Master of the Stars

Chapter 16: Zhang Yingying (Part 1/2)

Chapter 16: Zhang Yingying (Part 1/2)

Zhang Yingying snapped her fingers: “Yo It's great that you understand.”

Zhang Yingying’s frivolous and casual manner was far different then the image Luo Nan had in his mind of a true lawyer. Luo Nan felt quite astonished that Xie Junping would dispatch a lawyer like her to help him.

Then Zhang Yingying described the sequence of events, further verifying this point of his:

“You were there when the accident occurred in the R&D district. You should know that the military and police have placed a great importance on the matter. The situation over there is quite chaotic, so they don’t have the energy to deal with you small fish and prawn. Yet, they still have to do screening, so they had to temporarily detain you on the transport ship…… Yep, this is an example of having some luck amidst disaster.”

Luo Nan stared at her mute: What luck?

Zhang Yingying blinked her eyes: “You’re luck is in not getting screwed by both sides! You’re still a minor. We were able to intervene in time thanks to the fact that you’re on this transport ship. Otherwise you absolutely wouldn’t be able to hide it from your family if it were down to the police and their strict procedures. Hehe.”


Luo Nan was left speechless. He had to admit that this young lawyer had hit the nail on the head with her words: If his aunt were to find out about this matter… He didn’t even dare to imagine the scene!

Zhang Yingying was finally satisfied when she saw Luo Nan change facial expressions. She spoke again: “It’s not just this. Do you know of the mess that just happened on the warship?”

“I was aware.” Luo Nan replied in quite the refreshing manner. The Shadow Mist pervaded the space even within the confinement room. Even an idiot could tell something was up.

“You have a decent amount of guts. I took a look at the monitoring recordings they sent me. All alone, smoke coming in from all sides, yet you were still able to be that calm. You continued to sketch and draw. Someone like you is quite rare kiddo. I like young people like you the most……”

Zhang Yingying reached out her hand and smacked Luo Nan on the shoulder hard, causing Luo Nan’s somewhat stiff muscles to completely relax.

She didn’t care for the subtleties of Luo Nan’s mood. Zhang Yingying continued speaking: “I arrived on this warship two hours ago. The reason why I wasn’t able to meet up with you until now was due to those government and military nutjobs. They’re scared that you guys are hiding problematic characters, so they forbid you contact with the outside world. But when this mess happened, they realized that isolating internal and external affairs is awfully stupid. So they started changing their tactics.”

Locking down the Darksider life form was a more difficult matter.

Luo Nan’s thoughts began to flow and circulate, moving somewhat absentmindedly. Zhang Yingying faked a sort of coughing sound: “So pay attention. Isolating internal and external matters when it comes to taking heavy precautions is really lazy of them. They inherently placed no importance to you small fishes and prawn. Though they are releasing you today, this doesn’t mean they’re giving up. It means they are saving their intentions to screen and search for later. They are much more serious now than they were in the beginning. You must be careful and cautious of the things you will soon say and do. I have the utmost confidence in you. But if you’re misunderstood by some certain people… now that would be very troublesome.”

Luo Nan nodded his head silently.

The door made a sound at this time. The captain who had just left had come back again: Lawyer Zhang, please finish your preparations.”

“Finally it’s my turn to go on stage!”

Zhang Yingying stood up straight. She wore high heels and was taller than the not-completely-matured Luo Nan by half a head. She looked quite grand and imposing, contrary to expectations. Only her excessively tender face was a pity, as well as her energetic smile; they were out of harmony with seriius and professional outfit.

She looked at Luo Nan’s taut face and blinked her eyes:

“You can’t be nervous…… Do you watch movies often?”

Luo Nan had yet to barely catch up with her line of thinking. He responded after a second: “Once in awhile.”

“Those big criminals in the movies. What do they say when they face the police?”

“......Please talk to my lawyer?”


Zhang Yingying vigorously smacked Luo Nan on the shoulder again. She took the lead and walked out the room.

Luo Nan looked at the young female lawyer’s slender back attentively. He had already made a definite conclusion: No matter what her goal was, this Lawyer Zhang was absolutely not someone that Xie Junping could handle in a lifetime!

“What are you doing distracted! Come on! Let’s finish this quickly!”

Zhang Yingying pressed forward ahead. Luo Nan chuckled and followed her going outbound.

While they were talking, the traffic of people seemed to have somewhat increased at the ad hoc trial area setup.

Xie Junping had sought a lawyer for Luo Nan’s sake. Those rich kids, including those still detained, wouldn’t fight alone. According to Zhang Yingying’s explanation, those rich kids’ private lawyers had already consciously formed a team at the last moment and were already carrying out negotiations with the police.

Speaking in the strictest sense, Zhang Yingying was also considered a member of this team. However, she had yet to finish up some matters.

When they entered the trial area, the military personnel automatically stepped back and handed their duties over to the police. Now they had to first pass through various sorts of detection searches. Luo Nan spoke not a word from beginning to end. He just let others do whatever they needed to do; he was extremely cooperative.

The schemes of the government and military were basically as Zhang Yingying had determined; the attitudes of the police were extremely strict when they carried out their procedures. And so Zhang Yingying’s speech about “finishing things up quickly” was destined to be nothing but hot air.

Various investigations, various interrogations, and various procedures had to be completed. And that even included responding to the ammo of the other lawyers.

Li Xuecheng was still lying in the warship’s sickbay even until now and was under observation for medical treatment. His family certainly wouldn’t have the goodwill to put matters to rest. Obviously they wouldn’t shift attention away from this matter.

This wasn’t Luo Nan’s field of expertise. Fortunately there was this Zhang Yingying by his side.

Although “Finishing things off quickly” had gone to smoke, the young female lawyer was still able to display an unobstructable and powerful strength. Of course, the behind-the-scenes negotiations that Luo Nan did not understand at all had a far greater effect. The negotiations had caused all offensive fire that was imposing and loud like thunder to be as effective and small like raindrops; they were annihilated without a sound.

From Luo Nan’s perspective, this whole interrogation process only reiterated the course of events from the morning when he left his house door until he got detained. It was just a seven~eight reiteration… That’s it.

Then finally…...they made it through!

“Arggg. What a waste of time!”

Zhang Yingying ignored the complexions of the police officers in her surroundings as she walked out of the interrogation room. As she sighed with a drawn-out tone, she raised her sapphire-blue scarf a bit to the side in passing, exposing half her snowy-white bosom.

Right now, a full ten hours had already passed from the time when they first entered the “stage”.

This marathon-type of setup really drained one’s spirits. Fortunately, Luo Nan was able to eat two large high-nutrition meals to replenish his energy. It can be said that he had already passed through the worst of it.

Zhang Yingying clapped her hands: “It’s done. The matter has been resolved in a satisfactory manner. Only a record of inquiry will be left behind by the police. They’re still mainly focused on the incident in the R&D district. As for the “Personal Injury” that happened here, relax. There won’t be any repercussions.”

The world of the wealthy…… Luo Nan was like a stereotypical angry youth; he snorted coldly in his heart.

“Then I can go now?”

“Not yet. This warship can’t possibly land just for your sake. A landing ship would also cost money. So, you need to wait for the whole group of people to finish with their interrogations before you can leave.”

“It seems like I am……”

“Yep! You were the first! So you need to wait longer.”

Luo Nan sighed a breath silently. And at the same time he felt an inexplicable sensation. He twisted his head and saw some unmanned exoskeleton armors being towed by a transport vehicle. The vehicle passed through from not too far away.

A swift and fierce male with a dark complexion and a buzz cut was on the vehicle. Luo Nan’s gaze just happened to rest on this male’s face which had a menacing coldness that was completely unconcealed. And like Luo Nan, this male’s line of sight came to rest on his opposing party as well.

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