhu Yan suspected that Lin Ming had a solid foundation and was stronger than he appeared. It would be impossible to have an expert at the peak of the Third Stage deal with him in an easy manner; it would be best to jump straight up and look for someone at the Fourth Stage to send him off.

Wang Yigao said, “I know many masters at the Fourth Stage, but…they are the guards of my father or brother. Because of the previous matter, my father already issued a decree. Now no one listens to me.”

People at the Fourth Stage of Body Transformation were usually not some fresh spring flower. This sort of person tended to be over thirty years old and often occupied a high position, or were some powerful persons personal guard. By Wang Yigao’s ability, asking them to deal with a fifteen year old boy was just not possible.

Zhu Yan thought of this and said to Wang Yigao, “This Seven Profound Martial House inspection, isn’t the one policing it Zhao Mingshan? He seems to have received a promotion from your father recently.”

Wang Yigao was surprised, but he nodded and said. “There is such a matter. Brother Zhao is usually very nice to me.” Zhu Yan had heard from others that Zhao Mingshan was the captain of Sky Fortune City’s Police Force. The City Police Force and the City Protection Army were two parts of a system. The City Police force was responsible for public security, such as catching thieves and maintaining law and order, and the City Protection Army was responsible for maintaining the emperor’s ruling power and suppressing rebellion.

“Ah, I know… I have an idea to make a cripple of you Lin Ming…” Zhu Yan peeked through the carriage curtain, and stared at Lin Ming like a poisonous serpent as his face began to darken.

Seven Profound Martial House’s inspections were divided into three parts, the Strength Trial, the Dream Trial, and the Exquisite Pagoda.

This morning was the first test, the Strength Trial.

Strength Training was the First Stage of Body Transformation. It was also the foundation of martial arts. If Strength Training was not solid, then the later stages of Flesh Training, Viscera Training, Altering Muscle and Bone Forging would all become useless.

Therefore, strength was very important to martial artists. The measurement for strength was also relatively simple. As long as the trial was done well, then a large number of applicants could be eliminated.

Because of this, for the last several years the Seven Profound Martial House had placed the inspection of strength as the first test.

The test was a special stone structure the height of a man. There was a beam of light at the top that was formed by true essence. As long as someone punched the stone, the beam would transmit a light that signaled the person’s strength. An inch high beam of light would be a bit less than 100 jin. If one managed a beam of light a foot high, then it would be 1000 jin and one would qualify. Anything below that was instant elimination.

But Body Transformation’s peak of the First Stage of Strength Training was usually around nine stones. It was enough to break iron wood, but generally martial artists at the First Stage had around 900 jins of strength so they had a difficult time passing the first trial.

Lin Ming had already surpassed a thousand jins of strength early on in the First Stage. Presently he was a bit stronger than 2600 jins. This was because of the overwhelming prestige of the ‘Chaotic Virtues Combat Meridians.’ Naturally in this test, strength was his forte, and he would be able to fight for first place.

In the square, the trial had not yet started. Lin Ming was meditating on a stone platform off the road and controlling his breath.

Suddenly a rapid burst of sound came as a loud voice shouted, “Out of the way! Out of the way!”

Lin Ming opened his eyes and was surprised to see a twenty year old man bolting down the road on a horse. He wore thick shiny armor and his hand was a two meter long lance as thick as a child’s arm. He dispersed the crowed by waving the lance around with one hand while wielding a horsewhip with the other.

“Dadada.” The sound of the hoof beat was crisp in the air, and the people in the crowded major road scattered. Lin Ming frowned. Today was the date of Seven Profound Martial House’s entrance exam. Sky Fortune City would send the City Police force here to maintain order. How did they allow someone to wildly buck into the crowd?

Lin Ming soon noted that although this person was aggressive in his manner as he waved his lance around, he actually did not bump into anyone. It looked as though this man’s martial arts was decent, and he was also skilled at horse riding.

Lin Ming originally sat on the roadside, and did not get up. But at this moment he saw that the men sinisterly smile, and flicked his reins and turned and galloped towards Lin Ming.

Lin Ming’s expression sank. He realized that this man was coming for him! The horse was coming faster and faster towards him. Not only was the man wearing armor, but the thick and long lance in his hand was at least 100 jins. In addition to the speed of the horses sprint, that lance would be able to pierce through a wall!

When he was less than ten meters away, the lance in the man’s hand began to glow with a faint yellow light.

Martial Skill!

‘They really think much of me, to actually use a martial skill.’ Lin Ming thought as his eyes turned ice cold. He slightly opened his right and as the ‘True Primal Chaos Formula’ quickly revolved in him. Lin Ming’s perception instantly reached the maximum limit. In his eyes, the lance speed had slowed down, and the noisy hoof beats disappeared.

When the man was within three meters, Lin Ming sprung from a sitting position, and he unexpectedly moved towards the man. Lin Ming had not attempted to dodge, but stretched out both hands and grasped the lance!

A hundred jin lance, a horses barreling force, it could even break down a tree. And this boy actually used his hands to grab it?!

With the lance in hand, Lin Ming circulated true essence throughout his hands and feet. His right foot took one step back and braced against the stone platform, and with both hands pulling, more than 2600 jins of strength instantly erupted!


Lin Ming called out, and the arms holding the lance suddenly rose up. The man only felt a brief sensation of strength as he was directly lifted from his lance and thrown off like a ragdoll!

The man felt dizzy, and there was a whistling sound in his eyes as his vision blurred from twirling in the air. The next moment he impacted the ground directly from behind with a malicious pain. His organs seemed to have misplaced themselves as he crashed into a tree and spit up a mouthful of blood.

Lin Ming tossed aside the 100 jin lance in his hand and sat back down. This man only had the strength of the Second Stage of Body Transformation. Although he also had the support from the horse, but compared with the ‘Chaotic Virtues Combat Meridians’ that Lin Ming practiced, it was far from enough!

The crowd that had been watching was simply speechless. This man in armor had sprint at him with full speed but was still lifted up and tossed aside by Lin Ming! This youth was simply a vicious monster in human form!

Zhu Yan had been watching this scene from afar on his carriage. His face became increasingly gloomy. Wang Yigao this useless rice bucket! Even that person he knew was nothing more than a walking potato! He also had the strength of the horse supporting him yet he was the own that was thrown away!

However he had also expected this result. He just didn’t think that Lin Ming’s counter attack would have been so unexpectedly fierce.

Just then, a crowd of noisy footsteps could be heard approaching. “What the hell is going on, someone dares to attack others in public?!”

As soon as Lin Ming looked up, it was actually Wang Yigao that had brought a crowd to the scene. He sneered in his heart. Obviously this man had planned well for this.

Wang Yigao looked at the man who had been flung away by Lin Ming and he felt his heart jump. This strength was truly terrifying. But his mind calmed as he remembered the crowd of people he brought to support him. Wang Yigao was emboldened; he clenched his teeth and looked at Lin Ming ferociously. “Lin Ming you bastard. Again and again you fight my men! I already wasn’t going to quibble over these small details with you, but this time you have gone too far!”

“Go! Bring him to me! Take him on! Kill him and I will take responsibility!” Wang Yigao heroically waved his arm. But unexpectedly, even after he gave the code word, no one moved!

Kill him and you will be responsible? What a shitty joke! If he kills us will you also be responsible!?

The majority of the crowed was only at the First Stage of Body Transformation and a few of them were at the Second Stage. However, they could be considered weaker than someone at the same stage. They had all seen the horrifying image of Lin Ming throwing off the man on a horse and it had been etched into their minds. Wasn’t trying to bring him down just courting death?

Lin Ming smiled and said, “How, after three months, have you group of lap dog minions not improved?”

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