Master Pei’s Wife is a Devil Concubine

Chapter 13

Chapter 13: Needed to be Taught a Lesson

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Su Ji came out of her room and happened to hear their discussion.

Since when were the servants allowed to gossip about their masters?

However, Aunt Zou thought that the original owner was easy to bully, so she didn’t panic at all when she heard.

Instead, she gave her a look of disgust, as if she was the servant who had tarnished her home.

She needed to be taught a lesson.

Seeing Su Ji walk into the kitchen, Aunt Zou followed her as if she was guarding against a thief.

There were two steaming pots on the stove. Su Ji did not need to look at them. She knew what it was from the smell.

Bird’s nest, ginseng, deer horn…

It was a good recipe, but the quality was average.

There were a few herbs that men shouldn’t take, but women could take them to enhance their beauty. It was obvious who this was for.

“Aunt Zou, bring a serving to my room,” Su Ji said with a smile.

“What?” There was no respect in Aunt Zou’s tone. Instead, she sounded like she had heard something ridiculous. She explained to her impatiently, “miss, this is for Madam and Second Miss. They’ve been stewing it for a few hours. Do you know how precious the medicinal herbs are? They’re all…”

“I said, bring a serving into my room,” Su Ji turned around unhurriedly and said in a slightly more serious tone.

Aunt Zou met her gaze and was instantly stunned.

His eyes were so intimidating that she didn’t dare to look at her directly.

“Yes…” Before her brain could react, Aunt Zou subconsciously said yes.

After the steaming hot soup was brought into her room, Su Ji waved her away.

Would she let her get away with this?

Of course not.

As expected, within ten minutes, Ning Lihua’s angry voice was heard from outside the door.

One of the beauty products that she had spent so much money on had been taken away by Su Ji. One could imagine how angry Ning Lihua was. However, Su Ji was the eldest daughter of the Su family and Su Cunyi’s favorite. It was only right for Su Ji to ask for a share.

On the other hand, if Su Cunyi knew that she had only made two portions of the soup and after what happened today, Ning Lihua didn’t dare to cause trouble. She could only vent her anger on Aunt Zou.

Su Ji crossed her legs and sipped the soup leisurely.

A servant like Aunt Zou needed to be taught a lesson, but she didn’t have to do it herself.

Outside the window, there were rows upon rows of high-rise buildings and neon lights. The Su residence was not located in an area that was as quiet as the Pei residence. From the window, one could see the bustling streets and the endless streams of pedestrians.

The light was reflected in Su Ji’s eyes.

Seeing such a peaceful and prosperous world, her heart pounded.

After this day, she felt like she had adapted into this era.

In the Shang Dynasty, girls who made a living by singing and dancing had very low status. Not only did they have a low salary, they also had to endure the prejudice of the world. When they were old, they would be bullied by others. She thought it was unfair back then, but she didn’t expect that the modern world would be exactly what she wanted.

Being an artiste was a popular profession. In addition to singing and dancing, they could also act and participate in variety shows. When she knew about the amount of pay she could earn from a popular film, the little money-grubber’s eyes lit up.

The phone that she had put aside vibrated a few times. Su Ji put down the bowl.

She had hoped that her “bestie” would text her, but there were no messages from Pei Huai.

The few messages she had just received were all from the same group.

‘Fallen Note Communication Group’

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