Master of the Stars

Chapter 16: Zhang Yingying (Part 2/2)

Chapter 16: Zhang Yingying (Part 2/2)

A weirdo.

Luo Nan was the first to break his gaze, sweeping over the exoskeleton armors on the vehicle. Though there were no distinct markings, they were painted in a special blue. The answer was made clear:

Deep Blue Walker…...And most noteworthy was that it was the non-military kind.

Over 90% of all Deep Blue Walkers in the world were in the military. This was an irrefutable and undeniable fact. But Quantum Corporation was the one who developed and launched the Deep Blue Platform. So it was quite natural for them to possess a few so-called “Experimental Types”. However, Quantum Corporation’s Deep Blue Walkers weren’t allowed to be outfitted with high-kill-potential weapons. They possessed fewer modules, they possessed slimmer body frames, and they came with some auxiliary equipment. For example, diversion fins and so on.

These tiny details could escape other people, but they could not escape Luo Nan. He could even tell differences from just the exterior of these completely identical exoskeleton armors. He found the one he had previously crossed paths with in combat.

It was the second from the left, that “Field Controller”, the first to fight with the burning wraith. And during the very end when the wraith was surrounded, the Field Controller had played a crucial role.

Luo Nan’s eyes squinted slightly.

The system layout and parameters of Deep Blue Walkers were undoubtedly highly classified information. Even by adding together information from several information channels, only odd bits and pieces could be put together. For instance, this appearance right here. They had just been unsuited in this unboxed state. From the five years since the Deep Blue Walkers had launched, probably only a handful of people had seen them in this state.

Luo Nan gripped his notebook tightly, wishing to pick up his pen immediately. He wanted to draw this unequipped armor in all its detail.

However at this time, the swift and fierce dark male aboard the vehicle casted an even colder and menacing gaze over to Luo Nan. Then he proceeded to do some work. He flipped a tarp to completely cover and seal all the armors from unwanted eyes.

Luo Nan was slightly stunned. Then he shrugged his shoulders: The people of Quantum Corporation were this petty?

“He looks to be of Quantum Corporation…… Is he an acquaintance of yours?” asked Zhang Yingying suddenly.

Luo Nan replied honestly: “Never seen him before.”

“Then what were you being distracted for~ Let’s go.”

Zhang Yingying urged him by his side, pulling him back towards the previous room once again. She sighed a long breath upon entering, moved around, and leaned against the edge of the business desk just as before. She stretched and said: “It’s super damn annoying dealing with those bureaucratic shysters!”

Luo Nan was speechless towards this “female shyster”. But even more important was that he had been standing in the room for some time and had no idea what he should be doing.

Zhang Yingying chuckled and giggled as she indicated for him to come over: “Your performance just then was quite decent. I present you with a gift. Look, its this room.”


“Don’t be dissatisfied. Only in this temporary zone are the external communications restrictions lifted on the warship. Otherwise, how would you be able to play games?”

Luo Nan subconsciously shot a glance at his wristband. Sure enough, its communications functions and internet functions were unblocked. Hic! What the hell were these dozens of missed calls?

After scrolling roughly, he found that most of the missed calls were from his older cousin Moya. They started in the morning for a total of 25.

Then starting from seven in the evening, his Aunt also left three messages.

It was already ten at night right now…...

Luo Nan could only feel the numbing of his scalp. He was unable to think of anything else as he dialed a number in a rush. He found his lifelong accomplice, Miss Moya.


“Eh Nan?” Moya’s voice contained some uncertainty.

“Sis, what’s up……”

“What do you mean what’s up! What were you up to the whole day! I called you but you never picked up. I went to school and couldn’t find you! I went home and couldn’t find a single trace of you! I was already prepared to make a special police report you know?”

Moya’s high-pitched and piercing rock-n-roll-type voice was like a sandstorm blotting the sky. It was like a nuclear explosion had gone off; the flames of anger burned greatly:

“Why didn’t you go to school? Why didn’t you take the society tests? You tricked me yesterday didn’t you? Luo Nan you’ve improved then. You’re starting to go outside and play around already?”

Luo Nan had been suddenly hosed with a flood of berating words. The intense and penetrating voice tore though and was rendered by his wristband, reverberating within the entire room.

Zhang Yingying whistled and looked up towards the ceiling. She carried the “I don’t know anything” look of an innocent bystander.

Luo Nan was unable to deal with his embarrassment. He walked away slightly and informed his older cousin of his current circumstances.

All he had to do was remove the element of the burning wraith from today’s matter and everything could completely be explained by bad luck. He didn’t really need to cover up the other details.

After Moya vented out the accumulation of her worries and anger, she was willing to listen to Luo Nan’s explanation. However, she had not an ounce of sympathy towards Luo Nan’s misfortune:

“Serves you right! You deserve getting bad luck for sticking with that trash Xie Junping. If you haven’t learned your lesson yet and repeat this in the future…… The type of people in the Mystic Arts Research Society are more the less this type. You might as well forget it anyway since you can’t get in.”


Luo Nan suddenly realized that he undoubtedly missed today’s entrance interviews for the Mystic Arts Research Society. But how did his older cousin know?

According to the caller Ids, Moya had restrained herself quite well in the morning; she only called him twice. But at four in the afternoon when the society activities began, she made a call every ten minutes on average. It was clear that she only became agitated after she knew he had skipped the tests.

Moya sneered through gritted teeth: “I know you’re stupid. I think you have an accomplice over there. Get them to help you now! Right now the issue is that you’ve skipped the tests; you stood them up! You took my reputation, stomped it on the ground, and ground it! And there’s more! You didn’t pick up when mother called. I risked my life and said that you needed to stay to do an experiment as a test for the society…… You need to pay me back for this lie! Otherwise you’re screwed! Not a person in heaven nor hell would be able to save you!”

Luo Nan felt his heart squirm. He knew for certain that his older sister had done quite a bit of work in private. It really would make people embarrassed, skipping the tests this time.

He blurted out: “Then I’ll pay for dinner tomorrow as an apology!”

Moya sneered: “You’re excused with this dinner. But let me tell you, stay away from that circle. That group of good-for-nothings live extravagantly for all their lives with bottomless money as a basis. And you have nothing. I don’t want to use future inherited property to assist a moron like you!”

The final dialog between this sister and brother completely lacked family affection. But Luo Nan was long since used to his older cousin’s style of talking; he didn’t mind.

He realized that Moya was keeping watch at his apartment right now in Blue Bay Community. Naturally he expressed his thanks over and over. Moya was completely full of disdain and contempt when faced with this and said sneering, “I’m rushing to the venue”. Then she hung up the phone.

Moya had formed a band with a few other people during her college years. She already had some reputation in this community in Xia City. And her popularity was on the rise. Her busiest times were at night. Today she had waited in the apartment building, keeping watch for news for Luo Nan’s sake. It was needless to say how great of her reputation was lost.

However, Luo Nan inevitably grimaced when he thought of the plan laid by his older cousin. He thought for a moment, but he still hardened his courage to give his Aunt a call. He didn’t dare to mention the events that happened today; he could only follow the lie spread by Moya. He fabricated that the society needed to check his experiment skills as a reason for staying so late. As for the results of the tests… he could only speak ambiguously: He had to wait until tomorrow for the results. They would talk about it once they’re released.

It wasn’t a good time to open video chat and he wasn’t able to determine via the sound of the phone whether his Aunt was convinced or not. He only felt that this night his Aunt was quite easy to talk to. She even let him off early to rest. He made it through, although it was a great mystery how.

Perhaps his Aunt felt that he was hiding something when he was hemming and hawing about his test scores, causing some sort of misunderstanding?

That would be the greatest thing ever!

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