Master Pei’s Wife is a Devil Concubine

Chapter 22

Chapter 22: Buying Herbs

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Ning Lihua came almost instantly. “Why is this happening? Please think of a way, how can she have a big scar on her forehead if she wants to be a celebrity?”

Su Qianrou pretended to be worried, “Su Ji, don’t be too sad, celebrities don’t just rely on their faces.” What else did she have besides her face?

Su Cunyi touched his daughter’s forehead in distress. There was a big and visible scar on her otherwise smooth forehead. “Su Ji, I will get the best doctor to help you get rid of it.”

Unexpectedly, the doctor disagreed when he heard that, “scar removal surgery will increase the wound surface. In Ms. Su’s situation, it might be counterproductive.”

Ning Lihua asked, “then does she have to cover her forehead with bangs everytime she goes on camera? She can’t stay indoors all the time, and if the wind blows, it will be exposed right?”

The more she talked about it, the more excited she became, but she didn’t notice Su Cunyi’s increasingly gloomy expression.

Su Ji furrowed her eyebrows slightly, “since that’s the case, I’ll apply medicine myself in the next few days, you don’t have to come anymore.”

The wound had already scabbed, so the doctor did not refuse. “Ms. Su, remember not to let the wound get wet.”

When Su Cunyi saw her daughter being so sensible, his heart ached for her. Then, he scolded Ning Lihua, “how dare you speak up? You’re the reason why she got hurt!”

Ning Lihua was annoyed that he scolded her because of another woman’s child.

How did she know that Su Ji was prone to scarring?

What a surprise! Even God was helping her!

But just as she was about to defend herself, Su Qianrou tugged at her sleeve.

As long as there was an ugly scar on Su Ji’s head, their goal would be achieved. So what if she played the victim for a few days?

Ning Lihua understood and kept quiet.

After the doctor left, Su Ji got up and went back to her room.

Everyone thought that she was going to lock herself in the room and cry under the quilt, but they didn’t know that after Su Ji entered the room, she just took out her phone and opened the browser.

Everyone thought that she was going to lock herself up in her room and cry under the blanket, but they didn’t know that Su Ji was just browsing on her phone.

A few medicinal herbs flashed through her mind.

Centalla, agaricus hondensis, isatis indigotica fortune…

The first two were relatively common, but the last one…

She searched around and found that there was only one Chinese medicine shop in A City that had it.

Huichun Hall was located near Dujiang Bridge, and it was said that the physician there was only in his 30s. He came from a prominent family and his medicine could cure all kinds of strange diseases. He was also super handsome, single with a child, and had many fans.

Su Ji was not surprised. After all, this was nothing compared to the commotion she had caused in the Great Shang Dynasty.


The next morning, Su Ji went to the store.

The interior was simple and elegant, just like the imperial physician’s clinic.

However, when she said that she wanted to buy some isatis indigotica fortune, the pharmacist who greeted her immediately refused, “I’m sorry, we do have it, but it’s not for sale.”

Su Ji knew that the medicine was rare. She took off her mask and smiled. “I don’t want much, just 3 grams. Can you make an exception?”

After all, she was a celebrity.

The pharmacist stared at her face for a few seconds. Just when Su Ji thought that she had recognized her, the pharmacist suddenly frowned. “This is a public area, please put your mask back on!”

Only a madman would take off their mask in public during this time!

Su Ji was speechless.

She was at her wits end when a small figure ran out from the inner hall.

His chubby little face bounced as he ran, and Su Ji recognized him at a glance. “Pei Xingxing? What are you doing here?”

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