Master Pei’s Wife is a Devil Concubine

Chapter 28

Chapter 28: Ning Lihua was Dumbfounded

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Before Su Ji became a concubine, she was also the apple of her mother’s eye.

She didn’t have a father since she was born, and she didn’t have any stepmother and step siblings.

She was brought up by her mother, and her mother was a very powerful woman. There were not many women in the Great Shang Dynasty who could hold up the sky on their own.

It was also her mother who had taught her that a man was nothing compared to a woman. They were merely fertility tools!

She didn’t know what kind of person the original owner’s mother was. Sometimes, Su Ji would think that if Su Cunyi hadn’t fought for her custody, the original owner would have gone with her mother, and the result would have been different.

She felt that she and the original owner had some indescribable connection.

Time flew by and it was the last day of July.

Under the scorching sun, Su Ji, wearing a bamboo hat and sun resistant clothes, with a shovel in her hand, squatted in the garden, looking at her carefully-grown herb.

It used to have only one leaf hanging on it, but now it was filled with leaves.

“Very good.” Su Ji raised her hand and patted the top of the grass.

The leaves on the grass instantly rose shyly.

The sound of high heels approached from behind, but Su Ji, who knew who it was, did not even bother to turn her head.

Ning Lihua studied her back for a long time and thought that she was the new gardener of the Su family. After a while, she said in disdain, “Su Ji, go get ready. Your dad asked me to buy you and Rourou some new clothes.”

Su Qianrou had been busy with the exam for the past few days. She wanted to buy some new clothes for her.

However, Ning Lihua’s tone was not as arrogant as it was when Su Ji granted amnesty after the king’s death.

Su Ji turned her head back indifferently. She was wearing a professional gardener’s outfit, which made her look like a supermodel.

She had to admit that being beautiful was an advantage.

“Later, be sensible. Don’t pick anything that’s too expensive.” Ning Lihua had obviously misunderstood. She glanced at Su Ji’s clothes that were all cheap.

Had she ever worn expensive clothes?

Of course, Su Ji had. The clothes that she had worn were not something that could be replicated by the costume teams of palace dramas.

“No need, I’m very busy,” Su Ji raised her eyebrows and looked at Ning Lihua.

Ning Lihua immediately frowned. If it wasn’t to please Su Cunyi, she wouldn’t have brought this country bumpkin to the mall, and yet she was not interested.

However, when Ning Lihua noticed that Su Ji’s forehead was covered by the brim of her hat, she immediately understood, “Su Ji, I understand that you want to give up on the entertainment industry because of the scar on your head. But you have to know that your father spent a lot of money on you. If you don’t earn the money back, don’t even think about staying in the Su family and letting your father raise you for nothing!”

“If dad doesn’t support me, the real heiress, is he going to support you, the mistress? Also, who said that I want to give up on the entertainment industry?” Su Ji sneered.

As she spoke, Su Ji flicked the bamboo hat on her head.

The bamboo hat was flipped over and fell to the ground, revealing the girl’s perfect and flawless forehead.

“Who are you calling a mistress? Your parents are already divorced! I’m your father’s legal wife!”

However, before Ning Lihua could finish her sentence, she noticed Su Ji’s forehead and her voice stopped abruptly. Her pupils constricted in shock.

Where’s the scar?

Didn’t the doctor say it would leave a scar?

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