Master Pei’s Wife is a Devil Concubine

Chapter 4

Chapter 4: An Extraordinary Man

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“Third Young Master, most of the guests have arrived. The old master is asking you to go out.”

In the study on the third floor, a servant gently knocked on the door and opened it. The man sitting in front of the desk looked majestic.

His long legs were wrapped in suit pants. His black shirt made him look even more fair and handsome. His thin lips were sharp, and he exuded a cold aura.

“10 minutes.”

The man spoke, his voice deep and cold.

Pei Huai had an enviable family background, outstanding appearance, and brain. As the third young master of the Pei family, his popularity in A City was definitely at the top.

Wide shoulders, long legs, a high nose bridge, a prominent Adam’s apple, strong arms, and beautiful veins on the back of his hands.

It was reasonable to say that such a man must be extraordinary. His attractive appearance and cold personality made anyone who got to know him wished they could be his romantic partner.

However, they all eventually returned in defeat.

There was only one conclusion. Pei Huai was a complete workaholic. In his spare time, he would rather volunteer in the National Archeological Team than waste any energy on love!

He was truly a loner, and marrying him would be equivalent to living like a widow.

The servant was put in a difficult position. “Old Master said that the girl group’s performance is about to start. He asked you to go down right away…”

Pei Huai raised his hand and rubbed the space between his eyebrows. He was deeply troubled by the fact that his grandfather was still chasing after celebrities even though he was almost 80.

What could he do to get rid of this bad habit?

All the guests had been moved to the backyard, and the guest seats and stage were ready.

To be honest, there was no place in A City that was more suitable for a birthday party than the spacious Pei residence.

With the staff’s guidance, Su Ji went on stage to familiarize herself with the sound system. The red silk hanging on stage and the white jade pillars with carved beams were quite similar to the place she had stayed in before she transmigrated.

Today’s performances were decided by the guests. In Su Ji’s mind, she remembered the dance that the original owner was supposed to do. But to be honest, such a dance was not suitable for a grand occasion like this where the average age of the guests was over 40.

The other performing groups were all rubbing their hands together. There were Beijing Opera and acrobatics. Their talents could not be underestimated.

If it weren’t for the fact that she was the daughter of the Su family, she would not have gotten this opportunity with her current popularity.

She couldn’t waste the opportunity like this.

“Dumb brother,” she called out to Su Junye, who was passing by.

“Ah?” Su Junye turned his head in response, looking like an idiot. However, he realized it in the next second and said, “who are you calling an idiot?”

“Do you know what instrument Old Master Pei likes?” Su Ji lifted her chin at him.

“Who in A City doesn’t know that Old Master Pei loves the lute,” Su Junye said arrogantly, his face full of disdain. “More importantly, can you play it?”

Su Ji smiled but did not answer.


She had to admit that the Pei family’s genes were really amazing. Anyone who was tall, fair-skinned, and handsome, were all part of the Pei family.

They were surrounded by rich and powerful businessmen, and those who were less prestigious could not even get in.

Su Qianrou looked around in the crowd and finally found the handsome figure at the outermost edge.

“Song Heng~!”

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