Master Of Trading Star Card Game

Chapter 8 Part1

Xie Mingzhe watched the rolling numbers on the screen, realizing his poverty and insignificance.

When he was worried about the rent of 800 coins a month and felt happy to find a job offering 1,500 per month, the rich spent tens of thousands for a card in the world of games.

He remembered that when he was still on earth playing online games, a rich player spent tens of thousands on his armours and weapons in their area. It was said that the rich in games dropping armours and weapons randomly often topped up millions into their account to get better equipment.

There were always the rich and the poor, no matter in which era. Unfortunately, Xie Mingzhe was a poor man both on earth and this planet.

He didn't understand what the rich were thinking about. What he could do was just standing aside and watching.

The price on the screen soared to 150,000 and then stopped.

“150,000 once, 150,000 twice, is there anyone else…” said the host.

Before he finished "offering a higher bid", the number rolled again.

– 200,000.

– 220,000.

– 250,000.

– 300,000!

Xie Mingzhe's eyes widened. The gap between each bid was all about thousands of coins before – why did it suddenly change? Now the gap was tens of thousands! Please support original translation from w.a.n.gmamaread.

Senior brother Qi whispered beside him, “The bids before were not important. The real rich just begin bidding right now. This seven-star card's attributes are so great – Agility 100, two Crowd Control skills, plus Tang Muzhou's reputation, its price is definitely more than 300,000.”

Xie Mingzhe:"……"

The rich's world was unimaginable.

Rare cards in this game should be the same as the top armors and weapons in other games, especially cards with perfect attributes. It seemed reasonable to bid millions for this card.

Xie Mingzhe sighed as he looked on pa.s.sively.

At the same time, inside Fenghua(which means elegance and talent) Club's office in the capital city.

Xue Linxiang looked at the young man, who was lying back on the sofa and constantly yawning. She said softly, “Xiao Tang, you invested lots of emotional energy to create this [Tuberose] card, the data of which is really perfect. Even if you don't need it, you can give it to others. Why would you want to sell it?” Xue Linxiang was reluctant to do that.

Tang Muzhou was so sleepy that he was about to fall asleep. Hearing sister Xue's words, he raised his spirit a little and squinted his eyes, saying, “Changfeng, Man Man and Xiao An, none of them are good at using plant cards. Even if I give it to them, they couldn't also exert its maximum effect. Why not find an eligible owner for the card?”

When he was sleepy, his voice was a little low, with a hint of laziness and hoa.r.s.eness, which heard extra good.

Xue Linxiang was afraid that he would fall asleep because of his strange routines, then said hurriedly to catch his attention, “Well, since you don't need it anymore, it is surely better to find an owner who cherishes it, instead of placing it in a display cabinet… However, the [Tuberose], a support card, has been sold. Have you selected an alternate card for your set of playing cards?”

“Of course.” Tang Muzhou opened the information of card in his tablet computer and introduced, “This card was just finished a few days ago. I applied different ideas when creating it. Sister Xue, have a look at its data.”

“……” In an instant, Xue Linxiang's eyes widened.

The surplus value of the seven-star [Tuberose] card, which had been sold by Tang Muzhou, was extracted completely. However, the data of the card that replaced [Tuberose] was even more frightening. She believed that when this card appeared on the court, it would definitely make Tang Muzhou's opponents have a headache.

“How did you create this card?” Xue Linxiang turned around but only found that Tang Muzhou had already fallen asleep, with the tablet computer in his arms. Please support original translation from w.a.n.gmamaread.

Tang Muzhou always had an afternoon nap every day, just like the dehydrated plants that had been exposed to the burning sun for a long time. If not, he couldn't lift the spirit. The strange routine really made others helpless. Seeing him sleep deeply, Xue Linxiang didn't wake him up but put away his tablet computer. She walked back to the office to check the schedule that the league had just sent to her.


At the auction.

The ultimate sale price of the [Tuberose] card was 660,000 yuan, equal to the actual currency 66,000 yuan. It was really amazing.

Xie Mingzhe and his two partners went out of the auction house after the auction ended.

The summer sun shone on him, which was so lifelike and made him feel warm even in the game. The temperature was moderate and the weather was fine, but Xie Mingzhe was in a very bad mood.

The rich could spend tens of thousands of gold on a card, but he had to worry about how to make a living.

The gap between the rich and the poor existed in every world, including the game world. Xie Mingzhe did not detest the rich, instead, he believed that people who made a fortune must have something superior to others. He became an orphan when he was born, so he was on his own and had a much lower starting point.

But he refused to reconcile himself to that situation.

He was unwilling to be a poor man again after he restarted his life in a new world.

In his previous life on earth, Xie Mingzhe finished college on a scholarship. After graduation, he intended to find a well-paid job and lead a stable life. He was satisfied with his peaceful life at that time.

However, now he changed.

Although this world had highly developed science and technology, people's intellectual nourishment was scarce, which resulted in the popularity of the holographic games like Star Card Storm in the world. Numerous players regarded Star Card Storm as the spiritual sustenance, so they were willing to invest in the game.

The auction had proved that point. A [Nine-tailed Fox] pet card with weak ability to attack could be sold for 8000 gold due to its cuteness and the [Tuberose], a battle card was sold at a sky-high price of 660 thousand gold, which was equivalent to 66 thousand currency in the real world.

If Xie Mingzhe had such a card and sold it out at such a high price, he didn't have to worry about his living expenses and tuition fees in college at all. Please support original translation from w.a.n.gmamaread.

Xie Mingzhe was extremely shocked.

Xie Mingzhe had never played card games before. He had thought the card was cheap and he could buy one for several gold to raise as there were innumerable cards in the game. However, Xie Mingzhe had a completely new understanding of this world after he saw the original cards that were sold for several thousand, tens of thousands of gold.

Maybe he could also produce some original cards to sell? It didn't matter if he failed, but what if he succeeded? He didn't expect his original cards could be sold for tens of thousands of gold. If someone bought his card for several hundred gold, you would lead a period of comfortable life.

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