Master Pei’s Wife is a Devil Concubine

Chapter 9

Chapter 9: We can be Sisters

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The moment their fingertips touched, he felt a warm sensation.

He retracted his hand as soon as he touched hers, and Su Ji also quickly retracted her hand.

The air conditioner was too strong, and her palms were so cold.

The two of them looked at each other, a man with talent and a woman with good looks, they couldn’t be more compatible.

Pei Qingshen paused for a moment, and his shrewd eyes flickered.

“Oh right, Xiao Ji, I haven’t paid you for today. Send me your company’s account number… eh? Where’s my phone?”

Pei Xingxing, who was being held under his armpit, saw the phone in his suit pocket. “Great-grandpa, your phone is…”

Pei Qingshen immediately covered his small mouth, and his chubby face was squeezed.

“Xiao Ji, send it to Feng Huai and ask him to transfer it to you.”

I’m such a clever old man!

Of course, Pei Huai knew what his grandfather was thinking, but he had no choice but to obey.


“Wait a minute.” Su Ji took out her phone. The 9.90 yuan three-colored shiny phone case almost blinded Pei Huai’s eyes.

Pei Qingshen was the star of today, so it wasn’t appropriate for him to be away for too long. He held Pei Xingxing, who was still struggling for his love, and smiled. “Pei Huai, I’ll leave her to you. I’ll go over there and talk to the other guests.” After he finished speaking, he left, taking his grandson’s little love rival with him.

Su Ji found a green and white icon on the screen.

WeChat was the main social platform for modern people.

She knew that Old Master Pei was trying to matchmake them, but she had to admit that this was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

Since her tomb had been emptied out, if she wanted to help the original owner, she had to temporarily take over her work.

She understood her current situation from the scene just now.

The company that the original owner signed with was very small and was notorious for oppressing new artists. The other three members of the group were also students from Kyokushin Art School, in the same year as her.

It was a three-year program in Kyokushin Art School, so they signed a three-year contract. When they graduate next year, the company would definitely not renew the contract with a small fry like her.

It was always better to be safe than sorry by clinging onto Blue Whale Media.

Thinking of this, a hint of slyness flashed across Su Ji’s exquisite eyes.

“Why don’t I… add you on WeChat and send it to you?”

As she spoke, she flashed her QR code.

The young girl smiled, seducing people without them knowing.

On the screen, there was a red heart in the middle of a bunch of black dots.

Pei Huai’s Adam’s apple bobbed and his expression did not change. “There’s no need to. ”

He paused for a second and added, “don’t take grandpa’s words to heart. I was just going along with him. I… have no interest in women.”

Su Ji’s hand paused, and there was a hint of surprise and amusement in her face!

He was not interested in women…

That’s great! No wonder this man could still read the documents in his hands calmly when he heard her play the lute.

The atmosphere was getting weird. Pei Huai furrowed his thick eyebrows.

The expression on the lady’s face changed unpredictably. She was not disappointed when she heard his rejection. Instead, he could see acceptance, understanding, and even relief on her face!

Just as he was feeling puzzled, he saw that Su Ji not only did not give up, but this time, she pulled his hand that was holding the phone and placed it over the QR code. She said without missing a beat, “that’s great. We can be sisters in the future!”

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