Master Pei’s Wife is a Devil Concubine

Chapter 20

Chapter 20: Learning Her Own History?

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Since she offered herself up, then as her sister, Su Ji had no reason to push her away.

Su Qianrou’s face turned purple with anger. Of course, she knew that Su Ji was mocking her, but she could only remain calm in front of Su Cunyi. Her smile was ugly, “that’s right, dad. She said I’ll be good at it…”

Su Cunyi sighed. “In that case, Rourou, you should learn more from your sister. She’s more experienced than you. I remember that enrollment is in the beginning of August every year. You have to hurry up and prepare.”

Su Qianrou was overjoyed, “don’t worry, dad! I’ll definitely make it!”


In the master bedroom, Ning Lihua was still sulking. Before Su Qianrou entered the room, she took the fruit platter from Aunt Zou and placed it on the dressing table in front of Ning Lihua. “Mom, are you still angry? I cut up some fruits for you. ”

After a few seconds of silence, Ning Lihua turned around and said, “what were you thinking? Didn’t you say that you want to go to the best university and study abroad? Why did you suddenly…”

“Mom, as long as I’m doing well in the entertainment industry, it won’t affect my life. Don’t worry, I won’t fail like Su Ji.”

She wanted everyone to admire her and envy her.

“When the time comes, Song Heng will be a famous director and I’ll be best actress. Everyone will say that we’re a perfect couple.”

“Celebrities earn a lot of money. Then, we can have all the limited editions each. We don’t have to worry about our credit card blowing up and that dad will be upset…”

Ning Lihua seemed to be moved by her words and could not help but laugh.

“You’re…” She smiled, “a good child.”


In Su Ji’s room upstairs, Su Ji had just taken a bath and was lazily lying on the bed. She suddenly felt nauseated.

There was something unclean in this house.

After drinking the wolfberry juice, Su Ji lay back down. It was a hot summer, so she put on a thin nightgown. The shoulder straps hung on her thin shoulders, and her body was as fair and smooth as a boiled egg.

At this moment, she was crossing her feet and searching for something on her phone.

“The Wild History of Concubine Su and the 108 Princes”

Su Ji suddenly leaned forward when she saw something.

“Note: this book involves 108 male characters, but the plot revolves around the two most powerful men in the Shang Dynasty. Read how Concubine Su plays the two powerful men, and holds the Shang Dynasty in her hands.”

The first chapter had an eye-catching title.

“Chapter 1: Two Dragons and a Pearl.”


The corner of Su Ji’s eyes twitched. When she entered the palace, it was already the king’s 60th birthday, where did the two dragons come from?

She looked at the door silently. Seeing that the door was closed, Su Ji swallowed and clicked on the first chapter.

However, there was a popup on the screen the next second.

[Please click on the yellow car to see the exciting content. It only costs 17.70 yuan.]

She became even more curious. Other than the king, which other man could have such a relationship with her?

She really did not know that such a person still existed.

Su Ji made up her mind.

So she placed an order…

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