Mechanical God Emperor

Chapter 14

14 – Capturing Giant-Stone City

Six Apprentice Warlocks dressed in gray robes finally appeared above the Wall. Those six Apprentice Warlocks were stray Apprentice Warlocks that Viscount Harley painstakingly got a hold of.1

In Turandot Subcontinent, Warlocks grasp endless power and wealth. Official Warlocks will attract some powerful Warlock Groups. Very few aristocrats can take a hold of an Official Warlock. Only those powerful Empires' great aristocrats may attract an Official Warlock.

"Greasing Spell!"

An Apprentice Warlock pointed towards a Bladed-troop to cast a level-0 spell.

The Bladed-troop slipped and fell to the ground.

Several heavy golden crossbows locked on that Bladed-troop and three terrifying crossbow bolts suddenly shot at that Bladed-troop, blasting it into countless metallic fragments.

"Arcane Projectiles!"

Another Apprentice Warlock pointed towards a Bladed-troop and a shrub of projectiles were shot like bullets towards the Bladed-troop.

The shrub of projectiles blasted into the Bladed-troop's chest, and pushed it several steps away, leaving a slightly caved in chest.

However, that Bladed-troop was not affected at all and instantly rushed onward.

Level-0 spell Arcane Projectiles can inflict heavy damage on a Knight rank, however, its not easy to injure with it a mechanical Bladed-troop. Yet, a Knight rank’s strikes are a bigger threat to a Bladed-troop.

An Apprentice Warlock pointed with a finger, a stream of acid directly sprayed at a Bladed-troop.

As a basin of concentrated sulfuric acid was ruthlessly sprayed on the Bladed-troop, as its body emitted a burst of white mist, the acid then corroded pothole a pothole. If an ordinary human were to be sprayed by that acid, his upper body would be corroded, and he’d be struggling powerlessly in pain. However, that mechanical Bladed-troop didn’t had the slightest reaction as it still continued in its charge.

Only after being sprayed several times by the acid, did the mechanical Bladed-troop’s head completely corroded, then it fell to the ground powerlessly.

The six Apprentice Warlocks were truly to few in numbers, although they cooperated to knock down seven Bladed-troops, yet the Bladed-troops still charged towards below the castle.

A Bladed-troop arrived below the castle, then shortly after put its battle blade on its back, and lifted its hands up. Another Bladed-troop jumped on the palms. and then also lifted its hands up. Bladed-troops one after another repeated this action, quickly forming a six-layered ladder.

Bladed-troops one after the other, extremely agilely, jumped up the six-layered ladder, arriving above the castle.

"Arcane Projectiles!"

The six Apprentice Warlocks could only employ this level-0 spell, thanks to the Arcane Projectiles’ powerful repelling force, the Bladed-troops were shot down from midair.

But the Bladed-troops nimbleness was to abnormal, as the first wave of Bladed-troops was repelled, the second wave of Bladed-troops jumped above the wall, brandishing the alloy battle blades in their hands to ruthlessly chop at the warriors above Giant-Stone Castle’s wall.

“Let me send you off on your journey to the yellow springs!!” A Knight wearing heavy armor and holding a great sword roared angrily, then erupted with a powerful vitality and executed a surprise attack from the side, chopping at the head of a Bladed-troop and directly beheading it.

That heavy armored Knight didn’t even had time to take a breather, before six Bladed-troops shortly after pounced at him, and twelve alloy battle blades ruthlessly chopped at him from six different directions.

That Knight’s martial arts were tyrannical, but he only managed to block two alloy battle blades, while the other alloy battle blades directly cut him into pieces.

On the wall were altogether thirteen Knight rank experts, and they were being besieged by the countless Bladed-troops and very quickly cut into pieces. Even with the the Apprentice Warlock’s assistance, those Knight rank experts still couldn’t avoid death in front of the Bladed-troops.

After the thirteen Knight rank experts were killed, the morale of the warriors above the wall completely collapsed, as they either fled or knelt and begged for mercy.

The six Apprentice Warlocks didn’t had the time to escape before the Bladed-troops swarmed and cut them into pieces, only leaving their heads intact.

“Everyone, give up your weapons, kneel in surrender and you’ll be spared!”

Yang Feng gave a command and the Bladed-troops begun to kill the scattered troops at either side, while loudly shouting.

The majority of Giant-Stone Castle’s warriors were Viscount Harley’s private troops – no matter if it is the fighting ability or loyalty, they all outclass Giant-Stone City’s average troops. Merely some of them surrendered, while the rest were directly killed by the Bladed-troops.

Viscount Harley was merely a Knight rank expert and was quickly killed under the siege of seven Bladed-troops.

The entire Giant-Stone Castle fell into Yang Feng’s hands.

The main forces of Giant-Stone City’s four Great Clans took advantage of Yang Feng leading his troops to attack Giant-Stone Castle and seized the opportunity to break out and left Giant-Stone City. Within Giant-Stone City numerous aristocrats also transported large amounts of valuables and fled Giant-Stone City.

Yang Feng’s loss in the conquest of Giant-Stone City didn’t even amount to twenty Bladed-troops.

After Yang Feng occupied Giant-Stone City, he dispatched some Bladed-troops to attack Giant-Stone City’s subordinate towns.

Those subordinate towns were easily conquered by Yang Feng’s mechanical legion. The town’s lordlings were also directly uprooted by Yang Feng.2

A lot of land fell into Yang Feng’s hands. Large amounts of engineering robots were dispatched to each town to build Solar Umbrellas and Arsenal Factories.

After the entire Giant-Stone City’s sphere of influence was under Yang Feng’s control – the territory under his control became a hundred times larger than it used to be. Giant-Stone City’s surroundings are rich in mineral resources. As long as the basic facilities are built, then the everyday production of battle robots can increase by fifty times.

Additionally, the large number of constructed Solar Umbrellas permitted Yang Feng to no longer lack energy, it allowed him to gradually disposed of level-4 battle robots, and produce large quantities of level-6 and level-7 battle robots.

Level-6 and level-7 battle robots were currently the strongest battle robots that Yang Feng could mass produced. The reason why Yang Feng previously chose to produce large quantities of level-4 battle robots was because at that time he lacked steel and energy. After grasping the control of Giant-Stone City, the circumstances took a turn – having sufficient energy, but lacking steel.

The next day, after the fall of Giant-Stone City, Yang Feng led the fully recovered mechanical legion towards Black Cottage.

Judging by the information displayed from Viscount Harley’s head, Black Cottage’s Master is a more than a 100 years old freak with exceedingly vast connections. The Black Cottage Warlock Group not only is backed by the Fernandro Principality, but also possesses close ties with many other Warlock Groups.

Once Black Cottage uses its full power to seek aid, then the enemy that Yang Feng would have to face wouldn’t be only the Black Cottage Warlock Group.

The fall of Giant-Stone City was already predicted by Yang Feng, his true enemy is Black Cottage.

1 – Idiom: 费尽心思 – to rack one's brains

2 – Idiom: 斩草除根 – to cut the weeds and eliminate the roots

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