Master of the Stars

Chapter 10: Psychosis (Part 1/2)

Chapter 10: Psychosis (Part 1/2)

Although the military and the police took people and tossed them here for this arresting operation without taking follow-up steps, this didn’t mean that they completely wiped their hands clean of the matter. They were monitoring the room this whole time and they were monitoring the vital signs of each and every person. Currently they discovered that Li Xuecheng had entered a state of shock, only then did they adopt emergency measures.

The armed mechanical soldiers were stone-cold and heartless toys to the bone; they were unable to understand everything that had developed thus far and could only see things in black and white. They followed their strict and fixed programming and directly opened fire with their anti-riot guns.

High-pressure pulses enveloped the entire room. Every person standing became an attack target. Even Lian Yu and the other girls were unable to escape it.

An electric current accompanied the pulse, piercing through the body. The current ran through the nervous system of the human body and formed a closed loop circuit. It stimulated the muscles, causing the bodies to enter into a violent and stiff state in an instant.

None of the people had any sort of resistance. They fell in a wave of painful agony.

The chaotic situation was swept calm in an instant…...

Wait. There was one person.

Luo Nan. He had been restrained by the group of rich kids at his waist and legs. Perhaps it was due to the many layers of flesh acting as a shield that he was able to unexpectedly prevent himself from immediately falling down.

He staggered a few steps and barely kept his balance in the end. His body was half bent over. His hands were propped against his knees. His calves seemed to be trembling, rocking, and swaying. He could fall to the ground at any time.

But Luo Nan continued to stand even though his condition was like this. He slightly lifted his head; the blood red glow on his face had subsided a bit, but his eyes were fixed. His eyes traversed through the fence of the detainment room and lay fixed on the gun muzzles of the armed mechanical soldiers.

The armed mechanical soldiers fixed upon their sole target without emotion. Just when they were about to unleash another attack, a soldier wearing combat gear burst in the room. It was a captain:

“At ease squad!”

The armed mechanical soldiers’ electronic eyes promptly turned to an idle black upon receiving the voice command.

The captain’s gaze swept through the room. He spoke strictly: “All must lie down on the ground and put your hands behind your heads!”

He never said there would be any consequences if one doesn’t follow his orders. Yet none of the people wanted to challenge his law. Even though they had yet to recover their strength completely from paralysis, the group of people still painfully got into the correct position, each one of them looking cuter than a lamb.

Lian Yu snuck her head up and she casted her vision towards Luo Nan. There should be a lot of people acting like her who strongly felt that this dark and ruthless pervert would be obstinate till the end, that he wouldn’t comply with this captain’s order.

But they were extremely taken back from reality. Though Luo Nan moved slow, he still lay on the ground with extreme compliancy. His hands intersected and hugged the back of his skull.

Since Luo Nan had moved a few steps previously, he was now at a somewhat closer position to Lian Yu. Lian Yu could directly see the side of Luo Nan’s face from her angle.

Hmm. He seemed to be trembling…… It couldn’t have taken him until now for him to understand fear right?

An unending chant. A minute sound traveled to her ear. Bzzz Bzzz, Bzzz Bzzz. The sound was like the flapping wing of a bee that brought a faint tempo with it.

The source of this sound was none other than Luo Nan.

Only now did Lian Yu discover that although Luo Nan was laying on the ground, his posture was a tiny bit different than the other people’s. His chin pressed against the ground and he looked straight ahead. His lips slightly opened, revealing the source of the bizarre sound.

That form was simply a venomous wasp with a broken wing struggling on the ground.

Has this fellow gone mad?

Lian Yu felt a cold shiver and grit her teeth in secret. She cursed at a certain person located several hundred kilometers away:

Xie Junping you son of a b*tch! What kind of people are you associated with!?

Xie Junping obviously wouldn’t reply. However, the military made a quick judgement.

From Lian Yu and the other’s perspective, the reason why the armed mechanical soldiers and military personnel had appeared in succession was because the situation had turned big. They didn’t know what sort of punishment they were to receive.

But in the eyes of the military, any small counterpoints argued from facts and testimonies by this group of temporarily detained youngsters amounted to nothing but shit. In the end, the military was only helping the police out with administration. It wasn’t necessary for them to waste their energy on the surface. The final thing they did was lift the unconscious Li Xuecheng to the hospital. Then they took Luo Nan, who was incompatible with the others, and put him in solitary confinement.

No one opposed this judgement in face of the military. There wouldn’t be any point even if they did oppose it.

Actually, when Luo Nan spoke in a low voice while he was being brought out from the others: “There’s still my notebook.”

Come on. Come on!

The eyes of Lian Yu and the others bulged wide open. They looked to see how this super-hidden pervert would reveal his vicious and wild side.

However, they were fooled by the development of the situation once again. The captain didn’t get angry, instead he hinted his subordinate to enter the room and retrieve the notebook. The captain flipped a few pages to take a look and saw the cracks on the flexible screen. He swept a glance with his two eyes and then handed the notebook back to Luo Nan.

Luo Nan did not speak any more words. He followed obediently under the escort of the soldiers and left. He maintained a calm and collected silence from the beginning until he left, giving off the same impression at the beginning.

Then during this time when Lian Yu and the others looked at each other in dismay, Luo Nan was brought into a solitary holding room. This location wasn’t too far away from his previous site of imprisonment.

The space here was cramped since this was a proper solitary holding room. Only a single metal chair had been placed in the room, and this chair was fixed to the floor. If one were to orbit around the chair in a circle, he would pretty much take up the rest of the space.

This place was a claustrophobic’s worst nightmare. Luo Nan was apathetic towards it.

He sat on the chair and subconsciously placed his notebook on his knee. First he wiped the footprint mark from the cover, then he gently and carefully opened the notebook.

Portions of the metal binding rings of the notebook were somewhat deformed from being heavily stomped and ground by Li Xuecheng. The opening tab wasn’t that responsive as well. But these kinds of damages did not amount to much when compared to what happened to the flexible e-ink screen.

It was unknown where Li Xuecheng drew his strength. The extremely pliable and tough flexible screen had fractured with over ten fine lines. Some lines ran through the entire screen. It seemed that if Li Xuecheng used a bit more strength, the flexible screen would have shattered into pieces.

However, the flexible e-ink screen could still be used in this state. The screen lit up with a light swipe.

Luo Nan felt a bit at ease. He didn’t care about anything else. He then directly opened his most commonly used drawing application. Soon he entered into its typical interface. The sketch of the burning wraith appeared on the upmost layer.

It looked to be quite normal…… Luo Nan let out a long hushing breath. His finger long-pressed so he could enter into the next layer’s interface.

But before his exhaled heated breath could even change in temperature, the flexible e-ink screen darkened and automatically shut off, not a hint of light remained. It was like an ominous plate that had been painted inky black.

Luo Nan tried many different methods to restart the screen, but he was unable to get a response.

He sat dazed in front of the pitch-black shattered screen.

The minicam in the corner locked onto Luo Nan’s stiff and deadpan face and transmitted the scene to a different room on the warship.

In this room, the freshly minted lawyer Zhang Yingying had rushed over travel-worn. She faced the relevant people in charge of the warship and presented legal documents.

This time Zhang Yingying had changed into an old-fashioned grey-black woman’s suit. Her hair was coiled into a bun. The only bright color on her body was a gorgeous sapphire-blue scarf around her neck….... Oh, there was also her pair of slim and slender calves that were directly exposed to the air. They were completely flawless. These calves supported by black suede high heels had an exquisite texture and a jade-like glow.

And the person answering Zhang Yingying was the warship’s logistics manager. This commander was somewhat stout and carried the last name Lu. He had received a greeting from Zhang Yingying beforehand, but when faced with this young and tender girl lawyer who was dressed up to look mature and was suspicious no matter how you look at her, he didn’t have any intention of investigating her deeply.

Of course, the reason probably had something to do with his eyes continuously glancing downwards.

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