Master Pei’s Wife is a Devil Concubine

Chapter 6

Chapter 6: A Slap on the Face

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“Why did you take so long to come down? Do you want to spend your life with a bunch of documents?!”

“Stop making more money. You can’t spend all the money you’ve earned. Mr. Wang’s dog just gave birth to thirteen puppies. You’re almost 30, and you’re still alone!”

Pei Huai scanned his surroundings indifferently.

Who would have thought that CEO Pei, whom countless people admired, would be scolded by Old Master Pei?

When the guests met CEO Pei’s dark gaze, they immediately turned their heads aways as quickly as possible.

The truth was, Pei Qingshen doted on Pei Huai the most out of all his grandsons, but that did not stop him from lecturing him. “Hmph, if you don’t want me to scold you, then quickly give me a great-grandson like your elder and second brother!”

As he spoke, he pouted his lips. Meanwhile, a three-year-old child holding a toy car was running in the crowd.

“My car is the best in the world!”

He was wearing suspenders and a bow tie. This little boy was Pei Huai’s second brother’s son, Pei Xingxing.

All the guests had taken their seats. Pei Qingshen and his sons, who all had their own families, sat in the first row. Pei Huai deliberately chose a seat in the third row, one row away from him.

Pei Xingxing was swinging his short legs beside him, holding the car in one hand and licking a lollipop in the other. His small lips were moist and as bright as his big grape-like eyes.

After a while, he held the toy car up and handed it to Pei Huai, asking in a childish voice, “can you hold it for me?”

“No,” Pei Huai said while reading a document.

He was very heartless.

“No wonder you can’t find a girlfriend,” Pei Xingxing pouted and muttered.

Pei Huai: “??”

A girl’s clear voice came through the loudspeaker. On the stage, Su Ji sat in front of the microphone, holding the lute she borrowed from the staff. Her long dress was blown by the summer wind, and the gauze on her forehead covered by her bangs was partly visible. She was truly beautiful .

Pei Huai paused, his breathing stopped for a moment. His heart seemed to be stung by something, rippling in circles.

However, he couldn’t figure out why he felt this strange feeling. He looked at her for a few seconds and he lowered his eyes to continue reading the document at hand.

It was a fax from the archeological department. With his financial support, five archeological teams had finally excavated the tomb after six years of hard work, which was considered a milestone in archeology.

The document deescribed the internal structure of the tomb in detail, as well as the details of the burial items.

It was strange to say that even though he had unconditionally supported this project for six years, Pei Huai did not show much interest when he saw the content. He even felt a little annoyed.

“Damn, she really played the lute?” Su Junye, who was sitting in the last row, said in surprise, “she really went all out to please Old Master Pei?”

Su Qianrou laughed coldly in her heart, “dad, does Su Ji know how to play the lute?”

Su Cunyi shook his head in worry.

Su Junye said loudly, “Su Ji, don’t be ridiculous. You don’t know how to play the lute, are you trying to embarrass yourself?”

Song Heng was sitting in the same row as them, and he wished he could find a hole to hide in.

Many people at the scene knew that Su Ji was his ex-girlfriend. If she embarrassed herself, he would be embarrassed as well.

Su Ji’s slender hands gently stroked the strings of the lute, and she could clearly see the expressions of the guests below.

“Look, isn’t that the Su family’s daughter? I heard that she was dumped by the director?”

“The girl group that she was in was known as the… Fallen Note? That’s right, the netizens are saying that she’s the one who sang out of tune!”

“Also, when she was lip-syncing in the concert, they played the wrong song. It was so embarrassing, but she still dared to play Old Master Pei’s favorite instrument, the lute? Ha, I’m actually looking forward to it. How exciting will it be?”

After Ning Lihua’s publicity, the wealthy ladies were obviously very familiar with Su Ji’s scandals.

Many people raised their phones, waiting for a good show.

Su Junye immediately turned on the livestream and smiled maliciously. “Since so many people are recording, I’ll start a live broadcast and let my hundreds of thousands of fans listen to our sister’s live unedited voice.”

Su Qianrou sneered. “She’s pretty smart actually. No matter what, this will help her increase her popularity.”

Su Cunyi didn’t respond to their sarcasm, “quiet down, the performance is about to start.”

Su Ji’s lips curved into a smile. Seeing that everyone was looking forward to it, she couldn’t wait to prove them wrong.

She raised her hand and played a few random notes on the lute. Sure enough, the next second, the crowd, which had been holding back for a long time, burst into laughter.

The ladies were afraid of losing their composure, covering their mouths, while the others shook their heads.

The cell phones in the audience were raised even higher. Su Junye instantly spent some money to bring his livestream to the top searches.

It’s worth it to spend some money on such an exciting show.

“Just watch! I told you she can’t play!”

He laughed happily. He only lowered his voice when Su Cunyi scolded him.

“Don’t be too excited.” Su Ji spoke into the microphone in front of her, and her voice was bewitching. “Next, I’ll play seriously.”

The young lady’s fingers swept across the strings. It looked as easy as when she was playing randomly just now, but this time, there was a melody.

The audience instantly fell silent, and the phones that were raised froze in mid-air.

The people who had just laughed at her were all dumbfounded.

Su Ji ignored them. She closed her eyes slightly, and a smooth tune was heard. When she hummed the melody, her voice was so beautiful that it penetrated their bones.

It was a beautiful and auspicious song, very suitable for a birthday event.

The young lady was as beautiful and elegant as a painting.

The lollipop in Pei Xingxing’s hand fell to the ground, and the soft syrup formed a lump on the ground.

At this moment, his eyes were full of stars, and four words in pink bubbles emerged from the top of his head.

“I am in love!”

Pei Qingshen, who was sitting in the first row, also had the same expression.

As a senior member of the Lute Association in the city, he had never heard such a melodious performance that was both skillful and emotional.

There were three words above his head.

“My future granddaughter-in-law!”

Su Junye’s live stream exploded.

[Is this fake? Is this Su Ji’s level of skill?]

[She could play the lute so well? Those two lines that she hummed were god-like!]

[If it wasn’t a live broadcast, I would definitely think that she was lip-syncing again!]

[I actually have the urge to convert to a fan. Who’s coming with me?]

Su Junye was dumbfounded when he saw the comments.

Did Su Ji start badly on purpose?

He had spent money to boost his broadcast so that Su Ji would be ridiculed by the whole internet, but now he had helped her advertise instead!

Su Qianrou bit her lips in annoyance, her fingers crumpling the dress around her knees.

What upset her the most was not Su Ji’s performance on stage, but the look in Song Heng’s eyes!

At this moment, Song Heng was completely shocked by Su Ji’s performance. Just a moment ago, he was so disgusted that he almost left the table early. Now, he was leaning forward and his eyes were glued to her.

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