Master of the Stars

Chapter 15: Slayer (Part 1/2)

Chapter 15: Slayer (Part 1/2)

“Rumble rumble. Rumble rumble.”

Luo Nan heard clearly a roaring sound similar to water boiling.

In fact, over half of the flaming clouds that pervaded the corridor was actually boiling. Crimson air bubbles amassed and pressed together to bulge, swell, and burst. It looked like an underground lake of lava at first glance.

But from the burning wraith’s perspective, these thick foaming bubbles of life and death were more like a powerful detergent; a boiling can had just been brought out.

A terrifying roar stimulated the spores. But the spores were immediately annihilated upon contact with the boiling flaming clouds. Even the forces that were already in effect, such as the desolate flames that surround the wraith’s body, received heavy interference.

A maelstrom was forming in the void right at this moment. Three type of flames, whether it be the burning wraith’s, the Deep Blue Walker’s, or what the soldiers had released, were drawn into the maelstrom. There were no further reactions.

Although things were this way, the burning wraith itself still wouldn’t be considered to have fallen into a disadvantage. But the problem was, who would engage in a one versus one fight aboard this military transport ship with you?

A “Bang!” rang out muffled. Suddenly a blue glow burst forth from a room within the corridor. An imposing figure charged thrusting out. It was actually another Deep Blue Walker.

This Deep Blue Walker had clearly pushed itself to its limits in order to link up with the other Deep Blue Walker. It was far more intrepid than the first, throwing itself directly into the fray. The alloy dagger flashed horizontally, and upon that dagger was the same translucent flickering of the Format of Fire.

“What precision!”

Luo Nan had been suspicious whether this “Slayer” possessed the ability to directly sense the Darksider life form. However the direction of its blade was actually aimed straight at the burning wraith’s vicinity, and it was practically dead center.

The burning wraith’s response was a bit slow. Perhaps it was due to the distance between the two being far too close. Or perhaps it lacked the feeling of crisis from a material attack. Its body only blurred when the knife was just about to hit its body as it tried to dodge.

In the end it was still too late. The edge slashed across. The outer surrounding layer of desolate flames were fine, but the inner layer of the void-like shadow wraith was not. Luo Nan could see a blank-white long scar formed from the direct slash.

That one slash was able to cut the void!

On Luo Nan’s side, the burning wraith sent back a sudden mess of information. Then it exploded out with ruthless power.

The burning wraith had already been provoked to its vicious nature; now it no longer listened to Luo Nan’s commands. It no longer restrained itself from launching Siege Hammers as it directly attacked out.

The Format of Fire that guarded the Slayer’s body suddenly darkened. The body was still flying through the air when it had lost control, crashing into the metal wall of the long corridor and leaving several dents into the hard metal.

Quite a few people screamed in alarm.

But the several-hundred-kilogram-heavy exoskeleton armor rebounded back from the collision. The glow of the protective flames darkened even further while the flames upon its dagger seemed to congeal with substance.

And another slash flashed out from the soaring body.


Luo Nan cursed darkly. This slash appeared to be deviate quite a bit from the previous attack, only sweeping the surroundings of the burning wraith. However that tyrannical and fierce determination already converged and intertwined with the Format of Fire to directly attack the inner core of the burning wraith.

These two consecutive attacks, most notably the last one, directly knocked the burning wrath’s response system into disorder; it went paralyzed on the spot.

Although this thing appeared to have a ferocity that flooded the heavens, as expected what it feared the most was those who possess the absolute staunch and unyielding determination to face off against it. It had been tamed by Luo Nan just before. Now it had been stunned by a blade. These things were possible because of its fear.

Naturally, the Slayer wasn’t in a good condition as well. After that blade slashed forth, the Slayer smashed directly to the ground sliding. Then it collided to the corner of a wall and was motionless.


And at this very moment, the first Deep Blue Walker that had entered the scene shouted an order loudly. At the same time he had a moment’s chance to manipulate the Format of Fire to cause the flaming clouds that had been rendered with vigor to spiral and close in from eight sides; he sought to crush and kill the burning wraith.

But perhaps the chaotic situation in the long corridor caused apprehension to grow in his heart. The enclosement of the vortex of flaming clouds wasn’t especially tight. A certain issue emerged based on the position of the burning wraith.

And just in time, Luo Nan exerted some stimulation upon the burning wraith and forced the wraith to awaken from it’s stunned state. The wraith was unable to retaliate with anything further; it directly transformed into a rainbow ray and broke through the weakest part of the flaming clouds. Then came another escape attempt. It directly passed through the bodies of some rich kids and entered the lower deck of the warship.

The central AI’s decision processes were still sharp and prompt. But the collapsed rich kids in the corridor acted as a human shield, causing difficulty for the AI to execute follow-up procedures. The AI could only order the organization of a second wave of attacks to intercept the wraith.

The very first Deep Blue Walker who had entered the scene shook his head. He had no intentions to chase after the wraith. He unhitched his sealed helmet to expose a handsome and cold face. It was none other than Yan Yongbo.

Right now the medics went to check out the unknown life-or-death state of the Slayer on this floor. But before they could touch the Slayer, the Slayer suddenly flipped and got up. The Slayer pushed aside the medics and immediately smashed the ground heavily with a fist, venting the resentment and hate within the mind.

Yan Yongbo walked towards the Slayer with a grave and stern face the whole time. Then he exposed a never-before-seen smile as he reached out a hand towards the Slayer: “Captain He. The most important thing is to maintain control of your mood when facing the Darksider life form. Besides, you’ve already done the best you could just then…….”

“I know just how clearly matters went myself.”

The Slayer absolutely refused Yan Yongbo’s act of goodwill. The Slayer growled coldly in a low voice and then used the armor’s power system to get up and began to calibrate the armor.

“Captain He……”

The translucent faceplate of the Slayer’s helmet twisted over to direct at Yan Yongbo: “The quality elite of Quantum Corporation are worthy of our trust. I hope you will continue with our mutual cooperation in order to reduce unnecessary mistakes…… I really value this time when we cooperated together.”

Yan Yongbo chuckled: “Well that’s natural.”

The Slayer turned around and walked ahead with Yan Yongbo following behind. He carefully appreciated the special hint of femininity within the low scratchy voice. At the same time he pondered the Slayer’s words, deciding if there were other meanings behind them.

He lowered his head several seconds later; he gave his subordinates a reminder using the company’s common frequency channel: “The strength of the target is powerful. Everyone. The number one objective is to coordinate with the military’s operation…… Heister, I especially mean you. Don’t rush forward like an impatient child. First assist the military.”

Heister responded simple-mindedly: “Understood. I’ll keep watch.”

Having received set wartime procedures, all non-military communication channels were to be screened and be monitored. No random chatter were allowed as well.

Yan Yongbo’s words soon attracted the warnings of the command. However since the words did not contain sensitive information, and since they corresponded with the instructions given by the military to Quantum Corporation, the warning was just a mere formality.

Only two people, Yan Yonbo and Heister, understood the true meaning of the words clearly:

“Put the operation on pause. Change the surveillance target.”

Yan Yongbo’s thoughts wandered around while his head was down: Today is quite the fortunate day. I actually and unexpectedly got a chance to meet and interact with Captain He. When compared to this koi that could at any time leap through the dragon’s gate and become a dragon, the malnourished cub of the Luo Family could have his surveillance released for now.

There were numerous methods to search the background of a small kid. But today’s lucky opportunity was something that could only come once. It didn’t matter how; he just needed to leave a good impression in Captain He’s eyes.

Yep. It wouldn’t be much to exert a bit of extra effort.

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