Master Of Trading Star Card Game

Chapter 3 Part1

The next morning, Doctor Qin had completed the discharging formalities for Xie Mingzhe. Then Xie Mingzhe negotiated with the insurance company and paid his medical bills.

The medical insurance system in this world was perfect. The medical insurance for severe illnesses he had bought before included accident insurance, so all his medical expense was reimbursed. Xie Mingzhe was relieved. As the words went, "out of debt, out of pressure". Although as a poor with neither savings nor debts, Xie Mingzhe bore less pressure and just needed to support himself.

After a busy morning, Xie Mingzhe was successfully discharged. After expressing his thanks to Doctor Qin, Xie Mingzhe turned and walked out of the hospital.

The sunlight outside was a little harsh. When standing in the sun again after a month's sleep, Xie Mingzhe suddenly felt dizzy. He covered his head and took a few deep breaths, then the world gradually became clear.

All kinds of floating cars whizzed through the air, and it was a world with tall buildings. The mechanized city made people feel a little cold.

Xie Mingzhe stood on the street for a moment and actually felt the reality of his rebirth in the unfamiliar high-tech environment.

Said goodbye to AD 2018 and reborn in 3001. He had become another abjection teenager, Xie Mingzhe. Although his situation was not good in the opening game, he was confident that depending on his own ability, he could live well in this world because of two memories, his and the body's original owner's.

With a deep breath and a relieved smile on his face, Xie Mingzhe turned and headed for the nearby floating bus stop – with hands, feet and brains, he didn't believe an alive person would be starved to death.

Arriving at the terminal of the suburb in a levitation bus, Xie Mingzhe walked to a dilapidated residential building according to the route in his memory. On the tenth floor, he saw a middle-aged woman waiting for him at the door. The middle-aged woman was very fat, but she wore a pair of high-heeled shoes. Seeing Xie Mingzhe, she rolled her eyes and said coldly: “You finally come back. I thought you have escaped from the rent!”

Xie Mingzhe handed over his case files and apologetically explained: “Mrs. Zhang, I didn't mean to do so. I've been in the hospital all month.”

Mrs. Zhang refused his casebook and squinted at him, "In hospital? Are you trying to default on your rent with such an awful excuse?"

Saying in an ironic voice, she looked down upon the poor boy. Xie Mingzhe simply transferred 800 yuan to her with cell phone face to face, saying: "I'm sorry. I've been in default on rent for a month, which brings you some troubles." Falling behind with the rent was his fault regardless of Zhang's att.i.tude.

After receiving the rent, the middle-aged woman asked at once, "How will you pay the rent for August?"

Thinking of his 200 yuan bank balance, Xie Mingzhe said, "I have a poor financial condition recently, so can I pay my rent when the new term begins?" He would get enough money for the rent if he had another month. However, Mrs. Zhang seemed difficult to be persuaded.

"Wait until your new term begins?" Mrs. Zhang raised her voice immediately and gave him a contemptuous look as expected, "Either pay it now or move away at once. You can turn to a charity for help if you can't afford the rent. Don't come to me."

"……" Xie Mingzhe slightly frowned. He, especially Xie Mingzhe in this world who had suffered from indifference since he was young, had seen many sharp-tongued citizens. He didn't want to implore others and simply nodded, "OK, I'll move out as soon as possible."

Xie Mingzhe didn't beg Mrs. Zhang for help, which went beyond the latter's expectations. Mrs. Zhang raised her head doubtfully, suddenly meeting the bright eyes of the teenager.

His eyes were completely different from that of the depressed boy she knew. He was confident, calm and had a clear conscience.

Seeing her head lifted, Xie Mingzhe smiled, "Goodbye. I don't think we will meet again. Many thanks for your help."

The polite and peaceful farewell made by such a cultivated boy made Mrs. Zhang embarra.s.sed.

Looking at his thin, tall and straight figure from behind as he turned around to enter the room, Mrs. Zhang felt weird that the boy was much more energetic and handsome when he smiled, which was contrary to his depressed look before that made her sick. Unfortunately, no matter how handsome he was, he was just a poor boy with no relatives or friends. Would he be successful later?

Mrs. Zhang ignored the strange feeling and turned away frowning.

Xie Mingzhe swiped his card to enter the room.

The room was quite small. Aside from a bathroom, a bed and a wardrobe covered most of the area, leaving little s.p.a.ce for him to stand. His suitcase could only be placed under the bed. Xie Mingzhe leaned over and opened his suitcase, which contained clothes, daily necessities, and an old computer.

He had all the memories of this body's original owner, so he was not surprised to see these things.

After quickly packing his luggage, Xie Mingzhe sat on the bed and opened the computer to search for a keyword: “Part-time jobs.”

He quickly browsed a variety of part-time information and noticed a line of small characters: “Nirvana Game Studio near Capital University looking for temporary staff aged 18-25. We provide free dormitories (twin room) and food, but currently there is only one bed available in the male dormitory, so we only recruit male staff. Salary: 3,000 crystal coins per month.”

He met the requirement of age and gender, besides, this game studio was near his school, which was quite convenient. Moreover, "free dormitories (twin room) and food" could save him the trouble. However, what exactly was this game studio doing? Feeling curious, Xie Mingzhe sent a private message politely asking: “What is your game studio main for? I want to apply for this job.”

He quickly got a response: “We are a game studio providing boosting services mainly in Star Card Storm. We also repair cards for our clients. Appliers should have been playing Star Card Storm for more than a year, familiar with all the rules of this game. "

Xie Mingzhe:"……"

Why didn't you include this key requirement on your job posting?!

Xie Mingzhe had no experience with Star Card Storm, but he was quite familiar with game boosting. When he was in college on Earth, he was a part-time booster helping his clients raise to the highest level in League of Legends and Srike of Kings. An e-sports club even invited him to its team as a professional player, but at that time he just wanted to find a stable job after graduation, so he refused.

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