Master Of Trading Star Card Game

Chapter 3 Part2

There were game boosters in the future world?

Working as a game booster was one of Xie Mingzhe's specialties. Thinking of that, he quickly replied with excitement: "I haven't experienced Star Card Storm before, but I worked as a game booster for other games for many years, which enabled me to get familiar with the business. Can I apply for this position?"

The other side wondered: "What game?"

Thinking of games such as League of Legends and King of Glory didn't exist in this world, Xie Mingzhe dared not speak carelessly, so he said: "The games I played were popular among small crowds, but I have abundant experience as a game booster. I've learned something about Star Card Storm and I promise to master it in two days."

The other side hesitated: "If you haven't played Star Card Storm before, you are bound to lower our efficiency."

Xie Mingzhe compromised at once: "How about I work as an intern and get half of my salary in my first month?"

The other side was surprised: "You mean you can accept the salary of 1500?"

Xie Mingzhe said decisively: "Yes!"

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Working as an intern was better than nothing. The crystal coin in this world was about the same price as RMB (Chinese currency) in the earth's era. 1500 a month was enough for a college student, and he could save some pocket money if he was economical. He would be paid 3000 a month if he was officially employed. Isn't that fantastic?

Xie Mingzhe considered it quickly and made up his mind: "I'll work as an intern and get 1500 payment first. You can hire me if I perform well."

The other side replied in a while: "Come here and try it. See you two thirty in the afternoon."

Xie Mingzhe said with excitement: "Thanks. I'll arrive on time!"

Two thirty in the afternoon, Xie Mingzhe arrived for the interview with his packed suitcase.

He originally thought the game studio would be like an enclosed black internet bar, in which there were a row of computers and several indoors men who suffered from acne staring at the screen and typing emotionlessly on the keyboard.

However, when he arrived at the game studio, he was shocked. The rows of rotating seats and helmets looked neat and tidy, with a large virtual LCD screen in the center which was showing some data that were constantly updated.

Looking at these high-tech equipments, Xie Mingzhe thought he was in a s.p.a.ce station of a science fiction movie.

A young man about twenty-seven or -eight came over, holding a cigarette between his lips. He, with messy hair, wore a crumpled shirt which seemed to be just picked up from the ground. The black circles under his eyes revealed a lack of sleep. He looked at Xie Mingzhe, who was looking around out of curiosity, in a way that he was looking at a monster. He asked, “You are the guy who has never played Star Card Storm but applied for the job?”

Xie Mingzhe had the bra.s.s to nod: “I haven't played Star Card Storm, but I once provided boosting services in other games. I'm quite experienced in many games, and I will learn very quickly.” He worked hard to sell himself.

The young man laughed out loud, as if he had heard a funny joke.

Not feeling awkward, Xie Mingzhe looked into the man's eyes: “I will try it first. If I'm not competent for this job, then I'll go. Would you please give me a chance?”

Xie Mingzhe's eye expression showed his sincerity and bravery, which touched the man. Then the latter waved to him and said, “Well, come over. It's not difficult to get in-game materials. You can make it after practicing a few times under our guidance.”

The man said, while leading Xie Mingzhe into the next room. He handed him a brand new helmet: “Now that you had experience of providing boosting services before, you should know the rules in this line of business. We should complete the tasks our clients a.s.signed to us as soon as possible, so you have to be very familiar with this game.”

Xie Mingzhe nodded enthusiastically: "OK."

The helmet was sophisticated, so Xie Mingzhe carefully studied for a moment to understand how to use it, and asked: “Elder brother, what should I call you?”

Hearing that Xie Mingzhe sensibly called him elder brother, the man felt comfortable and relaxed his att.i.tude: “My surname is Chen. Everyone calls me Brother Chen, and you can also call me like that. What's your name?”

“Xie Mingzhe, you could call me… Xiao Xie.” Actually, Xie Mingzhe's nickname was “Azhe”, which his close friends called him this way in the past. Just meeting Brother Chen, Xie Mingzhe thought it was better to let Brother Chen call him Xiao Xie, rather than Azhe.

“Xiao Xie, you could register an account first and then experience the game by yourself. This game is not complicated. You could know how to play in a few hours.” Brother Chen said, “If you have been familiar with the rules before 9 p.m., come to me.”

Xie Mingzhe answered him with a sound “ooh” and then carefully put on his helmet.

After wearing the helmet, the world in front of his eyes changed quickly. A few lines of characters floated in the air and it was a login screen for different games – it seemed that this helmet could connect most holographic games. Star Card Storm ranked first, which was enough to show its status and popularity in the game world.

Xie Mingzhe clicked on Star Card Storm with hands.

The system sound rang with a crisp voice that sounded like a seven-year-old boy: "Welcome to the magic star card world! It is your first time to log in to the game, please create your account and bind your ident.i.ty number"

Xie Mingzhe followed the instruction and created his own account quickly.

System sound: “Please type your role name and create your image in the star card world.”

His real image was immediately imported into the game screen as if it were as realistic as the image reflected in a mirror. Xie Mingzhe looked at the “virtual” himself that made him marvel at the advanced technology of today's era.

He certainly would not play online games in his real image. If so, wouldn't it be very embarra.s.sed to meet the acquaintance in the future?

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Xie Mingzhe thought it over for a moment and then decided to make some changes to the role's appearance – 10 centimeters shorter and 30 pounds fatter than his real image, then add beards – all right, a chubby uncle with a kind smile.

As for the game ID, in order to make others feel kind, Xie Mingzhe named the role casually – Uncle Chubby.

At that moment, he didn't expect that this name would set off such huge waves in star card world.

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