Master Of Trading Star Card Game

Chapter 2 Part1

Xie Mingzhe calmed down in the ward for one night, sorting out the memories of the body's original owner.

The body's original owner grew up in an orphanage. Talented in painting, he was admitted to the Fine Arts Department of Capital University through College Entrance Exam for Art. The new term would begin on September 1, and today was August 1. With one month left, he must be prepared as soon as possible.

First of all, he had to get out of the hospital. It took a lot of money to stay in the intensive care unit. He had no relatives in this world, and he did not know who paid for his medical expenses. Thinking of this, Xie Mingzhe was restless. He hurriedly wore slippers to look for the doctor in charge.

At eight in the morning, the boy in the ward 7 suddenly pulled the door open and came out.

Doctor Qin, who was making the rounds of the wards, raised his eyebrows and looked at Xie Mingzhe in confusion: “Xie Mingzhe? What are you going to do instead of lying down on the bed to recover?” Generally, patients just waking up from the vegetative state would become very confused at first, and it took a long time for them to accept the changes of the world. But this boy was very strange, showing no blank or frustrated expression. He ran out in the early morning with his slippers without putting on socks, but he was full of spirit and energy.

“Doctor, when can I be discharged?” Xie Mingzhe looked at the doctor seriously. “And, how do I pay for my medical expenses?”

“Your body-segment data is normal now. I will observe it for another day. If there is no problem, I will give you a hospital discharge certificate tomorrow.” Doctor Qin walked up to him. Seeing his clear and bright eyes, Doctor Qin's voice softened: "As for the cost of hospitalization, you don't have to worry. Because you have bought critical medical insurance before, the insurance company will pay for you when you are discharged from hospital.”

“Thank you.” Xie Mingzhe breathed a sigh of relief. He remembered that the orphanage had bought him medical insurance when he graduated from high school. Since the insurance company would bear the cost of treatment, he would not be in debt. This was good news for him.

After returning to the room, Xie Mingzhe began to arrange his personal belongings. Before his injury, he went to a themed restaurant for an interview but fell off the third floor accidentally, then he was sent to the hospital by the crowd. What he had were only a room card, an ID card and a smartphone.

The ID card had his photo on it and was bound to his bank card, which made it impossible to be embezzled. In his memory, this room card was the one he temporarily rent in a low-rent house with ten square meters. As for the smartphone, it was the cheapest one he bought through hard work. There were few phone numbers on his phone since he didn't have many friends in this world.

Therefore, n.o.body might pay attention to his change of disposition and soul.

After arranging his belongings, Xie Mingzhe came to the window in a hospital gown.

Outside the window, there were many tall buildings and skysc.r.a.pers with over one hundred floors. There were also seven or eight floors of criss-crossed suspended lanes with various kinds of strange-shaped levitated vehicles running on it. Xie Mingzhe observed the world curiously with open eyes.

He lived in the intensive care unit on the third floor, so he could see downstairs clearly.

Xie Mingzhe happened to see a girl pa.s.sing by with a particularly adorable pet downstairs, he had never seen the pet before, which was taller than one meter and had long ears, jumping around on foot. Was that a rabbit?

Was there such a big rabbit? It was cute in pink. However, didn't the hospital ban pets? Pets carried a lot of infectious pathogens, what if they pa.s.sed them on to patients?

Xie Mingzhe was confused. The question couldn't be explained by the memory of the original owner of the body.

While Xie Mingzhe was thinking about that, Doctor Qin opened the door and came in. The middle-aged doctor had a good temper and a gentle voice. After a full examination, the doctor said, "Since you've been in bed and supported by the nutritive medium for two months, the muscles are atrophied to a certain extent and your weight dropped dramatically. Exercise more after discharge, and you will recover slowly."

Xie Mingzhe was reduced to skin and bones because of the injury. It was normal to be skinny after lying on the bed as a vegetable for one month. He used to be in good shape and knew how to exercise, so he didn't worry about it.

Downstairs another little girl walked over, with a pet rabbit like that he had just seen. The rabbit was a few centimeters taller than the girl. Xie Mingzhe, this time, couldn't control his strong curiosity but asked: "Doctor Qin, what is the pet beside that little girl? Is the hospital now allowed to bring pets in?" This was a thing that he couldn't find answer from the memory of the body's original owner. So it would not be strange to ask it, Xie Mingzhe thought.

“That's a card hologram.” Doctor Qin explained, “The hospital won't let pets in. We're not veterinarians.”

"Card hologram?" Xie Mingzhe was confused.

“Don't you play the game?” Doctor Qin quipped, "There are just a few young people who don't play this game."

“Well, I really don't pay much attention to games.” With an awkward smile, Xie Mingzhe reached out his hand and scratched his head. He came from a poor planet and surely didn't know the fashion trending of the prosperous capital. In the doctor's eyes, he must be a b.u.mpkin.

Card hologram? What it was on earth?

Xie Mingzhe remembered the word secretly and planned to search for it after the doctor left.

Doctor Qin finished the examination and told Xie Mingzhe, “Your stomach is still sensitive. Have some liquid food in the next three days, and then you could eat as usual. But, remember not to have anything stimulating. Bear it in mind."

Xie Mingzhe nodded obediently: "Got it. Thank you, doctor."

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