Martial World

Chapter 8 - Qin Xingxuan

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Chapter 8 – Qin Xingxuan

Lin Ming laughed out as well and said. “That is right, we’ll make a big splash. However, you will need to be careful when going out in the next few days.”

“Nn? You mean Wang Yigao?”

“En, he would surely exact vengeance. He would not do so openly, but rather in secret. This is a bridge that we will have to cross…” Lin Ming’s tone lowered as he said that. If Wang Yigao were to drop this matter here and now, then everything would end. However, if he were to secretly conspire against them or send assassins to target them, then Lin Ming had no scruples in giving Wang Yigao a taste of his own medicine. Naturally, Lin Ming would rather not have to resort to such measures. After all, Wang Yigao’s father is the Lord of the Defence Army for Sky Fortune City. Once such an incident is found out, everything would end badly.

The fair was held at the outskirts of Sky Fortune City; this place is where the biggest number of business transactions is conducted. There would be one summit of fairs held every year. In this fair, even martial masters of neighbouring kingdoms would come over to find and buy the items that they require.

As Lin Ming arrived at the entrance to the fair, he was shocked as he observed the bustling crowd of people and the high range of goods on display. This was a place of luxury, a world for nobles and masters. It would not be surprising to see a Pulse Condensation Stager randomly moving around the crowd of people.

As Lin Ming was observing the movements of the crowd, a disturbance occurred amongst them. Lin Ming turned his head to watch and was surprised to find a white luxurious carriage drawn by horses arriving at the entrance to the fair. The horses pulling the carriage were all the same precious type: Draconic Snow Horses. These horses possess great speed and endurance. One of them could fetch up to ten thousand gold liangs in price. Forget the Young Masters of wealthy families, not even the Young Masters of great families would be willing to purchase it.

What kind of personage could be inside it? For them to be riding in a carriage worth several tens of thousands in gold liangs, could it be that a member of the Royal Family is here? Lin Ming thought to himself.

At this moment, Lin Xiaodong spoke up. “Do you see that crest depicting a knight with golden spear on the carriage? That is the Marshal Quarters carriage.”

“Marshal Quarters? You mean Marshal Qin?” Lin Ming asked.

“Who else could it be? There is only one Marshal in all of Sky Fortune Kingdom.”

Within the military structure of Sky Fortune Kingdom, the position of a captain of ten thousand men is a great accomplishment. Next up would be the position of Major. Above Major is Colonel; above the Colonel is the General. Finally, above the General is the Marshal. In all of Sky Fortune Kingdom, only one person made it to the position of Marshal during the past eighty years.

A number of citizens of Sky Fortune Kingdom may not know of the current Emperor’s name. However, all of them knew the name of the Marshal.

The Kingdom Protector, Grand Marshal Qin Xiao; eighty years ago, Sky Fortune Kingdom suffered from an invasion led by the Eastern Sun Kingdom. Countless lives were lost and the Imperial Family had to take refuge in the South. Qin Xiao was the only one who had stayed behind. Commanding his Qin Army forces, he contributed meritorious deeds in succession, reclaiming lost lands and saving the northern population who were in dire straits. After three years, the Qin Army forces finally managed to defeat the Eastern Sun Kingdom. The capital was relocated and Qin Xiao was granted the title of Marshal in the very same year. At the same time, the veterans of the military were organized to establish the Sky Fortune Martial House.

Due to their limited foundation, the Sky Fortune Martial House is unable to compete with the Seven Profound Martial House that is established by a Grade Three Clan, the Seven Profound Valley. However, Sky Fortune Martial House also serves as the military academy for Sky Fortune Kingdom. Those who enter the military after graduating from Sky Fortune Martial House would certainly be able to attain a good position.

As for Qin Xiao, he is the Honorary Principal of Sky Fortune Martial House. His martial cultivation had reached the Post-Celestial Stage, middle phase. For the average martial artist, the Post-Celestial Stage and those beyond the Pulse Condensation Stage is something too far away.

Presently, the carriage had stopped and Lin Ming inhaled deeply: Could it be that Qin Xiao himself is inside? That man is a legend!

The carriage’s curtain was pushed aside and Lin Ming became surprised. The one who had emerged was a young woman.

Seeing the young woman, Lin Ming felt surprised while Lin Xiaodong’s eyes became glued straight at her. What is a beauty that can topple kingdoms? This is it.

The young woman was wearing a white dress, her black hair descending down onto her waist, her skin glistening with the lustre of beautiful jade, her appearance as mesmerizing as the full moon, her eyes shining like the waters of autumn. She has a fine raised nose, pointed chin and a slender jade like neck. There were simply no flaws that one could see. In addition, she exuded an aura of wisdom and purity, causing an inevitable thought to enter the minds of those who set their eyes on her: A peerless beauty.

Escorted by her bodyguards and maids, the young woman came out of the carriage and proceeded into the fair. Wherever she went, it would seem as though numerous colours had lit up in the area and peach flowers would blossom. As for the young woman, she seemed to be dancing within this beautiful image, leading to everyone seeing her becoming lost in a reverie.

All eyes were gathered onto her. Her carriage that cost several tens of thousands of gold liangs, her spectacular beauty, the Qin Family that had endured for over eighty years; any of these factors would have been enough to make her the centre of attention.

It was not until the young woman had disappeared from his sight that Lin Xiaodong was willing to turn away his gaze, a look of reluctance etched on his face.

Lin Ming asked. “Who is she? Do you know her?”

Lin Xiaodong answered. “I do know her, but she doesn’t know me. She is Qin Xiao’s granddaughter, Qin Xingxuan. Truly… perfect.” While explaining, Lin Xiaodong praised. Lin Ming only gave an “oh”. He had somewhat guessed her identity and had simply asked without any motives. Thus, he was not too surprised.

Lin Xiaodong glanced at Lin Ming and smiled as he continued. “That girl is a Grade Six Martial Talent.”

“Wha… What?”

Lin Ming was dumbfounded. “Grade Six Talent? Are you certain?”

The highest talent that Lin Ming had seen before was Grade Four. As for Grade Five Talent, there was not a single one in Green Mulberry City. Perhaps these people do exist in Sky Fortune Kingdom, but their numbers would surely be limited. However, he had just been told that the young woman that had just passed by is a Grade Six Talent. For him, this was simply an unimaginable fact!

Lin Xiaodong had already expected this reaction from Lin Ming and said. “I say, Brother Ming, don’t you think that in comparison with her Grade Six Martial Talent, her looks are even more amazing?”

Lin Ming replied. “I think that her talent is even more amazing, a Grade Six Talent! This is simply unheard of! Speaking of which… what martial arts stage is she in?”

Lin Xiaodong shrugged. “I do not know about that. But, it must surely be unbelievably high. Considering that she is gifted with such a high talent and also born within a great family, a Physical Training Fourth or Fifth Stage is probably nothing surprising. However… Brother Ming, why do you only ask about these martial arts stuff? After seeing such a perfect beauty, aren’t your heart moved at all?”

The question surprised Lin Ming. He is not made of wood. A fair lady is beloved by all gentlemen; and Qin Xingxuan is indeed perfect. However, after what had happened with Lan Yunyue, Lin Ming had come to understand that a loving family that can last forever could only be attained after he has enough strength. With his current level of strength, such pursuits were meaningless. Turning around, he asked. “Why? Do you like her?”

“Nah, I am just an admirer. This girl is so far away from me, I cannot have those kinds of thoughts. I do not even know how many people within Sky Fortune City are hoping to be the lucky man; however, none of them is worthy. This girl would surely enter a true clan in the future, like the Seven Profound Valley. She had long since become a core disciple of the Seven Profound Martial House. Mortals like us simply cannot hope to match someone like her. But, what makes me most jealous is the fact that she is also an Inscription Master.”

“Inscription Master?” Lin Ming do not have much understanding towards certain unique professions. Generally, these unique professions have a high demand in qualifications and the number of people holding those professions is small. The amount of money spent on those professions is also much smaller, comparable to a drizzle when placed beside the expenses necessary for martial arts cultivation.

“En, an Inscription Master can utilize special ingredients to engrave arrays and symbols upon weapons. They can strengthen equipment by engraving a symbol on it. This profession requires a high level of talent and a strong soul force. But, once one becomes an Inscription Master, earning money would be as easy as eating and drinking!”

“Unfortunately, most martial artists would have no chance to come in contact with this profession. Even if they have the talent, they will have no chance of achieving success in their practice because the practice would involve too many materials. Naturally, that amount of money is only a drizzle for the Qin Family. It is said that Qin Xingxuan’s attainment in Inscription Techniques had reached a high level. She is unmatchable amongst her peers and could even beat many from the older generation.”

Lin Xiaodong had received a formal education in the Martial Way, thus leading to a higher level of understanding compared to Lin Ming. As he was eloquently explaining, he suddenly realized that Lin Ming had his head lowered as though he was deeply considering something.

“Brother Ming… Brother Ming, you are not feeling aroused, are you? Well, considering what a Heavenly beauty she is, this is normal.”

“Nothing,” Lin Ming waved his hand.

So, that is what it was! Those arrays, inscriptions, engravings, various symbols and mysterious characters, simple looking weapons that radiated a strong atmosphere that were within the soul fragment, they were all pertaining to inscriptions!

It turned out that those items that he had temporarily ignored actually had such a high value!

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