Master Pei’s Wife is a Devil Concubine

Chapter 5

Chapter 5: Found Her Target

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Since the other members of the Su family were not around, she tidied up her dress and waved at the man with a glass of champagne.

Song Heng was tall and thin. He wore a pair of glasses and was considered rather handsome. However, he was nothing compared to those from the Pei family.

He turned around and saw Su Qianrou. He smiled warmly, “Qianrou, when did you arrive?”

“A while ago,” Su Qianrou strolled over to him and said, “I just took a look around, this place is so beautiful.”

Song Heng also looked around. The box office of his first movie had already earned him 50 million yuan. He was full of confidence. “Yeah, after I shoot a few more movies, I’ll be neighbors with the Pei family.”

“You’re amazing!” Su Qianrou exclaimed. “Can I visit you then?”

“Of course,” Song Heng replied, his hands behind his back.

Pei Qingshen, who happened to pass by them, looked at them with a strange expression, as if he was shocked by their bold words. However, he didn’t say anything and just walked over to welcome his grandson.

Su Qianrou glanced at the stage and reminded him, “my sister will be performing later. I’m looking forward to it.”

She then observed Song Heng’s expression.

The Su family had invested a little in Song Heng’s film. Because of this, Su Qianrou had the opportunity to meet him often during the summer after her college entrance examination.

Song Heng had helped the Su family earn money and was a sophisticated man who could speak well. Ning Lihua thought highly of him and was interested in matchmaking him and her daughter.

The two of them were currently in an ambiguous state. Su Qianrou did not want Song Heng to still have feelings for her sister.

She was very satisfied with the results of her observation. There was not a trace of friendship in Song Heng’s eyes when he looked at Su Ji, only awkwardness and disgust.

Being in a relationship with Su Ji was the only stain in his life!

At that time, Song Heng was still an unknown junior director who had just graduated. He fell in love at first sight with the daughter of the Su family, who had just signed a contract with an agency. She was a member of a girl group, with a lot of potential.

Just like that, he began to pursue Su Ji passionately. He wrote songs and poems for her, and attentively drove her to and from work every day. Finally, he put flowers and candles in front of her company’s entrance to confess his love. He even hired reporters to report on this matter.

Su Ji, who was innocent, thought that this was true love, so she agreed.

The more high-profile he was at that time, the more embarrassed Su Ji was when they broke up. She was ridiculed by the netizens.

Song Heng could not stand it. In the two years they were together, the introverted and shy Su Ji did not even let him hold her hand. She had a beautiful face, but she was not interesting at all. He only found out later that Su Ji was not favored in the Su family and did not make any progress in the industry. If this went on, it would only hinder his future.

Song Heng was immersed in his memories. He did not know when Su Ji, who was on the stage, turned to look at him.

Su Ji, who had inherited all the memories of the original owner, of course knew how much of a scumbag this man was. It was a pity that the original owner thought that she had done something wrong to cause the break up. She hid under her blanket and cried every night since then.

Su Ji curled her lips at him. Her peach-shaped eyes were shockingly beautiful. Song Heng was dazed for a moment, but when he came back to his senses, his brows furrowed even more.

She had not forgotten about him.

Was she still hung up on him?

The frustrated Song Heng didn’t know that the smile she gave him implied that she had found her target…

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