Master of the Stars

Chapter 15: Slayer (Part 2/2)

Chapter 15: Slayer (Part 2/2)

Yan Yongbo adhered to his promise. He followed Captain He along with the military Burner squad for the following time. They were constantly on the move aboard the floating transport ship, chasing the Darksider life form at every nook and corner of every deck.

The joint hunting operation lasted for approximately half an hour before the Darksider life form tried rushing out of the warship to escape. But in the end, five Deep Blue Walkers surrounded and killed it. And Captain He was the one to receive the chance for the finishing blow of vengeance. The chaos aboard the warship was dispelled at last.

Anyway, Luo Nan’s soul body had already quietly returned to the confinement room while the chaotic situation had been rapidly growing.

The thick metal door isolated the room from the clamor of the outside world. Luo Nan’s main body continued to maintain its sitting position within the confinement room. The tip of his pen was still on the paper’s surface. His eyes were half open and half closed. It was as if he was spellbound.

Luo Nan had never observed himself from this point of view. For a moment he only felt it was strange beyond compare; the feeling that he was looking at a different life was growing stronger.

But right now the burning wraith was completely unable to provide Luo Nan with energy. The coldness within his soul body was accumulating; it was extremely bad. Luo Nan did not have time to tarry; his soul directly returned through the opening.

The most worrisome of worst case scenarios of “passing through the body to the other side” didn’t happen. When the soul came close to the main body, the boundary between reality and the imaginary vaguely appeared. His visualized diagram manifested with its tetrahedron, inscribed sphere and circumscribed sphere.

The inscribed sphere covered his internal organs. The tetrahedron was the dividing boundary between the internal and external. And when the soul touched the circumscribed sphere, his soul glimmered, merging through the door to the main body.

A certain binding sensation restricted him, yet it was an agreeing force. It was like Luo Nan was wearing a thick armor; he felt the inexplicably at ease. This type of sensation persisted for a small half a second before fading away. His legendary mystical mental journey of an out-of-body experience was put to an end for now.

Luo Nan’s body made some movements. He pinched the shaft of his pen and slightly rocked his neck, adapting once more to the merging between his soul and his flesh.

He could see from his current state that his human body was the medium and protective armor for his soul. Its usage of being a “Power Plant” was unavoidable to say the least. As for his out-of-body experience, it was as if he went on journey; he was lacking resources, so it would be better to err on the side of caution.

In truth if he wanted to have another out-of-body experience, he needed to carefully deliberate over the matter since he no longer had the burning wraith.

The burning wraith was done for. Not long after Luo Nan’s soul and flesh merged together, the burning wraith got caught into a death trap. Consecutive attacks had already exceeded the burning wraith’s limits for sustainment by far. And it had encountered its most terrifying individual, the Slayer. The Format of Fire blended with a tyrannical will, causing the burning wraith to suffer a fatal injury.

Of course it was quite the pity to lose the burning wraith. But how serious was that when compared to his own life?

Luo Nan took a deep breath. Even though his soul had returned, he still had one more trial that was placed right in front of him.

On a plane that was difficult to see by ordinary people, the heavily chained crow was gradually retreating like a snake slithering back to the depths of its cave to hibernate. Up until now, it had yet to draw anyone’s attention. But Luo Nan wouldn’t be careless at all until the crow completely returns.

Withdrawing the heavily chained crow took a total of approximately ten seconds, but it felt like ten years from Luo Nan’s perspective.

Luo Nan had a faint feeling that there was a subtle change on the heavily chained crow’s body. He didn’t have the mood to further think about it though. He maintained holding the drawing posture the whole time until the chains had completely been regained, only to fade away along with the visualized diagram. Once in awhile he would draw some lines that even he would find to be unfathomable mysteries himself. He waited there in silence.

He really didn’t know if a Deep Blue Walker would burst in the door in the next second and press the muzzle of a gun towards his skull.

Five minutes passed and nothing happened. Luo Nan could let out a long breath at last. He looked at his notebook. The perfectly fine Prison Building had already been destroyed subconsciously by random dabbles and scrawls.

This was good as well…...

Luo Nan closed his notebook, raised his head with closed eyes, and leaned back in the chair. He emptied his mind completely and was truly relaxed for a moment.

But he never imagined that a beeping would start ringing in the next second. The metal door opened amidst the electronic sound.

Luo Nan suddenly opened his eyes, his body seemingly shooting up. But in the end he relaxed after a moment of stiffness. His sitting-upright body was staring in a blankly towards the door.

God knows…… what it was armed with.

Luo Nan let out a relaxed breath when he saw the person coming in the door. It wasn’t a Deep Blue Walker nor was it any of the fully armed combat personnel. It was actually the captain who had brought him in this room in the first place.

“You. Follow me.”

The captain’s tone of voice was unexpectedly gentle as he indicated to Luo Nan to follow him. Luo Nan didn’t waste time thinking and stood up to catch up with the captain. The captain logged them together into the transport stop vehicle so they could enter the interior transportation line.

Luo Nan maintained a silence from beginning to end while they were inside the vehicle. He had an introverted and taciturn temperament all his life. If no one would initiate a conversation, he would just sit there the whole day and be perfectly fine with it.

In the end the Captain unexpectedly had to exchange some words with Luo Nan: “Right now the police have already boarded the ship to immediately begin the investigations. You are a minor and there are many rules in place. Right now you are to meet your lawyer to do some preparations.”

“Lawyer?” Luo Nan was somewhat baffled. “You helped me hire a lawyer?”

“Our military has nothing to do with it.” The captain had responded simply.

At this time, the transport vehicle arrived to a different zone on the warship. Arrangements have already been made and were going underway over here. Luo Nan took a fleeting glance in passing and saw that here there were interrogation rooms, waiting rooms, analysis rooms and etc. The analysis rooms composed of various sampling analysis equipment in great numbers. It appeared the military was completely serious.

Actually, the majority of people performing the activities in this zone didn’t wear the most commonly seen deep-space gray military uniforms. They wore the black uniforms of the Xia City police.

The captain didn’t stop moving. He led Luo Nan to a room in the corner of the zone. He knocked on the door, opened the door, and indicated to Luo Nan to enter.

The room was a bit noisy.

A woman dressed in a professional suit leaned against the edge of the table. She had her head down and was fiddling with a flexible screen in her hand.

The AR special effects of the screen were clearly set to max gear. Images and shapes of beasts and humans emerged from the screen, leaping out and running about. The lighting effects were quite gorgeous and the sound effects were also quite astonishing…...

The screaming of the beasts at least were quite horrifying.

Luo Nan actually recognized that this was the worldwide popular mobile game phenomenon “Ten Days in the Wilderness”.

“Wait a sec~ This part is quite hard.”

The professional woman didn’t raise her head. She had spoken in greeting without much thought while she was stabbing and jabbing at the flexible screen.

It was a ridiculous scene, and it made Luo Nan’s escorting captain’s eyes twitch.

Luo Nan didn’t really mind. He faced the captain with a nod and directly headed inside.

The difficulty level of Ten Days in the Wilderness was quite high. Just a few steps and techniques in and the game character was buried within the enormous gaping mouth of a mutant.

The professional let out a sigh. She raised her head and a smile burst out on her tender and young pretty face: “Hello, you must be Luo Nan. I am Zhang Yingying, the lawyer commissioned by young master Xie.”

“Ah, Xie Junping……” Luo Nan was not the least bit shocked towards this answer. In other words, he had been waiting for this result to happen all this time. Right now it seemed like that failure of a fellow didn’t let him down in the end.

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