Master of the Stars

Chapter 9: A Large Terror (Part 1/2)

Chapter 9: A Large Terror (Part 1/2)

Lian Yu came over having just regained clarity of mind. Her position within this circle of rich kids was somewhat vague. Without taking into account her family status, this was because she had two lovers at the same time; she had her feet in different boats. She had a relationship with Xie Junping and a relationship with her real boyfriend at the same time. This was the reason behind the uncertainty of her position.

Because of this, she was met with ridicule upon being tossed out of the car by Xie Junping. It can be said that she went mad with anger. This along with her hangover and related issues caused Luo Nan to become the target of her venting. And that is how this situation came to be.

Now that she’s calmed down after being brought into the detainment room, Lian Yu’s thought process underwent a minute change. Her anger towards Xie Junping had not lessened in the slightest, but she had a new plan regarding Luo Nan.

She had been observing Luo Nan all this time.

Most of the people in this cramped and noisy ad-hoc detainment room were either dispirited and downcast or noisy and on edge. They gave off, from head to toe, an air full of defeat.

Only Luo Nan, this “Big Boy” who looked to be the youngest of the bunch, continued sitting calmly in the corner from beginning to end. He was completely motionless the whole time aside from changing to a weird sitting position in the middle of it.

The shadow of the corner lightly draped over Luo Nan’s body, obscuring his silhouette and details. But the shadow matched him completely together as a whole to don forth a mysterious and profound persona, like a mask and cloak on a masquerade.

That appearance of his looked very tasty.

And so, Lian Yu got closer to Luo Nan to observe him at close range…… his external features were provocative.

Luo Nan’s delicate, pretty, and quiet appearance was exactly her type. She was far more interested in him than in taking vengeance against Xie Junping.

Of course before things can happen, she needs to understand the relationship between Luo Nan and Xie Junping clearly. She needs to clarify why did Xie Junping hastily run away this early morning and then swap with this little fellow.

Lian Yu really couldn’t hide her thoughts. A person laughed mockingly to the side: “Lian Jieyu. That guy’s a herbivore. You two won’t pair together.”

“Herbivores are also quite refreshing and tasty~”

Lian Yu didn’t care at all about being called that nickname by other people. “Jieyu” was originally the title used in ancient times for imperial concubines of the court. Its status was dignitary. And it also contained a meaning of harmfulness and beauty. It was not a bad nickname at all.

She naturally ignored this “appeared flatterer” even if he did have malice from inferring a meaning outside of the “palace”.

Lian Yu was fundamentally someone who was truly carried the spirit of an omnivore and she had quite the natural resources. Her solid and intense facial features carried a bit of a flavor of someone with mixed blood. And what was really unfair was her well developed and tall figure. She even deliberately wore a skin-tight butt-wrapping wine-red mini skirt. Her bulging buttocks were alluring, giving way to a slender waist and long legs. Her charms were highlighted to the greatest limits.

She borrowed a male jacket to drape over herself in order to stay warm in these days. But she had a habit of articulating with gestures when she spoke, causing the front of the jacket to automatically open up to reveal wantonly the shadows of the contortions of coy snow white flesh. It formed a first-class natural work of art that was simply capable of sucking in the gazes of all the males in the vicinity.

However, all Luo Nan could feel was fretfulness…… and pain.

Lian Yu had a complete change in attitude towards Luo Nan; she wanted to play around for a bit. She giggled as she spoke and went to pat Luo Nan on the shoulder.

Not much force was really contained in the palm that slapped down. But right now Luo Nan has returned to the state when he had just separated from Xie Junping; he would feel pain even when the moisture from fog collides with his face. The landing of this palm was simply an axe cleaving down on his shoulder. His entire arm to his shoulder felt no longer his in a split second.

Luo Nan’s entire face twitched once. Lian Yu took him to be nervous instead. Her hand rested on Luo Nan’s shoulder, no longer coming down. She borrowed some support and lowered her waist enticingly: “We’re all prison buddies going through a common tribulation. Won’t you introduce yourself to me?”

Any other male would enjoy receiving this signal for material benefits. However for Luo Nan at this moment, all he wanted was to punch her in the face.

Pain…...It was really really painful!

Luo Nan felt like a flame was burning in his chest. In fact his hand had already been clenched into a fist.

But his remaining reason told him that this person didn’t harbor any deep animosity nor hatred. It was only the habitual hunting of a carnivorous woman and nothing more.

Luo Nan tried to use reason to let go of some energy and return to his normal state. He spoke in a tone as smooth as possible to reply: “Acumen College. Tenth Grade. Luo Nan.”

“Whoa! You really are my junior! Or are you a tasty young hunk……”

Lian Yu was quite pleasantly surprised. The more she looked at Luo Nan right now, the more he was pleasing to the eye. A delicate, pretty, and tender face paired with cold and cool expression. Mmm, and there was that serious sitting position. She couldn’t tell if he was angry or shy. He was really quite adorable.

She could not hold herself back from taking some liberties with Luo Nan; she extended her hand to go touch Luo Nan’s face.

Her intentions were too clear. This along with her perverse signalling for material benefits drew in the envy of a few people.

A hand suddenly probed forth, pinching Luo Nan’s cheek in a rush in another giggling manner. Yet when she went to exert force with her fingertips, Luo Nan’s face was pinched to a different shape:

“Tasty hunk? Are you tasty?”

Luo Nan’s heart thumped with an echo. His brain didn’t function as he relied completely on his body’s instincts. He waved his hand with force to swat her filthy hand away.

This action brought an intense reaction from a heavily drunk and drugged fellow. This person was undoubtedly intensely agitated. This meddler was in a completely bad mood and took the opportunity to send over kick.


This foot kicked ferociously onto Luo Nan’s shoulder. Its strength was massive. Luo Nan’s body tilted to the side, even bringing Lian Yu with him. In the chaos, Luo Nan’s notebook that had been resting on his knee was swept away by Lian Yu’s hand when she lost her balance, sliding two-to-three meters away.

Lian Yu was wearing 10 centimeter high heels. She had nearly sprained her ankle in the confusion. She avoided falling on the ground only by using Luo Nan for support. She felt exhausted, then the anger in her mind reached to its peak in an instant:


Then Li Xuecheng used an even louder voice to roar back: “HELL WITH YOU SLUTTY #$@&%*!”

Lian Yu was like a cat whose tail had been stepped on. Her shrieking voice jumped an octave. She brandished her manicured nails towards Li Xuecheng’s face in greeting.

This fight was something that could not happen. Li Xuecheng’s slip of his tongue had already caused Xie Junping to lose face. If he went ahead to touch Lian Yu, he really would have his face be clawed a few times. He would later be no longer able to mingle with this crowd.

He would duck out henceforth. Naturally there would be enough people here to stop the fight.

This group of rich kids just had their spirits oppressed by being in this prison. They were on the verge of exploding. If right now there was a lively situation, each one of them would be dauntless to be the first to make a move. They left aside reason and thought it would be good if they could take advantage of the beauty’s body.

Lian Yu was already restrained by three or four big masters before she could rush forward. Words of pacification came left and right. Her body ate quite a few “hands of righteousness” from head to toe. Her face was ashened from anger. Her high-heels flashed forth. It didn’t matter who it was, they were all kicked heavily. She kicked the group of males into dispersing chaotically.

Then finally two girls with pretty faces had enough of the chaos. They persuaded her half-honest and half-faking. Only then was Lian Yu able to be barely pacified.

Li Xuecheng broke free from the marring crisis. His face was quite injured. Even moreso he had a demonic flame burning in his stomach that had yet to be vented. His eyes swept crazily all over the place before it finally landed on the pretty boy that had started this mess. Luo Nan was staggering up at this moment. He went to go pick up his notebook with the attitude of a person with nothing better to do.

“F*CK YOU #$@&%*!” Li Xuecheng sent a kick behind Luo Nan’s waist without a single thought.

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