Martial World

Chapter 30 - Beating the Generals Son

Chapter 30 Beating the General’s Son.

As soon as Lin Ming mentioned three months, Wang Yigao lit on fire. This was the greatest humiliation that he had ever experienced in his life! “What are you waiting for! Go! Do you want me to deal with you later!?”

In this group of minions that followed Wang Yigao, there were those who bullied men and harassed women. Wang Yigao was the one who acted as their high umbrella! If Wang Yigao decided to kick them to the curb, not only would they not be protected, but there would be others who would take revenge and ferret out all of their criminal records. They would have no place left in Sky Fortune City.

Thinking of this, the group of people braced themselves and decided to bite the bullet. They did not dare to attack him and instead just rushed up to take a blow.

Lin Ming’s eyes were cold. He used his right foot and picked up the lance. Firmly grasping it with his hand, he waved it towards the group of rushing minions. Each time he swept it towards them it was as if he were sweeping chickens! Five to six people flew into the air with each wave.

Moans of sorrow and pain began to linger in the air. These weaklings were truly pathetic; as soon as they hit the ground they began groaning.

Seeing this, Lin Ming did not have the words to say anything. He just lightly swept them, not even using a quarter of his strength, it shouldn’t have hurt this much.

Although these small idiots were all just sacks of rice and were acting, when Lin Ming mowed down seven or eight people each time, it shocked bystanders, and they began to crowd around him.

In a flash, the only one left was Wang Yigao, who had begun panicking and sliding backwards. Seeing Lin Ming walk towards him, his outwards appearance was fierce, but he was close to fainting. He said, “Lin Ming what do you want!? I warn you not to act too rashly or else your death will be very ugly.”

Lin Ming looked at him as if he were some kind of bug and coldly said, “Even rotten leaves have clear veins. As someone who practices martial arts how could you lose your backbone like a coward? You bother me over and over, I’ve already put up with you twice. If I put up with you again, then for what reasons did I practice martial arts?”

As Lin Ming said this, he instantly arrived in front of Wang Yigao. Wang Yigao’s goose hairs rose and almost pissed his pants. He had one thought on his mind; this Lin Ming, was he crazy?! He dares to hit me!?

“You dare!? My father is…………!”

Wang Yigao screamed pitifully as Lin Ming punched his stomach. Lin Ming’s fist contained a hidden energy. Although he hadn’t achieved ‘Flow like Silk’, but he drew one step to achieve a hard and gentle movement. The fist’s energy penetrated into Wang Yigao’s organs and he coughed up a mouthful of blood.

Lin Ming used his other hand, aimed it, and slapped Wang Yigao’s right cheek with a ‘pa’ sound. Wang Yigao spun like a spinning top and fell with plop on the ground, seeing stars.

One side of his lip was split open by Lin Ming’s palm and a tooth had fallen out.

“You… you…” Wang Yigao covered his mouth. He looked at his bloody hands and his eyes turned red with anger. He had grown up in the general’s office since childhood and no one had ever dared to hit him. He stretched out his blood-stained trembling finger at Lin Ming. “I… I will kill you!”

“Kill me? Perhaps you won’t have this opportunity.” Lin Ming stepped forwards, his hand holding the lance. A murderous intent began to flow from him.

Feeling this killing intent and seeing that his neck was less than half a foot from the lance, Wang Yigao’s high confidence and anger completely shattered. He tumbled onto the floor and began crawling away as fast as he could while screaming, “Murder!”

Lin Ming knew that in the broad daylight he could not kill the son of the general. Although that punch was filled with a concealed energy, it was a very slow non-fatal attack and only let Wang Yigao feel pain. As for his split lip, although it would hurt, it could be cured with some medicines.

But on the main road, more hoof beats began to resound. Lin Ming looked and saw that a thirty year old man had arrived. He had a mustache and wore the clothes of a captain, with a sword hung on his waist. He rode here swiftly, and behind him were several additional officers.

Seeing these officers, it was as if Wang Yigao had seen the light. He shouted loudly, “Save me, he wants to kill me!” Then he rushed towards them.

Lin Ming saw these officers and he frowned. He suddenly understood the purpose of Wang Yigao’s actions. His goal had been to stir up some trouble. The truth was, he had not expected the man on the horse or even his minions could do anything to hurt him, but he had wanted to create some trouble so that the government that maintained the Seven Profound Martial House entrance examination would come and arrest him themselves.

Once he was arrested, he would miss the entrance exam. He might even be sentenced and jailed.

“What’s going on here?” The captain Zhao Mingshan said. He was thirty five years old and was at the Fourth Stage of Body Transformation and also held the post of the captain of the Sky Fortune City Police Force.

Zhao Mingshan asked those that were crawling on the ground like pitiful bugs. Those that were wounded began to crawl towards him as if they were re-energized. This was something that Lin Ming had already guessed earlier. They began to point at Lin Ming all at once. “He beat us up! He was plotting to kill our young master!”

“Your honor, please look at our bodies injuries. That guy was fighting with a lance, I luckily had quick reflexes and only received a bone fracture.” A man lifted up his shirt. A big blue line on the chest was visible.

Right now Lin Ming was also holding the lance. It could be said that ‘the evidence was conclusive.’

“Big brother Zhao, you have to call the shots for me, ah.” As soon as Wang Yigao opened his mouth, blood began to froth out. This fellow was just too pitiful, he totally did not have a dignified appearance.

Zhao Mingshan quickly handed over medicine to Wang Yigao. As the captain, Zhao Mingshan always kept medicine with him. Naturally it was not anything that was of low value. Even as he was howling and sobbing, Wang Yigao wiped the medicine on his mouth. The medicine was effective and Wang Yigao’s pain was alleviated just a little.

“Big brother Zhao, you must get justice for me!” Wang Yigao looked at Lin Ming with hatred. He did not think that Lin Ming would hit him! He decided that he would kill him. He would just need to get him in a jail cell and then he would find some way to deal with him. Kill him, cripple him, there would be no way to escape!

No, killing him was too easy. It was best to let him wallow in suffering!

This kind of matter was not something that Wang Yigao’s father cared about. He had lost the bet, and lost to a young boy at the First Stage, and had only gotten his name reversed. Wang Junzhu was of course furious about this.

And this bullying that also crippled several civilians, as long as he didn’t cause his family to lose face, then Wang Junzhu would simply not pay attention. Thinking that he might possibly react to this matter was not necessary.

Thinking of this, Wang Yigao felt his heart finally be relieved. Although he had been hit, the pain was temporary. What was most important was that he release the anger in his chest. It was as brother Zhu had planned. As long as they could write ‘the truth’ of the incident, then they could use the hand of authority to oppress others!

Zhao Mingshan was not a fool. He had been in the Police Force for many years. He had been made captain because he was also smart and quick on his feet. He only looked at the scene and accurately guessed the majority of the situation. This young boy had offended the general’s house. Although he might have only given him a hard time, this young boy had injured someone from the general’s house to this degree; he estimated his life was over.

As a captain, he had to be cognizant of the influence of Sky Fortune City’s major players. Zhao Mingshan’s position in the government wasn’t high; he absolutely could not stir up these powers, so like this, Zhao Mingshan had learned to survive in the cracks. With a matter like this in his hands, who was wrong and who was right, he did not look at the facts but at their backgrounds.

Not only did Wang Yigao’s father, a general of the armed forces, promote him, but even if he did not then he would still have to look at General Wang’s big name.

Wang Yigao may not amount to anything in the main house, and he may have been disciplined if he was inside, but he was outside now and so there were the concerns of face. If Zhao Mingshan gave the right order, then it would suggest that he was not one of General Wang’s men.

In his heart he understood these things, so he was resolute in his decision. His waved his hand and an officer moved out and began to inspect the injuries of the men on the floor. He then inspected Lin Ming’s lance, contrasted them with the scars, and said, “Yes, these wounds are from the lance.”

Zhao Mingshan nodded and said to Lin Ming, “Name?”

Lin Ming already guessed what Zhao Mingshao had prepared to do. He defiantly stared at Zhao Mingshan and frankly replied, “Lin Ming.”

Looking in Lin Ming’s eyes, Zhao Mingshan felt a faint feeling of contempt that made him uncomfortable. He was also not feeling well as he said, “The evidence is conclusive, what do you have to say for yourself?”

“The evidence is conclusive?” Lin Ming sneered, “Have you tried asking the bystanders? You only listen to the statements of Wang Yigao’s party?”

Zhao Mingshan frowned, and thought that this fellow was not clear in the head. As soon as he appeared he had guessed that events would develop along this path, but now it looked as if this boy’s death was looming over him and he was still joking. This boy, why did he have to hit Wang Yigao? Did he not know that his father was the leader of Sky Fortune City’s armed guard forces?

Although General Wang did not tolerate the idiocy of his son, and would even punish him frequently, this did not represent that he would allow others to hit his son, as that was equal to slapping him on the face.

This boy Lin Ming couldn’t also be anyone with a background….looking at his clothes only confirmed that. This must have been some sort of personal matter.

Zhao Mingshan sighed and said, “I will certainly question the bystanders, but first I ask that you return with me to the office to record an oral confession. I will have someone stay here to record statements. You will be kept there until the examination is over.” As long as people were not stupid, they would not fight with the government and speak out of turn. If someone decided to have a big mouth, then they wouldn’t have a pleasant result.

“Let’s go!” As soon as Zhao Mingshan waved his hand, two officers walked up, twining rope around their hands. Wang Yigao revealed a fiendish grin on his face. ‘Fight with me? Haha, let’s see how you die now!’

As Lin Ming saw the two officers approach with rope in hand, Lin Ming shook his sleeves and coldly said, “You want to tie me up, but once you do, there won’t be a good outcome for you.”

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