Master Pei’s Wife is a Devil Concubine

Chapter 23

Chapter 23: A Good Son

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When Pei Xingxing heard the voice that he had been dreaming about the past few days, he immediately stopped.

“Ms. Su Ji!”

A minute later, Su Ji finally understood. It turned out that Huichun Hall was owned by the second master of the Pei family, Pei Song. His son must be Pei Xingxing.

Pei Xingxing immediately put away the toy in his hand and adjusted the bow on his collar. “Ms. Su Ji, this is my dad’s shop. What medicine do you want to buy? Just tell me!”

The pharmacist did not dare to disobey the little devil, so she explained to him, “young master, the medicine that this customer wants is not for sale. The boss only has a little…”

“Since he has it, why can’t we sell it? My dad is treating a patient inside. I’ll go in and ask him.”

The pharmacist thought that that was a better idea. She was just an employee, so it’s better to ask the boss.

Su Ji touched Pei Xingxing’s fluffy head. “Then help me ask if 43,0000 yuan for 3g is okay?”

The company hadn’t paid her for performing at the birthday party, and that was all she had in her card.

She found out that the price of the herb in the modern world was greatly inflated. The price she offered was probably not good enough. In that case, let it be.

She might even look cool with a scar.

She didn’t want to be regarded as a femme fatale again.

“No problem!” Pei Xingxing ran back to the inner hall.

When the curtain was lifted, the fragrance of herbs assailed his nose.

There was a man in his 30s sitting inside. He had long legs and fair skin. He wore a pair of silver-rimmed glasses and a white coat.

Pei Song was reading someone’s pulse. The person in front of him was a female patient, but because her heart was beating too fast, it was difficult to take her pulse.

However, he had no choice. The more Pei Song asked her to relax, the more nervous she became. She was about to declare her love for him.

It was not her fault, Pei Song was too handsome. He had long and narrow eyes and a sexy look.

Pei Song was already used to this. They hadn’t seen his third brother, or else they would already be pregnant.

Next to his third brother, he was just an ordinary person.

Didn’t his brother say that he would come to see him today?

Pei Song looked at the time and then heard some movement outside the curtain. He thought that his third brother, the busy man, had arrived.

But it was Pei Xingxing who stuck his head into the room. “Dad, there’s a customer who wants to buy isa…indigo ”

“Isatis indigotica fortune…?” Pei Song raised his eyebrows.

“Yes, yes!” Pei Xingxing tried his best to remember. “She’s offering 430,000 yuan for 3 grams. Do you want to sell it to her?”


“No.” Pei Song smiled and shook his head.

For a medicinal herb like isatis indigotica fortune, he wouldn’t sell it even if she added two more zeros.

“Oh.” Pei Xingxing returned to report back.

“Ms. Su Ji, my dad said you can keep the money!”

Hearing his son’s bright and energetic voice from outside the door, Pei Song was very pleased.

This little devil was becoming more and more sensible. He could even help him out at the clinic.

However, he was only happy for a second before he heard him continue, “he’s giving it to you for free!”

Pei Song’s grip tightened.

“Ouch, Doctor Pei, you’re hurting me…” The female patient opposite him said shyly.

“I’m sorry.” Pei Song’s eyes twitched.


He was trying to kill him!

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