Master Pei’s Wife is a Devil Concubine

Chapter 16

Chapter 16: The Wild Sexual History of Concubine Su and 108 Princes

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There was only one museum in A City. It was located in the north of the city and was also the largest museum in the country.

There were hundreds of thousands of cultural relics. The ten thousand or so items that had been unearthed from the tomb of the concubine occupied the largest hall.

It wasn’t a weekend, but the museum was packed with people, and they were all heading to see the concubine’s relics.

Su Yi was thin, so she could move easily through the crowd.

She soon arrived at the exhibition hall of the concubine. A 2.8-meter-tall statue stood in front of the door.

As the corpse in the gold coffin was missing, and there was no known portrait of the concubine, there was no way to find out what she actually looked like. They only relied on expert’s estimation and ancient aesthetics to build the statue.

It was known that Concubine Su was the first of the four great devil concubines in ancient China. She was beautiful and charming.

Looking at this statue, it had a chubby oval face, thin eyebrows, small and upturned cherry lips, and a tight bun that pulled back the corners of the eyes by two centimeters.

It was the typical face of a noble consort that often appeared in the history books.

Su Ji looked at the statue and then turned to look at her reflection in the mirror.

They did not look alike at all.

Su Ji walked in with her hands in her pockets. On a two-story high screen, there was a text that introduced the ancient calligraphy that was uncovered with the tomb.

“Wow, the writing is so beautiful. It’s actually so well-preserved.”

“That must be the legendary calligraphy that even calligraphy experts can’t imitate, right?”

“388 yuan was worth it to see the long-lost ancient calligraphy.”

This style of calligraphy only appeared during the Shang Dynasty and it was most unique in the history of calligraphy.

It was different from traditional calligraphy styles such as Jin Kai and Tang Kai. Instead, it had a strong touch and was known as the original.

The stroke was thin but strong. One could imagine that the person who wrote it was swift and graceful.

Unfortunately, today’s historians knew very little about the Shang Dynasty. They didn’t even know who created it. They only knew that it became popular among the people once it appeared, so it must have been created by a very well-known figure.

Su Ji walked to the glass cabinet where the calligraphy was displayed, and she could hear people discussing it.

“Since it was found in the tomb of the demon concubine, could she have written this?”

“Don’t joke around. It was said that she was illiterate. ”


“Yeah, she’s just an empty vase.”

Su Ji’s ears twitched. She leaned over and asked with an innocent face, “since she’s so useless, why was she so favored by the nobles? She was even given the best spot in the mausoleum with so much gold, silver, and jewelry?”

“Um…” The person who spoke earlier smiled mysteriously and whispered in her ear, “search for a book called ‘The Wild Sexual History of Concubine Su and 108 Princes’, you’ll understand everything…”

Su Ji’s eyes narrowed into a thin line…

You think you know everything?!

“I thought you wouldn’t come.”

The one who spoke was Pei Huai’s personal assistant, Shen Mu.

Pei Huai hadn’t slept since he woke up from the nightmare last night. He had just finished his meeting and decided to drop by.

He looked around in disinterest and his gaze suddenly stopped on a figure.

The figure of a woman who was talking to a perverted-looking man…

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