Master Pei’s Wife is a Devil Concubine

Chapter 27

Chapter 27: Her Way of Making Money

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Even after Su Ji returned to the Su residence, Pei Huai’s words were still echoing in her mind.

Is he suddenly interested in women now?

Is that true?

Opening the medicine bag, Su Ji picked up the isatis indigotica fortune.

Who cares if he’s interested in women or not, I’m only interested in money~


In the next few days, Mrs. Zou and the servants were discussing how Su Ji had gone crazy after finding out that there would be a scar on her forehead.

Su Ji had started gardening in the backyard. She had loosened the soil, fertilized it, and even placed a scarecrow to drive away birds. After such a big fuss, an unknown weed with a small stem was planted in the area.

In the face of gossip and ridicule, Su Ji did not explain a word.

The main reason was that she was afraid they would know the value of the herb.

What she planted… was the favorite herb of countless concubines, the herb whose leaf alone was worth a city!

The reason why its price was sky-high today was because of its unique medicinal effects and because it was difficult to cultivate and was on the verge of extinction.

Su Ji found this information from the Internet.

Others might not know, but Su Ji was the first person to cultivate this plant through grafting techniques thousands of years ago. She definitely knew how to do it.

Back then, she had planted one in the imperial garden, but later on, it grew so much that she couldn’t buy enough pots.

In just three days, with the help of Su Ji’s magical hands, the plant produced a few small spores.

A week later, Su Ji plucked off three new leaves that she worked so hard to grow, and returned to her room to make the medicine.

In fact, she should wait for it to grow lusher before using it.

But the wound on her forehead could not wait any longer.

Mrs. Zou had passed by Su Ji’s room several times, and she could hear the clanking sound inside.

In the past, she would often peek through the gap of the door, but recently, she realized that every time the young miss returned to the room, she would close the door tightly, not giving her a chance to peek at her.

The clanking only stopped when dinner was ready. Su Ji opened the door and went downstairs. Mrs. Zou glanced at Su Ji’s face when she passed by, and her expression changed suddenly when she saw something.

Su Ji walked to the dining table and pulled out the empty chair beside Su Junye to sit down. Within a few seconds, everyone’s eyes were focused on her forehead.

A green liquid could be seen faintly seeping out of the gauze on her forehead, looking even more terrifying than a few days ago.

After a moment of silence, Su Wianrou gasped, “Su Ji… is your wound infected?”

Ning Lihua glanced at Su Cunyi’s expression and stayed quiet. Su Junye, on the other hand, quickly moved his chair to the side as if he was afraid of being infected.

Seeing this, Su Ji scoffed and leaned her forehead over, scaring him so much that he almost fell off his chair.

“Su Ji, it would be bad if it’s infected. I’ll call the doctor to come take a look at it,” Su Cunyi said.

“It’s not infected. I applied some other medicine,” Su Ji said with a smile.

Ning Lihua looked at her twins when she heard her.

Even if she was in a hurry to cure it, she couldn’t just self-medicate. It could have just left a scar, but now, she might be disfigured?

Su Cunyi insisted on calling the doctor, but Su Ji refused.

Su Cunyi was kind to the original owner. He helped her get into university, worried that her wound would leave a scar, and also said that if she couldn’t survive in the entertainment industry, she could come home.

However, he could not distinguish between good and bad. He was neglectful to his own daughter. He thought that he was being fair, but he did not know how much damage his actions had brought to his daughter.

Therefore, Su Ji didn’t care about a father like Su Cunyi.

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