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Chapter 1253 - 1253 The Secret of Body Rebirth

Chapter 1253 - 1253 The Secret of Body Rebirth

1253 The Secret of Body Rebirth

“Please, you also said that this is only the first effect of body rebirth. It’s still far from true body rebirth.”

“However, it’s already very powerful to be able to learn it in a night. I originally felt that I needed a lot of time to help you build your foundation and learn the complete Flame of Life cultivation method bit by bit. Now, it seems that this progress should be greatly brought forward. That’s great!”

Looking at the excited Angie Prairie, Chu Nan smiled and shook his head. His gaze landed on his recovered right hand and he fell into deep thought.

Regarding body rebirth, in fact, after he was accidentally slapped into the stargate by Grek, he had tried it in the violent spatial energy environment of the alternate space. He had relied on countless repetitions to forcefully increase the strength of his body to the extent that he could endure the violent energy of the alternate space.

However, that rebirth was only the reconstruction of his body. It was different from the body rebirth brought about by the Flame of Life cultivation method.


He had only unintentionally witnessed and helped Supremacy Oville complete a true body rebirth on the Perseus Arm.

When Chu Nan recalled the situation at that time, he felt extremely shocked and magical.

Unlike when he reforged his body, he had actually divided his body into countless different parts and reforged them bit by bit. At that time, Supremacy Oville did not see any body parts. It could be said that his entire body had completely disappeared.

In this state, after Chu Nan injected enough life force into her, she could actually condense and forge a complete and even more perfect body than before. It was really unbelievable.

Moreover, even without Chu Nan’s help at that time, according to her, she could absorb life force bit by bit and slowly build a complete body.

Moreover, according to Angie Prairie, Supremacy Oville had already done similar things a few times in the past. Every time her body rebirth happened, it would make her even younger, causing her to look almost the same age as Angie Prairie.

Chu Nan could not understand how Supremacy Oville did such a magical thing previously, but after hearing Angie Prairie seriously explain the foundation of the Flame of Life cultivation method last night, he finally had a certain understanding.

The so-called body rebirth was actually not carried out in a state where one had completely lost their body, because if their true body was completely destroyed, they would definitely die. Even Supremacy Oville had no possibility of surviving.

In fact, the body rebirth represented by the Flame of Life cultivation method was all made after taking the initiative.

During this process, his body did not completely disappear. Instead, he transformed his entire body into the tiniest particle state through the Flame of Life cultivation method. Then, he connected it through the cultivation method and preserved the entire memory of his body. His consciousness was still preserved in his brain cells.

This state looked like his body had disappeared, but in fact, it could not be considered true death.

For example, if the human body was a complete machine and the various parts in the human body were the components, then the human body in this state would completely break up this machine. The appearance had completely disappeared, but the components inside were still connected and could still perform the basic functions of the machine, but it looked like it had fallen apart.

However, in this state, it was still a little different from true life. This was because it was impossible for people in this state to maintain complete thinking ability, so it was basically equivalent to not having the ability to fight back and adapt.

Once he was discovered in this state or destroyed, it was very likely to cause his body rebirth to fail, or the effect of his rebirth would be greatly affected.

Therefore, when Supremacy Oville chose to do this in the past, she would choose a very hidden and safe place and not be easily discovered.

When he absorbed enough life force, with the help of the Flame of Life cultivation method, his body cells would slowly condense into a complete body. The consciousness and memories stored in his brain cells would return, and it was equivalent to rebirth.

In short, although this method was more dangerous and difficult, the effect was much stronger than Chu Nan’s so-called body reforging.

This was because this method was equivalent to completely reforging the body. It could even directly modify the cell genes. Any flaw or deficiency in the body could be modified through this method and was infinitely close to perfection.

To a martial artist, the body was the foundation of everything. Having a powerful body would be extremely helpful for martial artists to cultivate martial techniques.

Therefore, although Supremacy Oville was already not young when she broke through to the Star-Grade Martial Artist Realm and could not be considered the most talented figure among the 19 Star-Grade Martial Artists of the Earth Federation, ever since the Flame of Life cultivation method she studied was perfected, her strength had quickly soared. Now, she was probably already one of the most outstanding Star-Grade Martial Artists in the Earth Federation.

If Chu Nan had previously felt that the body rebirth brought about by the Flame of Life cultivation method was too mysterious, after hearing Angie Prairie’s serious explanation last night, he had a relatively deep understanding of body rebirth and discovered that this was not unbelievable.

In fact, the transfer and preservation research of human memory and consciousness in different bodies had long been a part of the human scientific research of the various countries in the Milky Way. Moreover, it had already been quite outstanding and successful.

Hundreds of years ago, there were already reports of successful complete human consciousness transfer experiments. However, later on, because of complicated ethics and other reasons, there were relatively fewer reports on this aspect.

From a scientific point of view, the concept of body rebirth was not impossible. However, Supremacy Oville had successfully combined the powerful cultivation method and scientific theory of a powerful martial artist with a special method to achieve it herself.

Moreover, what Chu Nan really cared about was not how mysterious body rebirth sounded. What he cared about was the special feeling he had when he tried to use it to regenerate his right finger.

After he used body rebirth to break his finger into the tiniest cell particles and turn them into nothingness, through the effect of body rebirth, in fact, he could still clearly sense the existence of his finger in his consciousness and still maintain it as if it had not disappeared.

However, the consequences of the finger’s disappearance were very clearly displayed in the flow of his Internal Breath. Due to the lack of meridians, his Internal Breath naturally could not continue to circulate into the meridians in his finger, revealing an obvious loss.

However, it was completely different in terms of spatial energy.

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