Mechanical God Emperor

Chapter 1400 – Advancing to a Greater Demongod

Chapter 1400 – Advancing to a Greater Demongod

“Devour them!”

Yang Feng willed, and Devour Ram Demongod opened his mouth and erupted with a frightening devour vortex that swept towards the corpse servants.

The corpse servants were sucked into Devour Ram Demongod’s mouth and turned into dust.

A tremendous amount of Demongod force flowed into Devour Ram Demongod, and then intertwined and formed mysterious Demongod patterns.

Every time Devour Ram Demongod evolves and becomes stronger, Yang Feng can analyse a portion of the laws of this universe.

After devouring a large number of corpse servants, Devour Ram Demongod charged into the Demongod cemetery.

As soon as Devour Ram Demongod stepped into the Demongod cemetery, thirteen peaks cracked, and the corpses of seven Intermediate Demongods and six Lesser Demongods emerged.

Devour Ram Demongod’s figure fluttered, and he appeared in front of an Intermediate Demongod with a sheep head and a human body, bit the head of the Demongod, and devoured the other party’s Demongod force.

The other six Intermediate Demongods and six Lesser Demongods rushed over and attacked Devour Ram Demongod.

With a flash of Demongod patterns, Devour Ram Demongod waved his hand, and six spheres of light containing sunfire barreled towards the six Intermediate Demongods.

The six Intermediate Demongods cast various secret methods and obliterated the six spheres of light containing sunfire.

At this moment, Devour Ram Demongod opened his mouth and sucked in the Demongod force of the six Lesser Demongods, turning them into dust in an instant.

When Devour Ram Demongod absorbed the Demongod force of the six Lesser Demongods, strange lines appeared on his body and formed six Demongod patterns, which turned into chains and wound around the six Intermediate Demongods.

Fearsome devour force broke out in an instant and frantically extracted the Demongod force of the six Intermediate Demongods.

Although the six Intermediate Demongods struggled madly, but they still turned into dust.

Upon seeing this scene, the pretty eyes of Moongod Temple’s temple master shimmered with shock: “So strong! Despite facing six opponents, he still had the upper hand! He’s too strong! This Demongod is really scary!”

Although the six Intermediate Demongods were just Demongod corpse. But after countless years, they have already recovered 80% of their strength. When faced against these six Intermediate Demongods, practically no Intermediate Demongod would be able to contend against them. Yet now they were quelled by Devour Ram Demongod. This is simply inconceivable.

The earth trembled violently, and a vast, almost endless, terrifying force diffused from a mountain.

Moongod Temple’s temple master turned pale, and her pretty eyes flickered with fear: “Greater Demongod! A Greater Demongod is coming! Ye Cheng, let’s run away! Greater Demongods are unrivaled. Even though the Intermediate Demongod protecting you is really formidable. But when faced against a Greater Demongod, he won’t stand a chance!”

Greater Demongods are terrifying beings who have surpassed Holy Spirit Warlocks and the summit of this universe. Below the Greater Demongod realm, all existences are ants. No matter how powerful an Intermediate Demongod is, but they can’t withstand a single blow from a Greater Demongod.

Yang Feng’s eyes flashed with excitement, and he said slowly, “It’s a Greater Demongod! Terrific! This is a top tier prey!”

When she heard this, the beautiful eyes of Moongod Temple’s temple master shimmered with astonishment. She looked at Yang Feng as if he were a madman.

Devour Ram Demongod’s eyes shone brightly. All of a sudden, two mounds appeared on his back, trembled slightly, and split open, and a pair of dragon wings emerged.

With a flap of the dragon wings, Devour Ram Demongod reached a tall mountain 1,000 meters away in an instant and smashed the mountain with a punch.

At the moment when the mountain was smashed, a Demongod with a dragon head and human body, a bronze spearhead lodged in the chest, slowly opened his eyes, and his eyes shimmered fiercely. Boundless Demongod might diffused from the Greater Demongod and spread in all directions.


The eyes of the Greater Demongod with a dragon head and human body glimmered, and he barked.

Terrifying law force welled up and surged in all directions.

“Dragon Extinction Demongod! In the past, he was ranked nineteenth among Greater Demongods. He’s not dead yet?”

The Moongod Temple’s temple master trembled, her blood surged, and she knelt down, unable to budge. Her pretty face lost all color and her beautiful eyes welled up with the shades of dread and despair.

Dragon Extinction Demongod was a well-known fiend in ancient times. He once killed two Greater Demongods by himself. At the same time, the number of mortals he slaughtered is calculated in the hundreds of millions. When such a fiend appears, the consequences are simply unimaginable.

“This is an order from a Greater Demongod, which even Demongod Apostles can’t resist. How can he resist the order?”

When Moongod Temple’s temple master saw Yang Feng standing loftily, as if unaffected by the order, her pretty eyes glimmered with the shade of shock.

Greater Demongods are terrifying beings at the summit of this universe. Every action of Greater Demongods contains fearsome law force. When they give an order, even Intermediate Demongods must yield, unable to resist.

Since Yang Feng is an Eternal Sovereign in essence, he naturally won’t be affected by the Greater Demongod’s order. Even when Dragon Extinction Demongod was in his peak condition, when he was comparable to a Great Holy or even a quasi-Empyrean rank powerhouse, he still wouldn’t be able to make Yang Feng yield.

A terrible pressure emerged from Devour Ram Demongod’s blood and tried to restrain him and make him yield. But then, vast Eternal origin appeared and suppressed everything.

Devour Ram Demongod stiffened, and then trembled. His eyes surged with a fierce gleam, and he lunged at Dragon Extinction Demongod and bit at the other party’s arm.

“I mere Intermediate Demongod wants to harm me! What a reckless thing!”

Dragon Extinction Demongod’s eyes flickered with the shade of derision, and he surged with Demongod patterns. Dragons scales formed from Demongod patterns appeared on his arm.

Dragon Extinction Demongod’s dragon scales possess terrifying defense. Even if it’s another Greater Demongod, they can hardly break through his dragon scales.

When Devour Ram Demongod bit Dragon Extinction Demongod’s arm, his teeth collapsed. He couldn’t so much as leave a mark on the other party’s dragon scales.

Terrifying devour force ejected from Devour Ram Demongod’s mouth and shrouded Dragon Extinction Demongod’s right arm.

Greater Demongod origin force poured into Devour Ram Demongod from Dragon Extinction Demongod’s right arm.

“Damn it, what’s going on? Who the hell are you? Are you a descendant of Heaven’s Devourer Fiend Dog?”

All of a sudden, Dragon Extinction Demongod’s complexion changed dramatically, and he raised his left arm, surged with countless intertwining Demongod patterns from his left arm, erupted with Greater Demongod force, and attacked Devour Ram Demongod

Black Demongod patterns emerged from the huge wound on Dragon Extinction Demongod’s chest. Dragon Extinction Demongod just gathered Demongod force, when most of it collapsed. The remaining Demongod force slammed into Devour Ram Demongod.

Devour Ram Demongod, who can withstand the attacks of six Intermediate Demongods, collapsed inch by inch, until only a head was left.

Countless strands of Demongod force intertwined, and Devour Ram Demongod’s body regenerated in an instant.

“How is this possible?”

Dragon Extinction Demongod’s eyes flickered with disbelief. Although he has been dead for hundreds of thousands of years. But after absorbing the blood and souls of countless life forms sacrificed by his believers, he has recovered 50% to 60% of his vitality. Even if it was a somewhat weaker Greater Demongod, this blow would have dealt serious damage to them. Yet Devour Ram Demongod’s body just collapsed, leaving only a head behind, and then rapidly regenerated. This kind of regeneration ability is incredible.

At this moment, Dragon Extinction Demongod’s right arm had already shriveled and Devour Ram Demongod had already pounced on his body. Devour Ram Demongod grew a new set of teeth, tore apart Dragon Extinction Demongod’s scales, and devoured his origin force.

“Awaken, my servants! Kill the enemy in front of me!”

Dragon Extinction Demongod roared and madly attacked Devour Ram Demongod, a flash of panic in his eyes.

In the Demongod cemetery, peaks collapsed, and Intermediate Demongod, Lesser Demongods, and countless corpse servants emerged slowly.

“Kill them all!”

Yang Feng ordered with a cold look in his eyes.

The swarm of 4th generation battle robots attacked the Intermediate Demongods, Lesser Demongods, and corpse servants.

A hail of light emerged and shredded the corpse servants into pieces in an instant.

Most of the Intermediate Demongods and Lesser Demongods were covered in wounds and were greatly weakened. Besieged by the 4th generation battle robots, the Demongod corpses were blasted into pieces.

Only six Intermediate Demongods have recovered more than 80% of their strength and easily smashed the 4th generation battle robots. However, they were tied down by the 4th generation battle robots and could not assist Dragon Extinction Demongod.

“Spare me! Spare my life! I can help you become a Greater Demongod!”

“Don’t kill me! I will give you all my believers!”

“I know of a treasury. In that treasury, you may have a glimmer of home to advance to a Demongod Emperor! Spare me!”


Although Dragon Extinction Demongod screamed shrilly and begged, but he was still devoured by Devour Ram Demongod and turned him into dust.

At the moment when Dragon Extinction Demongod turned into dust, countless Demongod patterns appeared on Devour Ram Demongod and condensed a Greater Demongod body, and Greater Demongod realm fluctuations of power emanated.

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