Master Pei’s Wife is a Devil Concubine

Chapter 8

Chapter 8: I’ll Take It

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Song Heng was looking for Su Ji in the crowd when he saw her sitting with Old Master Pei.

Why was Old Master Pei talking to her? Did she offend the Pei family?

Just as he was about to step forward to take a closer look, he felt a delicate force on his arm.

Su Qianrou tugged on his arm.”Song Heng, let’s go over there. If my sister sees you later, she’ll pester you again.”

Song Heng paused and said “alright.”

He had almost been bewitched by Su Ji’s abnormal behavior today. If she started pestering him again, he would be in deep trouble.

In the other corner, Pei Xingxing held Pei Huai’s arm and stood on the chair, also looking in Su Ji’s direction.

He stretched his neck as long as possible, and his small body shook. Fortunately, his uncle’s arms were particularly strong, so he could hold him steadily.

“Great-grandpa seems to want to introduce this young lady to you as your girlfriend.” Pei Xingxing was like a little intelligence officer. “Would you like that?”

Pei Huai put away the document and glanced in the same direction. “No.”

“Then I’ll take it!” Pei Xingxing had been waiting for him to say this!


“It’s not your turn.” Pei Huai said with a half smile.

“On what basis? Since you don’t want her, then it doesn’t matter who she likes!”

“She has nothing to do with both of us.”

As they were bickering, Pei Qingshen had already brought Su Ji to the two of them.

“Xiao Ji, this is the man I’m going to introduce to you…”

Su Ji’s gaze darted between Pei Huai and Pei Xingxing for a few seconds. Then, she saw Pei Xingxing take a step forward. “Hello, Ms. Su, I’m Pei Xingxing.”

He bent down and made a gentlemanly gesture. Su Ji was amused by his serious look. “Hello, little gentleman.”

When she smiled, the light in her eyes was like a bright galaxy.

Pei Huai subconsciously took a few more glances at her. Before the strange feeling in his heart rose again, he shifted his gaze to the wound on her forehead, as if trying to figure out what had happened.

Pei Qingshen picked up the little boy. His grandson was almost 30 years old, but he still didn’t have a girlfriend. If his nephew were to steal his girlfriend, how embarrassing would that be?

“Not this little boy.” Pei Qingshen pouted his lips at Pei Huai. “It’s my grandson, Pei Huai. ”

Their eyes met for a second, and Su Ji was the first to reach out her hand. “Hello, I’m Su Ji,”

With Pei Huai’s looks, he would definitely be her favorite lover in the past.

However, Su Ji was more concerned about the Pei family’s media company. There was no harm in building a good relationship with them.

Her eyes were clear and indifferent, but perhaps it was because she was too indifferent, it made Pei Huai feel a sense of defeat.

He glanced at Su Ji’s outstretched hand, but his hands were still in his pockets. He only nodded slightly. “Hello,” he said.

In the next second, Pei Qingshen hit his long legs with his walking stick. “Shake her hand!”

Don’t you know that acting cool is just a moment of pleasure, and you’ll end up dead and miserable?

The corner of Su Ji’s mouth twitched. That was unnecessary…

Pei Huai was always like this. He was a germaphobe and didn’t like to shake hands with others.

However, Pei Qingshen with his eyes filled with warning. It was as if Pei Qingshen would immediately fall to the ground and die if he dared to say “no”. Today was his birthday and tomorrow would be his funeral!

Pei Huai’s eyes were filled with a helpless amusement.

“Hello, I’m Pei Huai.” He extended his hand.

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