Master Of Trading Star Card Game

Chapter 5 Part2

However, to everyone’s surprise, when Boss generated a Wood pattern restoring its HP at its foot, Xie Mingzhe immediately ran to the external frontier and stepped on the gold Metal pattern, which solved the Wood pattern; then the red Fire pattern appeared at the foot of Boss, so he stepped on the blue pattern to restrain it; then appeared the blue pattern, so he stepped on the brown; the brown appeared, then he stepped on the green…

Boss generated the patterns quite quickly, but Uncle Chubby also ran very fast. He ran in a regular rhythm same as Boss releasing skills – Boss generated patterns every 10 seconds, while he ran back and forth exactly in 10 seconds, as if he had calculated to a nicety the time.

Xie Mingzhe stepped on all patterns accurately, restraining Boss of the Five Elements successfully.

With his help, the rest summoned their cards to fight against Boss at full blast. Finally, they defeated it within a shorter time than usual.

After completing the mission, Brother Chen surprisedly looked at their completion time, which was three minutes shorter than usual. He had thought before that Xie Mingzhe would just stumbled around, stepping on the wrong patterns. He didn’t expect the newcomer to be very smart. Chi Qing only told Xie Mingzhe about the order of mutual overcoming in the Five Elements once, but he bore it in mind without making any mistakes.

Xie Mingzhe proved himself that he was really an experienced booster – although he had never played “Star Card Storm” before, he played many other games, so he could learn by a.n.a.logy and quickly understood.

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“I only offered a monthly salary of 1500 but found a really ‘cheap and fine’ intern!” Thinking about that, Brother Chen relaxed his att.i.tude towards Xie Mingzhe. He gently asked: “Xiao Xie, it seems that you are quite familiar with the order of mutual overcoming in the Five Elements?”

Xie Mingzhe smiled: “Many of the games I’ve played before involve the Five Elements, so I’ve committed them to memory.”

Brother Chen glanced at him with satisfaction, “All cards in Star Card Storm have their own attributes corresponding to five Major Planets¹. Players must go to the corresponding Major Planet to gain materials for evolution. There is an overcoming cycle in the Five Elements, for example, Water overcomes Fire, so when you use cards with Water attribute to fight against cards with Fire attribute, your cards will have a higher Effect Accuracy, which is almost the same as Effect Accuracy Percentage. But more importantly, a suit of cards with same attribute will gain Suit Percentage.”

Xie Mingzhe was really insightful, so Brother Chen set his mind on teaching him, patiently explaining: “The so-called “a suit of cards” means when you have more than five cards with the same attribute in your set of playing cards, you will get [Major Planet’s Blessing], namely Suit Percentage.

There is a wide range of the Suit Percentage of Five Main Stars. Late in the game when you want to collect your own suit, you could draw close to your favorite Main Star. Now that you know the attribute rule, it’s easier for you to play the game!”

“Uh-huh!” As he responded, Xie Mingzhe took out his two cards: [Icy Snake] and [Thunder Bird], which were presented by the system. Their respective attributes were Water and Metal. After Brother Chen’s explanation, Xie Mingzhe had understood the role of card attributes – these cards of different attributes mutually restrict each other and the suit with the same attribute would obtain the additional bonus. This was the whole point during the future fight in Arena.

“First, you need to level up to 35. At that time, you can use seven-star cards, then we could clean instances together.” Brother Chen could not wait to see Xie Mingzhe’s progress. Now that the recruited intern was a good candidate, he wanted to fast cultivate Xie Mingzhe as his primary a.s.sistant.

“No problem!” Xie Mingzhe also wanted to level up quickly, because the level of the role would affect the Inner Spirit. His present Inner Spirit was only 20 points, so he couldn’t use advanced cards. The current focus was to level his role up.

At the same time, in Elegance Club’s apartment for players.

The handsome young man sat on the sofa with a gauzy tablet computer in his hand. His hands looked really pretty with strong fingers and his nails were clean.

At this moment, his right index finger was sliding fast on the tablet computer.

In front of the LCD screen, there were many seven-star cards with black metallic l.u.s.ter, the back of which were red, green, blue, golden – thin threads of various colors stretched like vines and formed complex but exquisite patterns on their back.

– Each card seemed like a significant collection.

The door was pushed open, a 30-year-old woman, in a tailored skirt and with high-heeled shoes, stepped in and stopped in front of him, “Xiao Tang, is it you who privately posted the rewarding task for 100 Wood fragments this noon? I find your subsidiary account.”

“Yeah.” Tang Muzhou didn’t turn his sight away from the screen and gently responded.

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“If for emergency, you can tell the club and I could directly give you the material from our club.” The woman kindly suggested.

“Don’t let the club know the card first.” Tang Muzhou put down the tablet computer and looked up at her. “I am inventing a new card.”

“Oh?” The woman sat down beside him with interest, “How about the data of the new card?”

“Not bad. When the new card levels up to seven stars, I’ll take it into the Arena for actual combat. The result will determine whether I will use it in the next compet.i.tion season. With the unstable data of the new card, I don’t intend to bother the club for the time being, so I have released a rewarding task.” Tang Muzhou explained.

“I see.” The woman nodded, asking, “Are the people who have undertaken your task trustworthy?”

“A game studio providing boosting service took the task. Boosters won’t divulge the customer’s information. In addition, I used my subsidiary account that they don’t know.”

“That’s good.” The woman breathed a sigh of relief and warned Tang Muzhou, “Be cautious. After all, you are well-known in the game, so many clubs are studying your set of playing cards. Before the match, keep the data of your new playing cards a secret to avoid being targeted. Be careful when you put the new card on trial in the game.”

“I got it, sister Xue.” Tang Muzhou showed a faint smile and said, “It doesn’t matter even if the data is exposed in advance. I have never relied on the cards only in the match.”

“…” He was right. Having a strong set of playing cards was just the foundation of winning a match. Whether one could win a match mainly depended on his ability to embattle and adapt to changing circ.u.mstances. Tang Muzhou, who once won the first place in the Individual Race in the National Star Card League, was certainly an outstanding player.

Tang Muzhou was only 23 years old. He was a young man boasting a unique temperament. He was elegant and graceful, as if he was the gentlest prince in a cartoon fairytale. He was handsome and his smile made people warm. Seeing his smile, people would easily be off guard.

However, only those knowing him well knew that he was not as mild as he looked.

What was hidden behind his gentle smile was his fierce and merciless way of attack. Tang Muzhou played miraculously the Wood plant cards, especially his famous card [Thousand-year-old G.o.d Tree], which could kill other cards in a large scale, having defeated many trump cards of other professional players.

Killing his opponents’ cards with various kinds of vines with a smile – Tang Muzhou in the match was undoubtedly the most terrifying Wood player.

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