Master Of Trading Star Card Game

Chapter 5 Part1

Although Xie Mingzhe was a complete newbie, he was a studio intern after all. Brother Chen introduced Xie Mingzhe to the other members of Nirvana Game Studio in this collective activity: “Chi Qing's game ID is Green Gra.s.s, Pang Yu's ID is Galaxy Stars, Jin Yue's ID is Golds, my ID in the game is also Brother Chen. All four members are here now."

"h.e.l.lo everyone." Xie Mingzhe also introduced himself, "I'm Xie Mingzhe. I just started playing this game. My ID in the game is: Uncle Chubby."

“…h.e.l.lo.” This strange ID confused the others. They responded vaguely, not very enthusiastic. They hadn't seen a newcomer like him for a long time. What was Brother Chen thinking about? Why did he hire a newbie as a booster? Was Xie Mingzhe reliable?

Almost speechless, Chi Qing side-texted Brother Chen: "Brother Chen, are you sure to bring him with us?"

“He said that he was an experienced booster. I will tell him about the mechanism of the Boss. It won't be a problem for him. Let him follow us and join in the fun.” Brother Chen tried to convince himself. Then he looked at Xie Mingzhe's figure in the game.

“Original translation from Www。w.a.n.gmamaread。COM”

He remembered that Xie Mingzhe, who was more than 1.8 meters tall, looked very handsome with a bright smile. But his figure in the game was opposite to that – a fat man, less than 1.7 meters tall, whose ID was “Uncle Chubby” – so stupid.

A lanky boy was called “Uncle Chubby”? Was he kidding?

Brother Chen cleared his mind, waving at other members: “Let's go.”

Lands of illusion in the World of Star Card were just like instances in online games. Players could get a lot of rewards for challenging lands of illusion which ranged from one star(lowest degree of difficulty) to seven stars(highest degree of difficulty). The Misty Forest at Jupiter was a seven-star instance designed for a five-member team.

Xie Mingzhe knew that he shouldn't be here as soon as he entered the instance. Here the mobs all had a HP more than ten thousand, but his Thunder Bird's Attack was only 100 points. It was killed within seconds – how could it attack the mobs? Icy Snake and Thunder Bird died as soon as they entered the instance, and their Available Times of Use also changed from 1/1 to 0/1. Besides, he needed materials to repair the cards. Xie Mingzhe took pity on his cards, so he immediately put them away.

Xie Mingzhe thought his level was so low that in the high-level instance, he could hold the position but do nothing. As a result, after his two cards died, his role 'Uncle Chubby' was still alive. Probably, the setting of the game was based on the cards – all fighting depended on the cards – while the player's role didn't have any attack power, then would his role be alive forever?

Although confused, Xie Mingzhe followed the four people and watched their fighting.

As soon as they entered the instance, Pang Yu used the [Rhinoceros]. The rhinoceros rampaged through the Misty Forest which suddenly broke the silence. When the awakened little treants saw the intruder, they screamed and immediately lunged at the rhinoceros.

The rhino rushed all the way and Brother Chen and his teammates also ran behind it. The little treants were scattered around, so we could hardly see where the rhino was.

At that moment, Chi Qing beside me suddenly summoned two cards at one go.

– [Storm G.o.ddness], the graceful G.o.ddess flapped her wings and then a tornado swirled around all scattered treants, bringing them together in an instant!

— [Ice G.o.ddness], the crystal-like G.o.ddess fell from the sky and surrounded all treants with heavy snow, freezing them in situ!

Brother Chen said, "Fire"

Then Brother Chen and the guy named Jin Yue started throwing lots of their skills toward the treants.

Xie Mingzhe was shocked by their fight, hiding behind them.

The holographic game was so realistic that when he had just seen Storm G.o.ddess and Ice G.o.ddness, he felt it was like watching all kinds of 3D fantasy blockbusters on earth. G.o.ddesses seemed so close and vivid. Together with the sound of continuous wind and heavy snow overhead, the visual and sound effects were perfect.

“Original translation from Www。w.a.n.gmamaread。COM”

666, the effect of this game was so great that all engineers who developed it deserved a “thumbs up”.

Xie Mingzhe sighed as he watches them killing the mobs.

It was highly efficient for the four well-coordinated players to clear the instance – killed all treants in 30 seconds. Brother Chen recuperated in situ, put the dropped fragments into his personal package, and then continued to go deep into the forest.

Since Xie Mingzhe's cards were dead and damaged, he decided to look on intently.

As he had expected, materials they got from the forest instance on Jupiter were all with Wood attribute.

After killing seven rounds of mobs, they finally encountered the Boss.

Xie Mingzhe noticed the Boss in the distance was a flower more than one meter tall. It looked like a lily, but it was a colorful one whose five petals were red, green, blue, grey and golden respectively.

Brother Chen stopped and said: "A'Qing, tell Xiao Xie (Xiao means young, which is often used as a prefix before surname when one calls someone else younger than him or her to show amity in China) how to beat this Boss."

Chi Qing still spoke in an indifferent voice: "The flower monster is a Boss of Five Elements. When fighting with it, players have to stand on different patterns. Metal, Wood, Water, Fire and Earth correspond to gold, green, blue, red and brown. When a pattern with a certain color was generated under its feet, players need to step on the corresponding pattern at the external frontiers that restrain them, which makes it much easier to defeat the Boss. The order of restraining in the Five Elements are: wood overcomes earth, Earth overcomes Water, Water overcomes Fire, Fire overcomes Gold and Gold overcomes Wood."

A novice couldn't remember all the information because she talked too much at once. However, Xie Mingzhe was so talented in games that once an e-sports club scout talked to him. He immediately grasped the key information, saying: "What can I do for you? Help you step on the pattern?"

Chi Qing spoke very fast, but Xie Mingzhe listened carefully. She considered Xie Mingzhe as a drag on her team before, but now her att.i.tude of exclusion toward him relaxed, "When the green Wood pattern generates under the Boss's feet, its HP will recover, while the red pattern will help the Boss kill all the players in a second. Therefore, we have to stand on certain patterns to restrain it. It doesn't matter if we fail to step on other patterns that can restrain patterns increasing its attack and defense, because we can kill it by violent attack… Can you understand?"

Xie Mingzhe nodded, "I know. When a Wood pattern emerges, I have to step on the Gold pattern; if it is Fire, I should step on Water, right?"

"…Yes." Chi Qing was somewhat surprised. It took her a long time to recite the order of mutual overcoming. She wanted to explain it to him in detail again, however, Xie Mingzhe understood it after he listened to it once. Really?

"Let's get ready." Brother Chen said. He had no idea whether Xie Mingzhe could step on the right patterns. He thought it perfectly possible that the newbie would step on the wrong pattern and the Boss ace all of them.

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