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Chapter 9 - Inscription Technique

Chapter 9: Inscription Technique

The truth was, at the time Lin Mind had thought of giving up on pursuing any path of being an Inscription master. It was because he was singularly desired to practice martial arts, and the steps to being an Inscription Master were unfathomably difficult! One had to work themselves silly, and be able to comprehend thick and comprehensive tomes in short periods of time, it was also very serious in terms of spiritual consumption. Lin Ming did not have the energy to pursue both the martial path and inscription at the same time. But now things have changed, and that was because he needed money!

For body transformation, there was no such thing as the good medicine, there was only better! What he was using right now was only budget goods! There was medicine in the world that was able to directly increase the cultivation level, and even to assist in breaking through bottlenecks. For this type of medicine, the price was of course astronomically expensive.

Not only that, but weapons, armor, martial skills, all of it needed money! For Lin Ming, the 1000 taels of gold that he had won was only it pittance. It was insufficient to help him break into the pulse condensation period.

If he wanted to make money, he would therefore need to become an inscription master. Lin Ming immediately decided to rent a room, and began to fuse memories left over from the soul fragment.

These memories comprised the bulk of that little soul fragment, and there were also very obscure and difficult to understand. For Lin Ming this fusion took several hours.

Lin Xiaodong was left by himself to stroll around the trade fair. It was hard to imagine that his friend had come all the way to unexpectedly cultivate! This dedication was something to at least be admired and supported. He truly was a Martial Nutjob.

In the afternoon, Lin Ming finally opened his eyes. Although he had a splitting headache, a devilish smile split his face his eyes were bright and wide with the wild color of joy!

The inscription techniques that originated from the Realm of the Gods were beyond exquisite and utterly profound. It was not something that the lower planes even dare hope to compare!

The inscription techniques found within the soul fragment were unexpectedly amazing! They could increase the level of equipment; they could also increase the strength of medicines. One could also engrave the body itself to enhance the speed of cultivation!

This was the sum of countless millennia of knowledge within the numerous dimensions of the Realm of the Gods. And it was only a tiny fragment! The lower planes might possibly have had some similar techniques but most were without a doubt lost in the passage of time due to destruction of ancient sects or other such reasons.

Sky Spill continents engraved inscription technique can only increase the level of equipment; moreover, even it can only do so by a tiny amount! To compare this with the Realm of the Gods’ techniques was truly comparing the Heavens and Earth.

Lin Ming raised himself to stand. Suddenly a wave of nausea swept over him. The massive amount of information emerged within the recesses of his mind. It was a pain that came with a certain virtue. He had spent three hours fusing with the soul, and had only managed to absorb half of the information so far. But in his mind he already had a clear plan.

First he would buy the material and start from the very foundation to practice! In particular he would focus on increasing the efficacy of medicines and other compounded drugs, as well as the body engraving method. Lin Ming was ecstatic with the endless possibilities!

It had to be known there existed certain pills and drugs and herbs in this world that were prohibitively rare and precious. Even if you had any amount of money you still might not be able to purchase medicine like this! If the engraving inscriptions for medicine were applied, then the strength of one impossibly rare medicine could become two! What kind of ridiculous concept was that!?

As for the bodily engraving inscription, there wasn’t need to say anything about increasing the practice speed. It was equal to enhancing one owns grade of talent. It was truly a heaven defying technique!

However thinking of the precious materials that he would have to buy, Lin Ming gave a forced smile as he recalled recent events. He had succeeded in obtaining more than 800 taels of gold, he must spend this wisely.

Sky Wind Grass juice, rank three desolate beasts blood, long-tailed cicadas molt, ice bound shrimp…Ling Ming purchased these materials in a frenzy. He could find only a few that matched those in his mind. Perhaps most ingredients he recalled were from the Realm of the Gods. If so, even in the Sky Spill Continent much less the Sky Fortune Kingdom, it was possible these materials did not exist.

Whether for better or worse, Lin Ming had gone all in on inscription. He purchased several symbol papers and headed back to practice his inscription technique. This truly was a money burning field. He must be successful in engraving these inscriptions and selling a few. Otherwise, he would not have any more follow up funds.

As Lin Ming was calculating, Lin Xiaodong arrived back from the trade fair. His eyes widened as he saw the massive pile of materials in front of Lin Mind. “You nutjob, what have you done!?”

Lin Ming did not know what to say, so he only replied truthfully, “I’m studying the engraving inscription techniques.”

“…Studies, what studies?” Lin Xiaodong asked with a whisper as his eyes widened to the size of eggs. He did not dare to believe his ears almost!

“Studying the engraving inscription techniques.” Lin Ming replied again.

“You’re s-s-s-studying the e-engraving inscription technique!? Holy shit brother! My brother, my own brother were you turned into an idiot this morning? With less than one thousand taels of gold you want to study the inscription techniques? And where would you get a teacher!?”

“I purchased a rare and precious book.” Lin Ming pointed to the table. Lin Xiaodong’s eyes bulged again as he read the thick letters.

‘Inscription Technique: Getting Started on the Path to Inscription.’

Lin Ming had bought the book mainly to understand the Sky Spill Continents inscription techniques and contrast them with the ones he acquired from the soul fragment.

As Lin Xiaodong saw this knockoff ‘Inscription Technique: Getting Started on the Path to Inscription’ he almost vomited blood. He was speechless. He immediately began to regret boasting about the greatness of inscription masters in front of Lin Ming. The regret was heart wrenching.

He turned to the materials again and Lin Xiaodong felt his heart bleed yet again. Although he didn’t want to know, he still turned to look at Lin Ming and asked: “This…how much did you spend on these materials?”

Lin Ming replied helplessly, “…about 70 taels of gold…”

Lin Xiaodong sighed. Seventy taels of gold he could accept, but the tone of his voice indicated Lin Ming had not finished. The following words almost caused him to collapse in a fit of despair.

“…I have 70 taels remaining.”

At this point, Lin Xiaodong’s world turned black, and he slipped passed out on the floor.





“This young and handsome master! This is a very good inscription symbol paper. It is a product of the famous Master Baihong! If you use it on a treasure, the strength and prestige is bound to increase by a minimum of twenty percent!”

At the trade fair’s transaction hall, a man wearing formal clothes smiled as he introduced the goods to some juniors of large aristocratic families. After the inscription was drawn up it was placed on the symbol paper and could be used. One merely had to speak the command to mark the desired equipment. It was extremely convenient!

This transaction hall was not a place where one could casually stroll through, it required an admission of 50 gold taels! To the average martial artist, this was not a small number. It was enough for them to purchase medicinal herbs for half a month.

Lin Ming had paid the fee and entered. At this time the entirely of his fortune was a grand total of 75 taels of gold. He entered the transaction hall carefully and with the utmost caution. If he accidently hit and bottle or pot, even if he sold his body to some old noble lady he would not be able to afford it!

Lin Ming wanted to see how inscription masters made money, but this was the floor where inscription products were sold so he could only spend the money to come here.

“This is Master Baihongs work?” A young noble asked as he stepped forward. He was obviously attracted by the renown of this masters work. “Do you have any proof, clerk?”

“Certainly young master, we have proof that even Master Baihong’s own master will approve. Be reassured young master, that the goods at this trading hall have their providence known! If not, then we will compensate at ten times the price!”

“…Hmm…how much gold?”

“1500 gold taels, if you have the VIP card we can also offer a 10% discount.”

“mmm….I think that….” The young noble pondered this for a moment. Even if he was obviously rich, 1500 gold taels was not a small number.

Hearing this price, even though Lin Ming was prepared, he was still startled! 1500 gold taels! This was simply gold coins raining from the heavens!

But…since he was learning inscription techniques by himself, then it would be hard to turn a profit so early.

Thinking of this golden rain, Lin Ming became excited. He was already brimming with impatience to learn inscription techniques!

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