Master Of Trading Star Card Game

Chapter 7 Part2

It seemed that only the official operators knew who had bought that [Nine-tailed Fox] card since players marked up prices by pressing a certain b.u.t.ton in their seats, which was a way to protect players' privacy.

The commodity price in the game seemed to be very high. A pet card could be sold at 800 gold coins? It could cost the equivalent of a month rent for him.

Xie Mingzhe was curious to find out why the [Nine-tailed Fox] card could be sold at 800 gold coins, but the [Flower Monster] card was sold at a price of 300 gold coins. Was there a significant difference between them? Thinking of this, Xie Mingzhe leaned over to senior brother Qi, saying softly, "Why does the [Nine-tailed Fox] card sell at such a high price? Its base attributes are ordinary and it has no attack skills."

"Because it is an original card that is created by players. Such a card won't drop after you kill mobs or clear instances. The creator owns the copyright on it and he or she has the right to retain or sell it. The [Nine-tailed Fox] card is expensive because it is created by a well-known pet card designer in the game, sister Man. Sister Man produces dozens of [Nine-tailed Fox] cards to sell every month. Girls love to keep a fluffy pet like this, so some of them rush to buy it at a high price," senior brother Qi said in a low voice.

It suddenly dawned on Xie Mingzhe that the [Flower Monster] card was sold at a low price because players who wanted it could get it through killing Bosses in the game. However, the [Nine-tailed Fox] card was special as it was created by players and Bosses wouldn't drop it. Sister Man had the copyright on this card, so it was up to her to decide when to sell it. Selling dozens of such cards a month and each card was sold at a price of 800 gold coins, sister Man must have made a fortune.

Xie Mingzhe could not help but admire her for running such a successful business. Please support original translation from w.a.n.gmamaread.

After the foregoing cards were sold, the beautiful auctioneer smiled mysteriously, saying, "Here comes the highlight of today's auction. The extremely precious seven-star card will be auctioned next!"

Just as the beautiful auctioneer stopped speaking, an emcee came to the center of the stage with a delicate box and slowly opened it in the spotlight.

A black card was lying in the velvet box quietly.

Its pure black back shined with a faint metallic gloss. There was a green pattern on the back of the card.

Thinking of his two-star cards that had no patterns on their blue back, Xie Mingzhe found them were very dull. However, the pattern on the back of the seven-star black card was both gorgeous and exquisite. The pattern, like composed by green threads, stretched and spread on the back of this black card, deep and shallow. The green pattern was carved without any rules, while it looked not messy, instead, it seemed like a work of art carefully created by a master sculptor, with strong third dimension.

Just judging from the delicate back of this card, even Xie Mingzhe, a layman, also knew that the card must be valuable.

Xie Mingzhe observed the card carefully and found that in the lower right-hand corner of its back was a very small character——


When the camera was rested on the character “Tang”, Xie Mingzhe heard that the girl sitting behind him suddenly screamed out, “G.o.d, it's the work of legend Tang, isn't it?” “Ahahah, it must be the work of my Prince Charming! Only he will use this LOGO, and no one dares to copy!” Another uncle's sound rang out from the front side, “Oh gosh! The grapevine news is right – there really has Tang Muzhou's card in today's auction?” “Why would legend Tang's card be auctioned?”

Gradually, the original whispering sound around Xie Mingzhe grew noise and confusion, just like dropping a stone into a peaceful lake that led into billows —— the billows of sound rolled ceaselessly, and in an instant, the venue had been submerged completely.

Sitting in the crowd, Xie Mingzhe was deafened by the sound.

Who was Tang Muzhou? So influential?

The auctioneer picked up a microphone to maintain order, “Everybody, quiet, quiet, quiet, please!” Please support original translation from w.a.n.gmamaread.

After the auctioneer said it three times, the excited audience calmed down. The pretty hostess continued to say, “This seven-star card is exactly created by legend Tang, Tang Muzhou!” She carefully flipped the black card over and said, “Please look at the data on the card!”

On the electronic screen, Xie Mingzhe also saw the front of the card clearly.

On the front of the card was a cl.u.s.ter of blooming white flowers, each of which had a very clear pattern. Some of them even had crystal-like clear dews. Small flowers, white as jade, had met and piled above the other. They were so lifelike that they seemed to scent the air.

Tuberose (Wood)

Card Level: 70

Evolution Level: ★★★★★★★

Available Times of Use: 7/7

Base Attributes: Health 100000, Defense 0, Attack 50000, Agility 100, Critical Strike Chance 0%

Additional Skill: Alluring Scent (Targets within 30 meters round will inhale its special scent and be under illlusions for 5 seconds.)

Additional Skill: Night Falls (Targets within 30 meters round will be blind for 3 seconds.)

The audience burst into cheers again once they saw the card's data.

Xie Mingzhe heard a heated discussion from behind, “100,000 Health and 50,000 Defense – it totals 150,000 HP! It is almost a tank!” “A card with 100 Agility enables the player to make an AOE attack in the fastest speed. Moreover, its two skills, illusions and blindness, are strong controls – what a formidable card!” “I remember legend Tang once used this card in the league?” “Why did he sell such a great card?” “Has he created a better card?”

Seeing that audience had gotten excited, the host smiled, "Seven-star [Tuberose], AOE control card, now started! The starting price is 100,000 gold!"

Xie Mingzhe, "What??"

Were the rich in this world all crazy?

100,000 gold coins, equivalent to 10,000 crystal coins in the real world, were enough for his annual living expenses!

It was just a card! Would any fool buy it?

However, it turned out to be a slap in his face - so many people had a run on it! Please support original translation from w.a.n.gmamaread.

As soon as the host announced the start, the price on the screen rose wildly.

110,000… 115,000… 120,000… 125,000…

Xie Mingzhe watched the price going higher and higher, his eyes popping out of his head.

So much money! Now he'd seen everything.

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