Master Of Trading Star Card Game

Chapter 1 Part2

It was obviously 2018 AD, but what was the strange time, Ephemeris 3001?

Xie Mingzhe's corner of mouth twitched violently. Thinking of the possibility of time traveling, his brain was almost bursting. He could not help but slam his head with hands. The doctor saw his action and immediately grabbed his hands: “Don't worry. You were in a coma for a month. Now when you wake up, it is normal that your memory is partially lost, but it will slowly recover.”

Stunned, Xie Mingzhe stared at his pale fingertips and then asked: “Do I have anyone relative?”

The doctor looked at him with sympathy: “The information shows that you are an orphan.”

Xie Mingzhe: “………..”

Why was I still an orphan after a time traveling?

Seeing Xie Mingzhe's pale face, the doctor reached out his hands and patted his shoulder. He comforted: “Be courageous, it is not easy for you to wake up. You need to recover physical health first. There is always a way through in the future.”

Xie Mingzhe smiled reluctantly and said to the kind doctor: “Thank you, Doctor.”

After Dr. Qin left, Xie Mingzhe struggled to get up from the bed and washed his face in the washing room to calm himself.

His face was clearly reflected in the mirror.

Because of lying in the hospital bed for a long time, his young face was a little sickly pale. Though the facial features were the same as his before, his present face looked younger, just like his face at eighteen years old when he just graduated from high school.

Feeling headache, Xie Mingzhe buried his face in cold water. He wished it was a dream within another dream and he could wake up soon from the nightmare.

After a long time, he raised his head…

He was still in the washing room and the young man reflected in the mirror was his eighteen-year-old face.

Was this Xie Mingzhe himself in another s.p.a.ce time?

They had the same name and appearance, and Xie Mingzhe gradually refreshed some memory of the owner of the body.

The owner of the body became an orphan when he was a kid. He led a frugal life with the government's relief fund. However, the government only supported orphans who were under eighteen years old, and Xie Mingzhe was seventeen and a half years old. He was admitted to the Art Department of Capital University by his own efforts this summer. Before the new term begins, he left his hometown and came to the capital city to work for his tuition fee.

Nowadays, however, people who did manual work, such as washing dishes, sweeping the floor and moving bricks were replaced by robots. High school graduates would find it hard to get a job. Living in the slum with the poorest condition for a week, he struggled for a job and was disdained by many people.

He once fell off the building when he took part in an interview on a relatively low floor, which seriously damaged his brain. He was sent to the hospital by an ambulance and had been in vegetative state for a month.

Xie Mingzhe in this world was a diligent and hardworking teenager. However, he was not as lucky as that Xie Mingzhe who lived in the 21st century.

Xie Mingzhe in the 21st century was an orphan too, but he was the top student in science in the county in the College Entrance Examination. The scholarship he won that year could afford his entire expenditure in college. But he also led a frugal life in college. He didn't spend all his scholarship, instead, he saved some money by tutoring and taking part-time jobs.

He planned to find a job and buy a small house in a second-tier city with low consumption level, which could help him live a stable and peaceful life. However, after drinking with his roommates, his was transported to another world, only to see a miserable Xie Mingzhe inexplicably.

He was extremely unfortunate.

Xie Mingzhe rubbed his white face hard.

The distinct touch of fingertips and skin seemed to tell him: give up struggling, you have started your life anew.

G.o.d chose him to be this poor boy after his previous period of life had turned for the better. Was that reasonable?

If he committed suicide now, would he be able to return to the earth in 2018 A.D.?

Pinching his thigh hard and feeling the sharp pain, Xie Mingzhe was clearly aware that the body was real. He dared not to commit suicide for fear that he might travel to some other odd s.p.a.ce times or just die after suicide. At least, this world boasted advanced science and technology. It was better than travelling to ancient times where you ate weeds and wore leaf-made clothes.

Comforting himself this way, Xie Mingzhe felt better.

Since he was alive, he should try to survive first. Instead of pursuing a high quality life, he preferred a simple life, peaceful and stable.

Xie Mingzhe took a deep breath and reluctantly accepted that he had started his life anew in another world.

Xie Mingzhe in this world didn't go as smooth as that Xie Mingzhe on earth.

Today was Xie Mingzhe's eighteenth birthday. The eighteen-year-old boy was so poor that n.o.body but doctors cared about him even when he was in a vegetative state in hospital.

He had no relatives or friends. Not a single person would burst into tears for his death.

He was a loser in life.

But that didn't matter, from now on, everything would change.

Xie Mingzhe looked at the boy in the mirror and clenched his fists.

“My history couldn't be changed. But I would fight for my new future!”

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