Master Of Martial Arts Has An Advanced Optical Brain

Chapter 1758 -1758  Goddess Descends

Chapter 1758 -1758  Goddess Descends

All the red mist looked scattered and spread throughout all the surrounding space. The spatial energy flow was also affected by the battle between the three of them and became extremely chaotic. However, when the data Chu Nan gathered reached a certain extent, his mind quickly analyzed that there was actually still a certain pattern.

The core of these patterns was Pope Lockmarton, who had been exposed in the basement after the temple was destroyed.

Be it the energy fluctuations in the red mist or the life force fluctuations, they would all be controlled after circulating for a cycle by Pope Lockmarton. After the spatial energy controlled by Feng Mingxi scattered, it would gradually be gathered and circulated in his body again.

This cycle repeated, and the spatial energy Feng Mingxi could control never weakened. Moreover, as the red mist condensed step by step, it became stronger and stronger.

Chu Nan only needed to calculate slightly to understand that although his and Angie Prairie's adaptability and modified evolution ability were extremely strong, according to the current situation, they would still be unable to block Feng Mingxi's increasingly shocking attacks.

With the shocking spatial energy measurement that Feng Mingxi could control now, this huge space was completely controlled by him. Moreover, this space was clearly fused with the characteristics of the special teleportation door space that was connected to the deepest part of the Endless Abyss, causing Chu Nan to be unable to leave through opening the teleportation door.

If he wanted to defeat Feng Mingxi, or rather, escape safely, there was only one possibility, and that was to destroy the vital hub of this special space, which was Pope Lockmarton.

After grasping this, Chu Nan no longer hesitated. His figure moved and he forcefully broke through the dense red mist to dive to the side of Pope Lockmarton in the basement.

When he was close, Chu Nan could naturally sense a large number of energy fluctuations and life force fluctuations with Pope Lockmarton as the center.

The current Pope Lockmarton had his eyes closed and an extremely dense life force seeped out of his body. However, he seemed to have completely died and could not feel any life.

Compared to a living person, he was more like a cold A.I. core processor that was being used to deal with the extremely complicated and huge spatial energy and life force fluctuations in this thick fog. He had almost become the core of this red mist.

Chu Nan glanced at Pope Lockmarton who was dead or alive and slapped down without any hesitation.

However, when this palm landed, it was as if it had poked a hornet's nest. Countless extremely powerful spatial energy fluctuations erupted at the same time. Chu Nan was immediately sent flying and his right palm was shattered by these extremely terrifying energies. His entire palm almost fell off.

"Ha, Chu Nan, are you trying to make me laugh to death?" Feng Mingxi slapped Angie Prairie back. When he saw Chu Nan's actions, he laughed loudly, "I'm not afraid to tell you that I've indeed arranged for Pope Lockmarton to become the core of this special domain, but you want to destroy him? Stop dreaming!"

Chu Nan ignored Feng Mingxi and only sent a message to Angie Prairie through an energy fluctuation and the Moore code produced by a special vibration frequency. Then, without looking back, he circulated the Flame of Life and the Goddess' Song cultivation method to repair his almost completely destroyed right palm and slapped Pope Lockmarton.

However, he did not use any strength in this palm strike, nor did he mobilize any spatial energy. He even controlled the power contained in his palm extremely accurately and carefully, causing it to almost become an inanimate object as it reached Pope Lockmarton.

Chu Nan's judgment was quite precise. As the core, Pope Lockmarton did not react to Chu Nan's outstretched palm and did not erupt with extremely terrifying spatial energy like before. He allowed Chu Nan's palm to enter and press on the dantian of his lower abdomen.

When Feng Mingxi saw this scene in the distance, he immediately frowned.

Although he did not think Chu Nan had a way to deal with the blood cloud core that he had carefully constructed, his shocking performance in the past decade still made him feel a trace of doubt.

After thinking for a moment, he decided to approach Chu Nan and plan to interrupt him.

However, just as he moved, he suddenly sensed an extremely terrifying, extremely pure, and extremely intense energy fluctuation behind him. The domain space he enveloped with red mist was instantly shattered and dissipated, completely losing control of that space.

Feng Mingxi turned around in surprise and saw that Angie Prairie, who had only used her physical strength to attack since the battle, was emitting a milky white light. Her entire body seemed to be bathed in a ball of milky white powerful flames. Her originally dignified and noble appearance was really like a goddess who had descended to the mortal world under such a light filled with holiness and life force. She was bright and indescribably holy.

Angie Prairie had activated the Life Explosion effect with all her might.

"Damn, this guy is also troublesome."

Feng Mingxi cursed in his mind and waved his hand to condense the strongest spatial energy since the battle began. It gathered into a ball of material blood-red fog and smashed towards Angie Prairie.

He originally thought that according to the situation when the three of them fought previously, even if this attack did not directly insta-kill Angie Prairie, it could at least heavily injure her and prevent her from having the ability to disturb him so that she could deal with Chu Nan. He did not expect that when Angie Prairie saw Feng Mingxi attack, she would fly towards the attack.

"Are you courting death?!"

Feng Mingxi frowned. Before he could sneer, he discovered that Angie Prairie had thrown a punch. It looked ordinary, but it directly shattered the thick fog he threw. Then, it dissipated under the illumination of an intense milky white light.

Not only that, Angie Prairie leaned over. Wherever she went, all the red mist automatically dodged as if it had encountered something terrifying. It actually did not dare to attack at all.

Feng Mingxi's gaze became serious.

Although he had never mentioned it, he actually knew very well that Angie Prairie's talent was definitely not much weaker than Chu Nan's. Moreover, she had a master who was probably one of the strangest but strongest Star-Grade Martial Artists in the entire Milky Way. After being with Chu Nan for so long, her strength could not be underestimated.

Now that Angie Prairie was clearly using her full strength and even had a trace of burning her life force, even Feng Mingxi had no choice but to take her seriously.

Angie Prairie flew over and did not care about letting go when she attacked. Even if she was injured because of Feng Mingxi's attack, her recovery was extremely fast because she was in the state of Life Explosion. She recovered almost instantly from her injuries and did not affect the battle at all.

Feng Mingxi was completely suppressed by Angie Prairie's violent attacks. For a moment, he could not do anything to her and was at a disadvantage. 

At the same time, Chu Nan was not idle at all.

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