Master Pei’s Wife is a Devil Concubine

Chapter 17

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“Su Ji?”

He spoke her name slowly like he was savoring it.

A faint smile appeared in his eyes, and Shen Mu couldn’t help but look over.

Does he know someone with the surname Su?

He thought that his CEO had bumped into an important client, because everyone knew that their CEO was only interested in work.

“There are too many people over there. I’ll ask the staff to clear the area …” Shen Mu said.

“No need.” Pei Huai walked over. “Go outside and wait.”

“Yes, boss,” Shen Mu replied.

If he knew that his CEO’s eyes were actually on a girl, his jaw would drop.

Pei Huai stopped a few meters away from Su Ji.

He had wanted to see what the demon concubine who had caused him sleepless nights looked like, but he did not expect to see Su Ji instead.

After Su Ji left the perverted-looking man, she walked along the rows of glass cabinets and looked around.

Pei Huai walked behind her, as if she was leading the tour.

“More than 80 kilograms of gold and 10 tons of copper coins have been unearthed…” Su Ji carefully read the description with a doubtful expression.

Was there so much?

Before she could think about it, a few other displays caught her attention.

They were her emerald hairpin with 228 gems, gold scepter made of honey wax, and her white jade pillow.

Looking at her old personal belongings being locked up in a display cabinet, Su Ji’s heart was filled with mixed feelings.

She pressed her hands and face against the glass with heartache.

“You like them so much?” Pei Huai paused and chuckled.

With a shadow over her head, Su Ji turned around and noticed that her “bestie” had come as well.

The man put his hands in his pockets and lifted his chin slightly. He looked at her with a playful gaze.

Su Ji suddenly remembered a TikTok introductory video about Pei Huai.

“Height: 188, IQ: 188, Size: 18.8…”

Su Ji swallowed, “don’t you think they look good? I’ll definitely buy them all if I can.”

Pei Huai laughed in a low voice, as cold as ever. “It’s taboo to buy a dead person’s belongings.”

Su Ji was speechless.

You’re the dead! Your whole family is dead!

Of course, she did not say it out loud.

Just like that, the two of them strolled around the museum for a while. When they came out of the exhibition hall, Pei Huai realized that he had unknowingly strolled around with this woman for more than two hours.

He studied the statue at the door for a long time, but he did not feel anything.

He really didn’t know why he had those dreams.

“She doesn’t actually look like this…”

Suddenly, a soft voice echoed in his ears, and his heart fluttered.

He turned around and he looked at Su Ji, who was tiptoeing.

Her face was so close to his that he even felt his lips brush against her forehead.

Since they were “besties”, Su Ji smiled and said honestly, “she’s much more beautiful in person.”

Pei Huai’s gaze swept across the woman’s slender and fair neck only for a brief moment, “how did you know?”

Su Ji withdrew her hand from his shoulder, and the two of them returned to a safe distance. She lied, “I… read it in her unofficial history…”

Pei Huai did not pay attention to her answer. He raised his hand to loosen his tie, feeling thirsty for some reason.

At that moment, his phone suddenly vibrated.

Just as he was about to use this as an excuse to leave Su Ji, he saw his grandfather’s name on the screen…

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