Master Pei’s Wife is a Devil Concubine

Chapter 14

Chapter 14: The True Colors of the Concubine

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“Meng Na: [Coach just sent a notice. She will return to school for the music and dance assessment next month. All of us are not allowed to take leave.]

Zhou Xifang: [Got it.]

Pan Lian: [Oh my God, even during the summer break, I have to quickly lose two pounds! *distressed emoji*]

They were the three members of Fallen Note. Among them, Meng Na and Zhou Xifang were very popular at the moment. They already had their own fan club.

Chen Jing treated the two of them like god.

There was a massive gap in popularity between Zhou Xifang, who was the current leader of the group, and Su Ji.

At the moment, she was in the negotiation to become the female lead of a romantic drama. The male lead had about 6 million followers on Weibo.

Pan Lian could not compare to the two of them, but she was still better than Su Ji.

She was the same as Su Ji, they were both chosen to join the group because of their pretty faces.

In fact, her real hobby was to make delicious food, especially baking.

In order to make it easier for them to work together, the school arranged for the four of them to stay in the same dormitory in their first year.

Therefore, they were team members and roommates.

However, everyone was usually busy with their own things, and the original owner was completely invisible among the group members.

There was a timetable on the wall. Other than performing at the Pei family event, the rest of her schedule was blank. Su Ji took out a red marker and circled the date of August 1st.

She put the cap back on and accurately threw the marker back into the pen holder two meters behind her.

Cherish the next ten days of invisibility.

When she was reading the group messages, Su Ji noticed her profile photo on WeChat.

It was fine that it was a red heart, but her profile name was long and hard to understand.


Su Ji was familiar with ancient scripts and many other complicated hieroglyphics, but she was surprised that she could not understand these characters.

This caught her attention.

She immediately turned on her computer and spent an hour researching!

After cracking the code, Su Ji’s expression was as dark as the bottom of a pot.

No wonder Pei Huai had that expression when he added her on WeChat.

God damn it!

The flamboyant Internet slang was too much for her, but it would arouse suspicion if she changed it to a normal name all of a sudden.

After all, it was her first day here.

Therefore, she changed it to something just as annoying, but was more in line with her true nature.



That night, the family doctor came to change her dressing.

After that, Su Ji stayed in her room and studied the strange modern technology.

She couldn’t stop browsing TikTok. “It’s bedtime.” She received the reminder three times before she realized that it was already 3am.

At that moment, she saw a post from the museum of A City.

With the appearance of the tomb of Concubine Su, more than 10,000 cultural relics were revealed. The comment section exploded with people who wanted to see it for themselves, so they had decided to open it to the public tomorrow.

Su Ji narrowed her eyes.

The tomb appeared just as she transmigrated into this body.

She wondered if the incidents were related.

She had no plans for tomorrow, so she bought a ticket to the museum.

388 yuan was deducted.

She had to pay to visit her own mausoleum?

It was ridiculous!

She finally put down her phone and went to sleep. At the same time, someone in the Pei residence was once again woken up by a nightmare!

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