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Chapter 1781 Do You Still Remember That Agreement?

Chapter 1781 Do You Still Remember That Agreement?

It had been three years since the huge tentacle and blood mist invaded countless planets, causing more than 1.7 billion deaths and deeply affecting the entire Milky Way.

Although the pain was still there, time had already washed away the pain. It was no longer as sorrowful as three years ago, and it even made some people smile again.

On this day, countless people on the Purple Cloud Planet of the Earth Federation bloomed with brilliant smiles at the same time, causing the entire scene to be filled with joy.

The reason why it became so festive was because a wedding that was the focus of the entire Milky Way was being held here.

The male lead of the wedding was Chu Nan.

As for the female lead… there was more than one.

Apart from Angie Prairie, who had naturally appeared here, there was also the most popular biological genetic technology expert in the Earth Federation, the famous scholar, Elvy, who enjoyed an extremely high reputation in the entire Milky Way. There was the most famous single noble in the Declan Empire, the proudest, and Princess Viennelle who countless people privately thought was unlikely to marry in her life.

Apart from that, there was another person who also received everyone's attention, but the reason for her attention was slightly different from the previous few.

This was the famous old Star-Grade Martial Artist of the Earth Federation, Supremacy Oville, whose true age was already unknown, but her appearance was always young and beautiful like a 20-year-old girl.

The reason why she was more eye-catching than the others was not only because of her identity but also because she was originally Angie Prairie's master.

Although other than the Earth Federation, the other countries in the Milky Way did not care much about the ethical relationship between their masters, Chu Nan still surprised everyone by marrying Angie Prairie and Supremacy Oville at the same time.

Originally, such a thing would definitely be envied, cursed, and even cursed by countless people. However, no one raised any objections to this wedding. Everyone could only sincerely give their blessings.

The reason was very simple. It was because the groom was Chu Nan.

Chu Nan, who had saved all humans in the most difficult situation and could even be said to have saved the entire Milky Way, had long been reputed to be the savior of the Milky Way. Everyone would only worship him and no one would doubt what he had done.

Not to mention that he had married Angie Prairie and Supremacy Oville at the same time, even if he married more people and did even more ridiculous things, no one felt that he was wrong.

This was because he was Chu Nan.

One had to know that countless young and beautiful girls in the entire Milky Way could not wait to send him to Chu Nan's bed to announce to the world and treat this as their life's honor. Now, Chu Nan had only married these four people. Moreover, these four people had interacted with him greatly in his life. The extremely complicated relationship between the two sides was already very rare.

In fact, on the Milky Way Network, countless people expressed at the same time that Chu Nan was simply the most outstanding lover and most faithful man in the Milky Way.

Angie Prairie could ignore the fact that the two women, Princess Viennelle and Elvy, had been infatuated with Chu Nan more than 20 years ago. Now that they had succeeded, they would naturally only receive everyone's blessings.

The wedding was held on Chu Nan's family's farm. The venue was wide enough, but it still could not accommodate VIPs from all over the Milky Way. Countless important figures who could cause a commotion by stomping their feet in the Milky Way could only be rejected and could not participate in the wedding personally. This was because at the wedding, other than the people closest to Chu Nan and the four brides, they had only invited the most important group of people in the Declan Empire and the Noctem Chamber of Commerce who were the closest to him.

In comparison, there were more people from the Earth Federation.

Not only were Chu Nan's classmates from Star Cloud Academy, Mondeo, Tanaka Iyoko, Saar, and the others present, but even his earliest classmates from West Cloud Academy, including Luo Li, Yu Wanqing, and the others, were invited. There was also the much more famous Supremacy Mu Yutong, the Federation's commander-in-chief, Marshal Chemekov…

There were too many people who had interacted with Chu Nan and too many guests to greet. It was only because Chu Nan had a brain that was equivalent to an A.I. and a powerful body that was reputed to be the strongest martial artist in the Milky Way that he was still a little dizzy from work. His waist was sore and his legs were weak.

If not for Dong Fang and Xiu bringing an experienced wedding banquet team to help host it, he would probably not have been able to deal with it.

However, even with the help of many experienced figures, Chu Nan still felt that this wedding was a little chaotic and even muddle-headed.

To the people participating in the wedding, this wedding was extremely important.

There were many important figures who appeared at this wedding. Be it getting to know each other or going up to chat and get to know each other, it would bring great benefits.

After such a banquet exchange, Chu Nan's wedding became a rare event that gathered the top figures of the entire Milky Way in recent years.

Of course, this had nothing to do with Chu Nan.

After dealing with the guests in front of him, Chu Nan was chased into the bridal room.

Due to the fact that he was married to four people at the same time, all four brides were divided into four bridal chambers. Chu Nan entered one by one and lifted his head according to the common courtesy specially instructed by Chu Zhongping and Yu Fang. They drank wine with each other and were chased into Angie Prairie's room by the other three.

Although no one said it on the surface, everyone knew that Angie Prairie was Chu Nan's beloved and no one could compare.

Even Elvy and Viennelle had no complaints about this.

In fact, when Angie Prairie took the initiative to find them and tell them her sincerity, indicating that she was willing to persuade Chu Nan to take them in, they had long treated her as the closest person.

Tonight's first night naturally had to be enjoyed by Angie Prairie.

Chu Nan walked into Angie Prairie's room in a daze and was immediately stunned.You'll discover the inception of this content at n0v@lbin★

Before he could come, Angie Prairie had already lifted the cover herself and was lying on the table counting her fingers in boredom.

Seeing this scene, Chu Nan could not help but laugh.

Angie Prairie was indeed not suitable for this scene.

Hearing Chu Nan enter, Angie Prairie grabbed him and pulled him out of the room.

Chu Nan was shocked.

"Hey, Angie Prairie, what do you mean by pulling me out on our wedding night? If I'm discovered, it'll be bad!"

Angie Prairie had a thought. "You don't want to be discovered? That's simple."

After saying that, without any action, Angie Prairie pulled Chu Nan out of the space.

In the next moment, the two of them had already appeared on the top of a tall building outside the city closest to the farm.

Chu Nan looked around in surprise.

It was understandable that Angie Prairie was bored in the bridal room and wanted to come out to take a breather, but why did she come to the city and not the suburbs to let go and indulge herself?

Angie Prairie turned to look at Chu Nan and saw his puzzled expression. She revealed a cunning smile that did not match her temperament.

"Heh, Chu Nan, do you still remember our agreement?"

"What agreement?" Chu Nan was stunned.

Before Angie Prairie could answer, his A.I.-like brain had quickly completed the search. The agreement between the two of them floated into his mind.

"Damn, no way?"

There was only one agreement that could make him think of it and make Angie Prairie propose it so seriously.

Nearly 20 years ago, Angie Prairie made an agreement with him that after the two of them became Star-Grade Martial Artists, they would meet naked to steal clothes…

Although the two of them actually already had the powerful strength of a Star-Grade Martial Artist a few years ago, they had never had the time and opportunity to fulfill this agreement.

He did not expect that on the night of their wedding night, Angie Prairie would suddenly remember.

"What? You're unwilling?" Angie Prairie blinked and asked in disappointment.

Chu Nan could only roll his eyes.

His memory could not be wrong. The agreement between the two of them at that time was not as simple as stealing clothes. It also had another condition. The process of stealing clothes had to be discovered by the reporters and reported.

It would have been fine if this was in the past, but now…

Chu Nan was now reputed to be the savior of the entire human race in the Milky Way. Be it strength or reputation, he was the second person in the entire Milky Way.

Although Angie Prairie was probably slightly inferior, she was also the idol of almost everyone in the entire Milky Way. Moreover, because of her goddess-like beautiful appearance, she was much more popular among young people, especially young men, than Chu Nan.

Now, these two popular idols were going to run around naked in the middle of the night to steal clothes… If word got out, it would definitely become the greatest news in the entire Milky Way.

However, looking at Angie Prairie's still young, bright, and goddess-like face and the carefree smile on her face, the soberness of the first time he met her flashed through Chu Nan's mind and the various scenes when the two of them were together all these years. An equally carefree smile involuntarily appeared on his face and he nodded.

"Alright, why not?"

Hearing Chu Nan's agreement, the smile on Angie Prairie's face bloomed again, becoming even more brilliant and carefree.

She pointed at the distant sky.

"Look, I've already found Miss Yang. She'll record the entire scene of us stealing clothes."

Chu Nan looked in the direction Angie Prairie pointed and felt his vision turn black.

In the sky over there, a low-altitude floating shuttle had stopped there at some point.

With Chu Nan's powerful vision, he could see at a glance that Yang Xirui was waving at him with a smile in the cockpit.

Chu Nan weakly raised his hand and greeted.

Seeing that Yang Xirui was already here, Chu Nan was finally certain that this matter today was definitely not Angie Prairie's whim, but had long been arranged.

"Forget it, I'll risk it all to go crazy with Angie Prairie today."

Chu Nan turned to look at Angie Prairie's bright smile and could not help but laugh.

The two of them had experienced so many years together and braved countless risks together. So what if they lost face with her once?

"Come, Angie Prairie, let's have a competition. This time, none of us are allowed to use cultivation methods or spatial jumps. With our physical strength, let's see who steals more clothes. What do you think?" Chu Nan suggested.

Angie Prairie's eyes lit up. "Alright!"

"Alright, begin!"

Chu Nan laughed and the two of them did not waste any time. Their bodies shook and the extremely festive wedding outfit they were originally wearing shattered and they instantly became completely naked.

In the next moment, the two of them had already jumped down the tall building and turned into two ghostly figures that disappeared into the tall buildings of the city.

(The End)

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