Master Of Trading Star Card Game

Chapter 15 Part2

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In the Fenghua Club office.

Xue Linxiang walked back and forth. Seeing Hong Zhu come in, she immediately asked, frowning, “Haven't found the card maker yet?”

Hong Zhu was very helpless, “I opened a stall purchasing beauty cards in the black market, intending to pull the snake from its hole. I kept waiting for the maker this afternoon, but failed. I have sent a large number of members to the black market to search for original cards bearing the '月半' LOGO. Once we find the cards, we can track him following clues.”

Xue Linxiang's brow wrinkled more and more tightly, “You mean, you haven't found out who the creator is?!”

Hong Zhu nodded, her face pale, ” There are too many players coming and going at Boss Zhang's stall every day, so he can't think of the name of the person who sold him the card. And now there is an even more troublesome thing – on top of me, other major guilds in the game, including Adjudication and Flowing Frost City, have all gathered in the black market. I'm not sure if they are coming to join in on the fun, or someone really bought [Lin Daiyu] and is also looking for the creator in the black market.”

Xue Linxiang, "…"

If someone bought [Lin Daiyu], then Tang Muzhou would be in trouble next season.

——Daiyu Burying the Flowers, instant death effect on flower cards. How did this genius make this card?

Tang Muzhou had a lot of flower cards, all of which would face the risk of being instkilled by [Lin Daiyu]. The match would start in a few days. Even if he changed his set of playing cards now, it would be too late.

Tang Muzhou should be the one to blame – why did he propose to enrich the tactics during the game by adding the “instant death effect” skill at last season's conference? He did a h.e.l.l of a job! Now it turned out that he was the first one to be affected – he was hoisted by his own petard!

At a loss, Xue Linxiang suddenly heard the doorbell ringing. She turned around and said, “Come in.”

Tang Muzhou opened the door and came in. He was always sleepy in the afternoon, but at night he was full of vigor.

“Why did you come here?” Xue Linxiang took a deep breath, trying to stay calm.

“I'm going to tell you bad news.” Although Tang Muzhou said “bad news”, but there was a smile in his eyes. It seemed that he was in a good mood. “I just checked the database. The number of cards made by '月半' has increased to 30.”

“…” Ten more? Xue Linxiang and Hong Zhu just wanted to beat the creator in the game!

“Maybe the ten cards are all [Lin Daiyu], or he has created new cards against my vine and tree cards.” Tang Muzhou said with a smile.

“Are you laughing?” Xue Linxiang rolled her eyes quickly, “You are the one that proposed to add the instant death effect to the database. Now all flower cards are in trouble. Are you happy?”

“Not that happy.” Tang Muzhou did not mind at all, a relaxed smile on his face. “Compared to this [Lin Daiyu], I care more about the maker of the card. I think he is a bit like me. "

“Like you?” Xue Linxiang didn't understand.

"Sister Xue forgot how I made my debut?"

“…” Xue Linxiang finally understood what he meant, “Selling cards at the black market?”

"Yes. When I learnt how to make cards at that time, I sold those original cards in the black market at first because I didn't know the market. Generally, newbies will have this misunderstanding as they believe that their cards will sell well in the black market, where players can bargain with each other. However, actually the black market is a place where people sell 'low-level cards' and 'collection cards'. There are few people who know the value of battle cards."

Sitting on the sofa, Tang Muzhou picked up a cup and took a sip of water, continuing, "He's very much like me back in those days. He has made powerful cards and sold them in the black market because he doesn't know the market. Experienced card makers know that high-end cards should only be sold in two places: the professional card acquisition stores of major clubs on the commercial street and the Auction House."

"You should be glad that he is a newbie. If he knows the market and sells [Lin Daiyu] at auction… Well, I shouldn't talk about that possible calamity." Xue Linxiang immediately picked up a cup and gargled with water for fear that she would hit the nail on the head.

"His original cards with instant death effects are indeed novel." Stroking his chin, Tang Muzhou said reflectively, "Such a gifted person should join our club."

"What do you want to do?" Xue Linxiang looked at him vigilantly.

"I'm going to meet him personally in the game." Tang Muzhou said.

"…" Xue Linxiang found his words a real headache and, supporting her forehead, said, "The match will begin next week. Are you crazy?"

"Legend Tang." Hong Zhu warned with a trembling voice, "Your presence in the game will surely cause a sensation."

"I'll open a smurf account and meet him." Tang Muzhou said with a serious expression, "n.o.body knows my smurf account."

"…Stop being that capricious, ok? The compet.i.tion is about to begin. Shouldn't you concentrate on studying sets of playing cards and other opponents and preparing for the match in the next season? We can deal with that newbie, you don't have to meet him in person, right?" Xue Linxiang persuaded patiently.

However, Tang Muzhou stood up immediately, with a firm look filling his smiling eyes.

"Sister Xue, please stop persuading me. I must find him."

"…" Xue Linxiang knew that she couldn't stop Legend Tang. She ma.s.saged her aching head, saying, "Balance these two things and make sure it won't affect your compet.i.tion."

"Rest a.s.sured Sister Xue." Tang Muzhou waved his hands and left the office.


At the same time, in the game.

While Xie Mingzhe was about to sell his ten [Wu Song] cards that he had just made in his personal s.p.a.ce at the black market, Chen Xiao directly called him in private, "Xiao Xie, it's nine o'clock. Come to Jupiter and find me. All of us are waiting for you to clear the group instance."

"But I have no powerful cards. Will I be a drag?"

"I will give you some seven-star cards at level 70. Come here quickly." Chen Xiao said freely.

"OK, Brother Chen." Xie Mingzhe's eyes brightened, running to Jupiter happily.

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