Master Pei’s Wife is a Devil Concubine

Chapter 26

Chapter 26: I am Now Interested

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“Which Mr. Pei?” Su Ji asked.

Coincidentally, Pei Huai had just finished talking to Pei Song and was walking out from the inner hall. When he heard the woman asking the pharmacist in surprise, she could not help but curl his lips and smile.

Which other Mr. Pei could it be?

Could it be Pei Xingxing?

Pei Huai knew the effects of those medicines. Since she was buying isatis indigotica fortune, she must be prone to scarring.

All young women wanted to be beautiful, not to mention that she was a Z-list celebrity.

She could not afford to pay for the herbs, so she would owe him first.

In the future, she could slowly pay him back.

The pharmacist smiled and lifted her chin towards Pei Huai.”It’s that Mr. Pei.”

Su Ji turned around. The moment their eyes met, she seemed to have seen her loving elder sister.

Thank you. I feel so warm and fuzzy inside.

“I’ll pay you back in the future,” said Su Ji. She quickly stuffed the bank card back into her bag and zipped it up.

Money was just a number to Pei Huai.

“Alright,” he replied.

Shen Mu saw that his boss was about to go to the door, so he quickly rushed ahead. “Boss, please come out later. I’ll cool the car down first.”

It was very warm at the moment. The car had been parked outside for an hour, and the temperature was very high.

Pei Huai always hated summer.

Hearing this, he stopped and stood at the door. He stood straight and tall.

He felt someone approaching, along with a light fragrance. He didn’t react until the voice sounded nearby.

“How about… I don’t call you Mr. Pei anymore?” Su Ji curled her red lips and smiled.

She thought Pei Huai was a strange person. He used the photo to tempt her yesterday and was now generous enough to pay for her. However, with Su Ji’s many years of experience in the harem, this action was definitely a signal.

Since that was the case, it was time for the two of them to take their relationship to the next level.

It sounded too distant to keep calling him Mr. Pei.

Pei Huai’s expression changed slightly, and his chest felt inexplicably hot.

It was hard for him not to consider it.

He was very curious. What did she want to call him?

“Sure.” He looked away and coughed. “How would you like to address me?”

Countless names flashed through his mind, but before he could guess which one, he heard Su Ji say, “You’re older than me, so I’ll call you ‘sis’ from now on. ”

Pei Huai: “????”

A crack appeared on his usually calm and composed face, and the corners of his lips fell instantly.



The pharmacist who was tidying up the counter was also stunned.

Was she hearing things?

Pei Huai had thought that after these few days of interaction, Su Ji would realize that she had misunderstood what he said that day.

However, not only did she not realize, she was now seeing him as her sister?

It seemed that he had to let her know immediately.

“I am… a man.” Pei Huai turned to the side, his words clear.

Su Ji blinked her eyes. Of course, she could tell.

He was a man, but not completely.

“I know, but I thought you weren’t interested in women?” Su Ji said with a smile.

To her surprise, Pei Huai had no intention of joking with her. He suddenly took a step closer to her, his broad palm pressing against the wall behind her.

The man bent down, and his dangerous aura through the safe distance between them.

This wasn’t what an ‘older sister’ would do.

Seeing Su Ji’s smile freeze slightly, Pei Huai curved his lips in satisfaction.

“I am now,” he said, staring at her directly.

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