Mechanical God Emperor

Chapter 1399: Rescue

Chapter 1399: Rescue

The Demongods of this universe have a formidable undying characteristic. Even if the head is cut off, the heart is dug out, and the blood is drained, they can still survive.

Even if they die from impossible to heal wounds. As long as there’s a corpse left, there will be a possibility of resurrection.

On the Demongod Battlefield, numerous Demongod battles have taken place. And countless Demongods have died. As such, from time to time, a Demongod will revive on the Demongod Battlefield and return to the Realm of Demongods.

Corpse servants are weird beings constructed from the will and Demongod force of Demongods. There are differences between corpse servants in terms of strength. The corpse servants of a Demongod Emperor can easily tear a Greater Demongod to shreds.

“Kill them all!”

At Yang Feng’s command, the swarm of 4th generation battle robots rushed towards the corpse servants like a tide.

The corpse servants rushed towards the 4th generation battle robots, as well.

The defense of the alloy armor of the 4th generation battle robots is amazing. When the attacks of the corpse servants hit them, they could only break through the energy shields. But then the corpse servants themselves would be blown to pieces by the 4th generation battle robots.

Under the siege of the 4th generation battle robots, the swarm of corpse servants suffered disastrous casualties. Thousands of corpse servants were blown to pieces at any given moment.

All of a sudden, a hill 100 meters tall cracked.

The corpse of a 50-meter-long rock dragon turtle, an extraordinary life form the Realm of Demongods, covered in rocks appeared. Fearsome Demongod force diffused from the rick dragon turtle.

“An extraordinary life form of the Realm of Demongods that nearly resurrected? It’s a shame, but even if you had completely resurrected, you still wouldn’t be a match for me!”

Yang Feng smiled coldly and waved his hand. Devour Ram Demongod appeared behind him, lunged at the rock dragon turtle, and devoured the other party’s Demongod force.

After struggling for a while, the rock dragon turtle, which hadn’t fully resurrected, was finally devoured by Devour Ram Demongod and turned into ashes.

A look of regret flashed in Yang Feng’s eyes: “Unfortunately, it hadn’t evolved into a Greater Demongod yet! Greater Demongods are comparable to Holy Spirit Warlocks, Great Holies, and even quasi-Empyreans. It’s not that easy to make progress!”

Greater Demongods are fearsome beings at the summit of the Realm of Demongods and are very few in number. Devouring a rock dragon turtle was not enough to make Devour Ram Demongod evolve into a Greater Demongod.

After the rock dragon turtle was dealt with, countless engineering robots poured into the place from where the giant rock dragon turtle emerged and mined precious minerals.

A level-4 stronghold followed behind them, absorbed the mined minerals, and evolved continuously.

In the Realm of Mortals, the many great forces are the eyes and ears of the Demongods. It is very difficult for Yang Feng to expand his power in the Realm of Mortals.

Once a Greater Demongod takes notice of his level-4 stronghold and takes action, then even though Yang Feng is an Eternal Sovereign, he will be screwed nonetheless.

However, on the Demongod Battlefield, which is filled with chaotic Demon force, even a Demongod Emperor cannot have a full grasp of everything that happens there.

Although there are many dangers on the Demongod Battlefield. But at the same time, it is the best place for Yang Feng to develop.

A month passed quickly.

“It’s impossible to collect too many resources at the Demongod Battlefield’s periphery! It seems that I must move towards the center!”

Yang Feng took a deep look in the direction of the center of the Demongod Battlefield and creased his eyebrows slightly, and his eyes glimmered with wary.

In the past month, Devour Ram Demongod, which Yang Feng refined, devoured a total of three Demongod corpses. Yang Feng himself also used all kinds of resources he found and promoted to a Glorious Sun Warlock realm powerhouse.

Although there’s nothing that can pose a treat to Yang Feng’s life at the Demongod Battlefield’s periphery. However, the resources this place can provide him have become scarce.

After he made up his mind, the mechanical legion swept towards the central area of the Demongod Battlefield.

When the huge mechanical legion advanced about 300 kilometers, 300 plus battle robots suddenly disintegrated into powder and disappeared.

A dignified color flashed in Yang Feng’s eyes: “This is an obliteration force field left from a fight between quasi-Empyrean rank powerhouses. The Demongod Battlefield is really dangerous! If a Lesser Demongod broke into this obliteration force field, they would be killed directly.”

The Demongod Battlefield is full of dangers and is littered with strange force fields that remained from the battles between Demongods. Especially in the central area, the Demongod corpses have given birth to countless terrible existences and various imperceptible distorted force fields.

Even if it’s a Greater Demongod, if they enter the central area, they will die if careless.

Despite his undying characteristic as an Eternal Sovereign and the huge mechanical legion as cannon fodder, Yang Feng doesn’t dare to break into the central area of the Demongod Battlefield.

As the battle robots continued to disintegrate, Yang Feng marked out the dangerous places and actively avoid them.

In a blood-colored desert, the desert suddenly cracked, and a sand giant made of blood-colored sand ejected out of the desert and rushed over.

The attacks of the 4th generation battle robots slammed into the sand giant and blew a lot of sand away.

The sand giant stared at the tens of thousands of 4th generation battle robots besieging it and surged towards them.

Drawn into the body of the sand giant, the battle robots decomposed into grains of metal.

“A Demongod immune to physical attacks! Unfortunately, your opponent is me!”

With a cold flash in his eyes, Yang Feng waved his hand. Devour Ram Demongod appeared behind him, lunged at the sand giant, and bit the other party. Terrifying devour force broke out and shrouded the sand giant.

Although the sand giant is an Intermediate Demongod rank powerhouse. But due to the devour force released by Devour Ram Demongod, its Demongod force was rapidly devoured, and it turned into a pile of ordinary sand.

“Sir Ye Cheng, help me! Help me!”

Just then, screams came from a distance.

Yang Feng looked in the direction of the screams and saw the No. 1 beauty of Southern Province, Moongod Temple’s temple master, flying towards him in a stream of moonlight.

Behind Moongod Temple’s temple master, there are six corpse servants with a pair of wings and an ox head, radiating Lesser Demongod realm fluctuations of power and a corpse servant with a pair of dragon wings and a lion head, radiating Intermediate Demongod realm fluctuations of power.

The seven corpse servants working together can seriously injure and even quell an Intermediate Demongod.

Moongod Temple’s temple master has a moon wing badge in her hand. The moon wing badge radiates powerful moonlight, which enables her to be faster than the seven corpse servants.

Without the moon wing badge, Moongod Temple’s temple master would have been torn to pieces by the seven corpse servants already.

“Devour them!”

Yang Feng’s eyes lit up, and he ordered.

Devour Ram Demongod appeared in front of the corpse servant with dragon wings and a lion head, and punched the corpse servant, and slammed it into the ground. Then, Devour Ram Demongod lunged at the corpse servant, bit it, and unleashed fearsome devour force.

The six corpse servants with wings and an ox head sent their claws barreling towards Devour Ram Demongod.

Countless mysterious patterns appeared on Devour Ram Demongod and strengthened the black scale covering his body.

The attacks of the six ox-headed corpse servants barely managed to tear apart the scales of Devour Ram Demongod.

The corpse servant with dragon wings and a lion head merely struggled for a while before its Demongod force was completely devoured. As if catching chickens, Devour Ram Demongod caught the six ox-headed corpse servants one by one, bit them, and broke out with terrifying devour force, and the ox-headed corpse servants turned into dust.

The eyes of Moongod Temple’s temple master flashed with shock, “So strong! What is the origin of this Devour Ram Demongod? How come he’s so formidable? This terrifying power, it has surpassed the realm of Intermediate Demongods by far!”

As the fifth strongest powerhouse in Southern Province, Moongod Temple’s temple master knows countless secrets, including even the names of many powerful Demongods of the Realm of Demongods. But she had never heard of a Demongod with the name Devour Ram Demongod.

Yang Feng’s eyes flashed with a burning color, and he uttered, “Moongod Temple’s temple master, where did you meet these seven corpse servants? Take us there!”

Moongod Temple’s temple master spoke with the shade of horror in her beautiful eyes, “Ye Cheng, I met these seven corpse servants in a Demongod cemetery! This Demongod cemetery is full of dangers and is crawling with countless corpse servants and weird existences. There are even Great Demongod corpses buried there. Even if it’s Devour Ram Demongod, if he goes there, he may not be able to escape unscathed.”

“Lead the way, or die!”

Devour Ram Demongod turned his head and stared at Moongod Temple’s temple master with a cruel gleam in his eyes, as if she were an ant.

“Yes! Mighty Devour Ram Demongod!”

Moongod Temple’s temple master spoke respectfully, a flash of helplessness in her beautiful eyes. 

Demongods have no compassion for the fairer sex. If she doesn’t obey his order, this Demongod will likely kill her at once.

After walking for thousands of kilometers, a mountain range stained with the colors of black and red appeared in front of Yang Feng.

The mountain range is filled with chaotic and distorted force fields.

As soon as the huge mechanical legion reached the mountain range, thousands of units were crushed.

Moongod Temple’s temple master took a deep look at Yang Feng and said slowly, “This is the Demongod cemetery I discovered!”

As soon as Moongod Temple’s temple master has spoken, the earth cracked, and corpse servants emanating terrifying Demongod force crawled out and rushed over.


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