Master Of Trading Star Card Game

Chapter 15 Part1

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8:30pm, Adjudication Club.

“Any news from Uncle Chubby?” Huan Yue asked, frowning.

“He hasn't replied to Shuang Shuang's email.” Can Yang returned from the black market disappointed, “I didn't find any cards created by Uncle Chubby in the black market. And many guilds are searching for some cards in the black market. Did they also buy [Wu Song] cards?”

"Don't worry," Huan Yue calmed down and a.n.a.lyzed, "The 20 cards he made are not necessarily all [Wu Song]. According to an undercover investigation, Fenghua Club is acquiring beauty cards. I guess he made a beauty card before [Wu Song], which startled Fenghua Club.”

"Yes!" Can Yang realized, "I have also received news from a spy saying that Hong Zhu is purchasing cards in large amounts. She also opened a stall to purchase beauty cards – maybe that beauty card is made by Uncle Chubby?”

“There are barely any designers who can make strong character cards in recent years. It should be him,” Huan Yue rubbed his chin and thought, “He even startled Hong Zhu – this beauty card's skill is definitely not simple, maybe it also has the instant death effect. Then it makes sense – Uncle Chubby made a beauty card first to attract Hong Zhu's attention, and at the same time, Shuang Shuang bought the [Wu Song] card. Our two clubs searched for these cards at the black market, and other clubs also came here after hearing the news.”

“I hope so… the [Wu Song] card may not have spread throughout the black market yet.” Can Yang prayed silently.

“Well, do you remember how Tang Muzhou made his debut?” Huan Yue suddenly changed the subject and asked.

“Of course. Legend Tang made his debut in the black market. He made some low-level plant cards at the very beginning and sold them there. Then his cards went viral, with many people lining up to buy his cards. I heard that at that time, the black market street was packed solid with his fans…”

"Selling cards at the black market," Huan Yue interrupted the vice president, "Don't you feel that this situation is familiar?"

"!!!" Can Yang finally realized, "You mean that Uncle Chubby is mimicking Tang Muzhou?"

“No. I'm more worried that Uncle Chubby will become the second Tang Muzhou.”

“…” Can Yang couldn't believe the president's speculation, “The second Tang Muzhou? The genius in card designer circles? Just because of this [Wu Song] card?!”

“The [Wu Song] card is not popular, but it is quite difficult to make cards with the instant death effect, because the card maker must use his Inner Spirit to highly concentrate on the card and complete it in one go. I have a very bad feeling that in the future, Uncle Chubby may make more bizarre character cards with the instant death effect against various legendary cards, or with other skills…”

Huan Yue paused for a moment, then he continued grimly with his eyebrows frowning, "Tang Muzhou did the same thing at the beginning. He started his career with creating visually pleasing plant cards only, then he improved the whole set of plant cards with his outstanding talent. Various kinds of powerful cards, including tree cards, vine cards, succulent cards and flower and plant cards, emerged in an endless stream, which soon promoted Tang Muzhou to become the most outstanding original card creator in the league."

"But Tang Muzhou had been directed by his Shifu, who is the well-known…"

"His Shifu has indeed helped him a lot." It seemed that Huan Yue didn't want to mention his name. He interrupted directly, saying, "Tang Muzhou's success in becoming a game guru is mainly credited to his talent, which is proved by the increasingly powerful cards he has made since his Shifu left."

"So you believe that this Uncle Chubby is as gifted as Legend Tang?" Can Yang asked while listening to his president. He became increasingly uneasy.

"Yes." Huan Yue replied affirmatively, "Uncle Chubby's cards with instant death skills show that he has extremely high Inner Spirit. Look at this card, while he was concentrating his Inner Spirit on 'killing the tiger', he finished designing the Wu Song hologram brilliantly at the same time. He is more powerful than you might have expected."

"…" Can Yang hadn't imagined that he could encounter such a gifted man in the black market.

"Secretly find Uncle Chubby as soon as possible. You have to find him ahead of the Fenghua Club!" Huan Yue said in a low voice.

Can Yang always thought that the name 'Uncle Chubby' was funny. Ignoring his strange feeling, he said seriously, "OK. I'll find him secretly. Do I need to bring him to you when I find him?"

"Take him to Legend Nie directly."

"What? Legend Nie?"

"I'll show [Wu Song] to Legend Nie at the club later. He will surely be interested in the creator. If possible, we need to try our best to lure him to our Adjudication Club. We have to do it quickly, or he will join other clubs."

"Got it!" Can Yang nodded seriously before rushing to find Shuang Shuang.

However, Shuang Shuang said in disappointment, "Uncle Chubby hasn't answered my email yet."

"Maybe he hasn't noticed the email?" Can Yang felt depressed, "Send an email to him again! Keep emailing him until you receive his answer!"

Xie Mingzhe had no time to return to his personal s.p.a.ce, so he didn't notice the emails.

Xie Mingzhe gained tremendous amounts of exp in the “Dark Cave” which had dense mobs. He had leveled up to 35 by 8:30pm.

The highest level of a character in the game was 70, which was consistent with the highest level of a card.

However, level 35 was an important threshold. A character would be allowed to enter the instance requiring ten players, located on the Ziyuan(which means resource) Star. In addition, he would now be able to use seven-star cards. The rich would increase their speed of upgrading by buying seven-star cards directly when they leveled up to 35.

Both Senior Brother Qi and Sisi were wealthy, so they went directly to the commercial street to buy seven-star cards.

However, Xie Mingzhe was poor. He said goodbye to his two friends, finally going back to his personal s.p.a.ce to create cards.

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