Master Of Trading Star Card Game

Chapter 16 Part1

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At the entrance of the Jupiter group instance, Xie Mingzhe joined the group. Chen Xiao directly gave him two seven-star cards at level 70, the [Storm G.o.ddess] that could use tornadoes to attract mobs and the [Ice G.o.ddess] which had crowd control by freezing the mobs.

It was the first time that Xie Mingzhe had received black seven-star cards. Being thrilled, he took the cards carefully and said, "Brother Chen, I'll give them back to you after clearing the instance."

"No, keep them. They are yours now." Chen Xiao said without hesitation.

"Thanks, Brother Chen!" Was such a kind boss sent by G.o.d to help him? Being moved, Xie Mingzhe looked at Chen Xiao, only to find that he had entered the instance vigorously without caring about those two cards. Perhaps boosters had seen many seven-star cards.

In their team, except for the five boosters, Chen Xiao included, the other five IDs were all unfamiliar to Xie Mingzhe because their owners were ordinary players recruited by Chi Qing.

In the holographic games, players were not allowed to use multiple accounts at the same time. Since the number of boosters in a game studio was limited, when they were short on staff, the game studio would recruit some players in the world to help clear group instances. Luckily, each player in the instance would get an equal amount of materials, so there wouldn't be any disputes over materials.

The Wood group instance was called Midnight Forest. As soon as they entered the instance, the mobs around them were alerted. Countless small Treants encircled them, attacking them with dark green vines under their feet.

Xie Mingzhe was careless and bound by the vines. Seeing the vines were about to climb up to his neck along his body, he backed up while struggling. However, the harder he struggled, the tighter the vines would be. His whole body was bound; he wanted to burn those vines.

At this moment, he was surrounded by a soft glow. Someone had used a card skill.

Xie Mingzhe felt that the vines had loosened and his feet could move. He jumped backwards immediately and turned his head, seeing Chi Qing walking towards him with a card that had a cleanse skill. Then Chi Qing warned him, "Mind your step. Although players won't die in the game, they can be controlled."

"Thanks." Xie Mingzhe, who was saved, followed Chi Qing immediately.

"Xiao Pang, pull the vines on the north side first." Chen Xiao directed.

"Got it!" Pang Yu released the [Rhinoceros]. The huge rhinoceros sprinted towards the vines and pulled away a great amount of vines while roaring. However, it was bound and wrapped up by the vines that were as dense as a group of snakes, then it was torn into pieces directly by the vines.

"…" Seeing that, Xie Mingzhe felt stunned. The Wood vines were so powerful that they killed the [Rhinoceros], whose HP was over 150,000, in an instant.

While being stunned, he heard Chen Xiao's words, "Xiao Xie, freeze these vines."

The vines perceived that they were cheated, turning around collectively and heading towards Xie Mingzhe and the others swiftly, as if they were conscious.

Xie Mingzhe hastened to summon the Storm G.o.ddess, aiming at the vines and herding them together with a tornado, then he summoned the Ice G.o.ddess, freezing the vines within its range with snowflakes falling from the sky. The frozen vines twined around each other and were covered with snow, which made them look like fried dough twists.

fried dough twists (麻花)

Chen Xiao looked in the direction of Xie Mingzhe and thought highly of him, saying, "Everyone, be quick."

Others immediately followed Brother Chen to the forest, burning those Treant mobs. The flames soon burned the mobs into ashes.

After they beat the mobs, those vines tangled around them again. Pang Yu couldn't help but complain, “There are vines everywhere in this instance blocking our way. These vines don't drop any materials – they just disgust players. They are the most disgusting of all the Wood cards. I hate Wood instances…”

Xie Mingzhe shared the same feeling.

Everytime they stepped forward, the vines would tie them up… couldn't the vines just let them complete the instance successfully?

After constantly being entangled by the vines, they finally beat the final vine BOSS. Xie Mingzhe asked, feeling a headache, “Will we continue?”

Chen Xiao said, “We will go to other instances requiring five players. We have to complete all the instances on Jupiter.”

Such instances were relatively simple to complete, not to mention that Brother Chen and the other members were very strong, so they quickly completed all the instances requiring five players.

After that, Xie Mingzhe deeply felt the power of Wood creatures – in addition to vines having high attack power, there were various seemingly beautiful flowers with illusions, blindness and other control effects; many flowers and gra.s.s could inflict negative statuses, such as poisoning, weakness, and confusion, on cards.

Wood cards were just one branch in the world of Star Card. Water, Fire, Earth, and Metal cards certainly had their own characteristics.

After successfully completing some Wood instances, Chen Xiao said, “Let's disband first and go to bed early. We will go to other instances tomorrow.”

Xie Mingzhe nodded and looked at the time – eleven o'clock at night. Since the team was disbanded, Xie Mingzhe returned to his individual s.p.a.ce to continue studying the cards.

At the same time, the Adjudication Club office.

Nie Yuandao, who had just returned to the club after dinner, looked at [Wu Song] that Huan Yue handed him, and frowned slightly.

His features were strongly defined and when his brows drew together in a frown, he looked rather harsh.

As a man in his thirties, he had an air of calm which indicated that he had experienced twists and turns. Perhaps because he stayed with beast cards such as wolves, tigers, and lions every day, he had a beast-like, penetrating gaze, which other people dared not meet.

Nie Yuandao also had a t.i.tle of “Beastmaster” because he had an effect on the entire beast card pool. Before he played this game, the number of beast cards in the world of Star Card was small and their skills were relatively simple. Nie Yuandao perfected the beast card pool; his beast cards, such as tigers, leopards, wolves, and lions, were extremely powerful, and he had a unique style – using his beasts to beiseige the enemies.

Huan Yue didn't dare to look at him; instead, he lowered his head and asked softly, “Legend Nie, what do you think of this card?”

Nie Yuandao handed the optical tablet to the person next to him, “Xiao Lan, have a look at this.”

The man sitting next to him was 22-year-old Shan Lan, who was also a well-known player in the league. His fans called him “Legend Lan”.

If Legend Nie's eyes were so sharp that people dared not look at them, then Legend Lan was a very gentle man. When he smiled, his eyes curved into a crescent moon-like shape. He had a soft voice, fair complexion, and fine features. His equable temperament gave others the feeling of being fanned by a spring breeze.

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