Master Pei’s Wife is a Devil Concubine

Chapter 19

Chapter 19: Popular in the Whole Universe

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In the courtyard, Wang Zhicheng put his hand on his eyebrow and looked out. “The car that sent the elder miss back looks like a Rolls-Royce?”

Beside him, Aunt Zou was holding a pair of shears. With a snap, she cut a small branch off. “Hmph, I’ve never heard of anyone using a taxi app to ride in a Rolls-Royce.”

Wang Zhicheng was also very confused. As far as he knew, she had no friends at all. She even had to take a taxi when she went out to work.

It seemed that he was wrong.

As soon as Su Ji entered the room, she felt that something was not right. Su Cunyi, Ning Lihua, and the idiot twins were all in the living room. When they saw her enter, they stopped talking for a moment, and their expressions became more and more twisted.

In the past, Su Ji would immediately hide in her room when she saw this kind of hostile scene, but now, Su Ji walked into the crowd and calmly poured herself a cup of cold tea.

Su Qianrou’s gaze followed her for a while, but seeing that she had no intention of leaving, she continued, “dad, I really want to go to Jingyang Art School. Just promise me, Su Ji is also studying in Jingyang. Why can’t I go if she can?”

Su Qianrou scored 589 and Su Junye scored 393.

At first, Ning Lihua was very satisfied with her daughter’s results, but on the way home, she suddenly said that she didn’t want to go to a normal university. Instead, she wanted to go to Jingyang Art School.

On the other hand, his son, who had not passed the first tier, was asking them to get him into a top university.

Ning Lihua tugged at Su Qianrou’s arm and whispered, “Rourou, your sister enrolled in an art school because her grades were bad. You can get into a good university with your grades, so why do want you go to an art school? Don’t tell me you want to be an artist? You’re the second miss of the Su family!”

“Since the Su family already has a daughter in the entertainment industry, it doesn’t matter if I join her,” Su Qianrou said, then she leaned over to Ning Lihua and whispered, “Song Heng is the director. He’ll definitely make me famous…”

In fact, she had been jealous of Su Ji ever since she entered the entertainment industry two years ago. However, it was fine because Su Ji never became popular.

However, when she saw Su Ji’s dazzling performance at Old Master Pei’s birthday party yesterday, that feeling from before resurfaced, and her heart was filled with resentment.

Especially when she thought of the way Song Heng looked at Su Ji…

She didn’t sleep all night to make this decision. She must become popular!

With her looks and connections, she would definitely be popular in the whole universe!

She would step on Su Ji for the rest of her life!

Ning Lihua did not know when her daughter’s thoughts changed. She glared at her son who was still playing games. “You really want to anger me to death!”

Su Junye’s gaze shifted from phone and he said with a stupid look, “dad, mom, I’m going to inherit the Su family’s company in the future. How can I not study Business Administration at a top university?”

Su Cunyi was too lazy to pay attention to his son, and his expression was very solemn.

Su Qianrou rolled her eyes and brought the attention back to her “dad, if I can go to the same university as Su Ji, we’ll be able to help each other…”

As she spoke, she was about to hold Su Ji’s arm to pretend to be close to her. Who knew that Su Ji, who had her back facing her, would take a perfect step forward.

Su Qianrou’s hand froze on the spot as she missed.

“Su Ji, you know more about the entertainment industry. Do you think your sister is suitable for it?” Su Cunyi looked at Su Ji.

Su Ji sipped her tea, her beautiful dark peach-shaped eyes raised. “She’s so good at acting, of course she’ll be good at it~”

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