Master Of Trading Star Card Game

Chapter 4 Part2

Icy Snake was a pure white snake about one meter long. It was covered with ice and snow, emitting coldness and crawling on the ground. It looked pretty cute, while Thunder Bird was just like a crow surrounded by bolts of lightning.

Icy Snake could freeze a single target, so Xie Mingzhe tried to use it to freeze the half-woman and half-snake monster. He also tried Thunder Bird's AOE skill “Interlinking Thunder” – the monster and its surrounding snakes receiving damage as expected.

Xie Mingzhe was a science student sensitive to data when he was on Earth. He deliberately observed the damage points – “Interlinking Thunder” caused about 80-point damage to all targets. According to the description of Thunder Bird's base attributes and additional skill, its base attack was 100 points, and its skill could cause 80% attack damage, which exactly conformed to the algorithm of 100×80%.

In other words, the ultimate damage a card could cause depended on its base attack and skill coefficient.

As an experienced player, Xie Mingzhe quickly concluded this card was just a common one that was not worth wasting resources to level it up to seven stars. Cards the system gave to a newbie were definitely not good cards. As he played for a longer time, there might be better cards with higher coefficient like 200%, 300% and higher base attack.

Good cards couldn't be obtained easily, so Xie Mingzhe just took his time, deciding to get familiar with the rules of the game first.

This simple instance was not difficult for Xie Mingzhe. He counted data while playing, and soon he killed all the small snakes and reduced the half-snake monster's Health to only 1%.

At this moment, the monster suddenly committed a suicide explosion, killing [Icy Snake] and [Thunder Bird] within seconds.

——Congratulations! You have accomplished the mission of the illusion land.

——The levels of [Icy Snake] and [Thunder Bird] have been increased to Level 3. Added bonus: 10 Green Star Stones and 2 Green Repairing Stones.

When Xie Mingzhe thought about the usage of the Stones, the considerate game system explained: [Star Stone] contains lots of experience, which can be used to feed your favorite cards to level them up; Every Star Card has limited using time that would diminish after death and when the number decreases to 0, Star Cards would be damaged. At that time, [Repairing Stone] of the same level could fix those damaged Star Cards.

"Your [Icy Snake] and [Thunder Bird] has been damaged. Fix them with the Repairing Stones!"

“Original translation from wWw。w.a.n.gmamaread。cOM。”

No wonder the half-snake monster would commit suicide explosion to kill these two Star Cards. To make players know the repairing function of the Star Card.

After fixing these two cards, Xie Mingzhe followed the system's guide and continued to gain more experience in different instances.


Outside the door, when Brother Chen had just walked out, a tall girl told him, “Brother Chen, we have received a big order.”

Brother Chen's eyes got bright and asked, "What order?"

The girl said: “There is someone who issued a rewarding task in Exchange. He wants a total of 100 seven-star wood attribute fragments in three days and the reward reached 20,000 gold icons. I took the order first."

A cheer rang out from all around: “Aqing, well done! A hundred fragments, we get a lot of work to do!”

Brother Chen waved his hand neatly, “Get ready to gain materials in Jupiter.”

“The required squad of instances in Jupiter is five people. We, only four, couldn't enter the instance. Ask another one to join us.” she said.

Thinking of the new recruit today, Brother Chen walked back to the next room and said to Xie Mingzhe, “Xiao Xie, our studio is shorthanded, have you known the game rules? Come and clear an instance with us.”

Finding his place in the studio, Xie Mingzhe immediately ran over, greeted several “colleagues” with a smile and sat next to them.

The crowd was in the game world and didn't pay much attention to his greeting – wearing helmets, they didn't even take a look at him.

“Jupiter,” said Brother Chen, “a.s.semble at the entrance of the Misty Forest.”

Xie Mingzhe asked shamelessly, “Brother Chen, where is the Misty Forest?”

Brother Chen answered patiently, "There is a world map in one room of your apartment. It can transmit you to wherever you want to go."

Xie Mingzhe was clearing the instance under the guide of the system when he entered the study. He left the unfinished task aside and walked to the next room. There were three rooms and one living room in his apartment. On the wall of the last room was a world map – a vast galaxy map and all twinkling stars were marked with labels.

Was the galaxy map in front of him the World of Star Card? How spectacular it was!

Xie Mingzhe was stunned for a few seconds, then he found the "Jupiter" Brother Chen mentioned among a dense swarm of stars.

In the game, there were Venus, Jupiter, Mercury, Saturn and Mars in the solar system, except the earth. Xie Mingzhe found there were also attribute marks on the cards: Water and Metal. Were Jupiter and Mars also related to the attribute of the card?

With the doubt, Xie Mingzhe was transmitted to the Jupiter and arrived at the entrance of the Misty Forest. Brother Chen send him a team invitation. As Xie Mingzhe joined the team, one asked him in a clear female voice, “Are you the newcomer? What cards do you have? Tell me and then I could allocate the task.”

Xie Mingzhe summoned two cards, "I only have [Icy Snake] and [Thunder Bird]."

That girl looked at the cute little white snake crawling around, and the thunder bird with spiky feathers hovering above them. She almost lost her breath, "Do you want to clear the seven-star instance with these two one-star cards? Are you serious?"

The man with a pair of tried not to laugh, "The attack power of [Thunder Bird] is only 100, but the HP of the boss in the seven-star instance is 10,000,000."

A flock of crows flew overhead…

In the game world, Xie Mingzhe felt innocent: was it not you who called me here?

Brother Chen, the culprit in the matter, was embarra.s.sed but just touched his nose, "I forgot it, he is a beginner, it is his first day to play the game."

An air of silence descended on the team…

After five seconds, Brother Chen rubbed his temple lightly, "Well, Xiao Xie, take it as an exercise!"

Xie Mingzhe excitedly rubbed his hands and sat straight, like a good student who was listening to lessons carefully, “OK, Brother Chen, I just have a look beside you and would not make any trouble!”

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