Master Pei’s Wife is a Devil Concubine

Chapter 25

Chapter 25: The CEO’s Strange Interests

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He had to admit that the herbs in Su Ji’s prescription had excellent medicinal properties, making the prescription that initially appeared in the show seem legitimate.

It was normal for her to watch palace dramas, but where did she get such a good prescription?

Even Pei Song did not know it!


Su Ji followed the pharmacist to take the herbs, and the little boy followed closely. Pei Huai and Pei Song sat down in the hall, their eyes following them.

“You also find it strange, right?”

It was true that his third brother was a genius in doing business, but this was only one of his hobbies. When he was studying abroad, he had also studied Chinese medicine.

“It’s indeed strange.” Pei Huai nodded slightly. “She’s been in the industry for two years, why isn’t she popular?”

He heard from a friend who did not want to be named that Su Ji had been in the industry for two years, but she still could not advance in her career.

Pei Song: ???

So, he was not wondering where Su Ji had gotten the prescription? Instead, he was curious why she wasn’t popular.

Why is he so weird?

“Um…” Pei Song did not follow the entertainment industry. “Female celebrities aren’t popular… probably because they don’t have much charm.”

Upon hearing this, Pei Huai, who usually did not show his emotions, was shocked.


No charm?

Are you blind?

There was something that Pei Song had always felt strange about. “A person like you who has no desires does have a wide range of hobbies.”

At his 18-year-old coming-of-age ceremony, he made it into Forbes’ “100 Most Shocking Merger and Acquisition”.

However, such a genius had chosen to study Chinese medicine, lychee cultivation and planting, and other unrelated majors when he was studying abroad.

Pei Song really could not see the relation between these hobbies.

“It’s just baei Song was shocked. “The medicine that you were researching out of boredom back then is still the most prized item in Huichun Hall. Also, your lychee plantation has an annual sales of five billion yuan. You call this basic knowledge?”

This was the most amazing thing about him. No matter which field he was in, as long as Pei Huai put his mind into it, he could easily succeed in the industry within one or two years.

The lychees served in Old Master Pei’s birthday party a few days ago had been flown over from his plantation and everyone who had eaten them was amazed.

It was like a talent that was in his blood.

Actually, Pei Huai didn’t know why either. There were some things that he was naturally interested in.

For example, Chinese medicine.

For example, lychee cultivation.

Another was the slender figure in front of him.


Five medicine packets were neatly stacked together. They looked ordinary, but not everyone knew the value of the items inside.

Su Ji took out the card from her bag.

Although they said it was free, Su Ji still wanted to pay.

After all, with that herb, becoming rich was no longer a dream.

However, just as she was about to pay the bill, the pharmacist returned the card to her, and she sounded more respectful this time. “Ms. Su, Mr. Pei has just paid for the herbs.”

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